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Double Masters 2022: Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks & More

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If you’re looking for the Double Masters 2022 release date, spoilers, and more, then you’re in the right place. Throughout 2022, Wizards of the Coast released a staggering haul of 30 major products. Thanks to this, it’s safe to say that the release calendar was quite congested that year. Despite that inescapable detail, however, Double Masters 2022 still managed to steal the show.

Offering an incredible haul of reprints to players, at a premium price point, it’s no wonder that Double Masters 2022 had players excited. After all, who wouldn’t want to crack a pack to open up a fancy foil copy of Dockside Extortionist? As if that value wasn’t enough, the Double Masters 2022 also promised a thoroughly enjoyable Limited environment to delight fans.

Now that the set has been released, this Limited environment continues to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Enough of one, in fact, that you may well be tempted to pick up a box to play it with some friends! Whether you’re looking to do that, or are just curious about details from the set, we’ve got you covered! 

Here’s everything you need to know about Double Masters 2022 in MTG!

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Double Masters 2022 Release Date

Blightsteel Colossus - The List
Blightsteel Colossus | Double Masters

While the set has been out for some time, in case you are wondering, Double Masters 2022 was released on July 8th, 2022. Since the set is out, there’s not really much more to say about it, to be honest. In case you are really curious, however, the spoiler season for the set lasted from July 1st to July 7th.

Thankfully, while these dates are not very interesting, the time since release is good news for MTG players. After all, in this time the smorgasbord of reprints have been able to work their magic. This means that many of the best and under-printed cards from the set are now considerably cheaper to get ahold of.

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Double Masters 2022 Spoilers

Seasoned Pyromancer
Seasoned Pyromancer | Double Masters 2022

With Double Masters 2022 having released over a year ago at this point the full list of spoilers is very easy to get ahold of. Luckily for us, this list of the set’s cards doesn’t make our jobs redundant, as there’s still plenty from the set to digest and analyze. If you wish to join us in doing that, below are many of our articles where we do exactly that!

Double Masters 2022 Most Expensive Cards (One Year Later)

Its now been over a year since the release of Double Masters 2022. At release, there were a ton of incredibly expensive reprints like Dockside Extortionist and Imperial Seal that players were chasing in this set. The Textured Foils that were the main attraction in Collector Booster packs have also plummeted into the ground. With that in mind, what are the most expensive cards you can pull out of Double Masters 2022 now?

According to TCGplayer market averages, as of September 7, 2023, the most expensive card you can open in Double Masters 2022 is an Etched Foil Dockside Extortionist. These are rarer than they look, only available in the Collector Booster product for Double Masters 2022. These only had four packs per box. Individual packs still retail for $60 each!

As far as Dockside Extortionist goes, it is a very viable candidate for the best card in all of Commander. It’s not uncommon for this card’s entry to take the game by storm on the spot. This Dockside Extortionist holds a market average of $120.

In a similar vein, an Etched Foil Imperial Seal is the second most expensive card in Double Masters 2022. This is the first time the card has been reprinted in a somewhat accessible way, with the previous printings appearing as a Judge Foil and in Portal Three Kingdoms.

Tutors are some of the most powerful effects in all of Commander. While black has better options for tutors than Imperial Seal, the best black Commander decks will run multiple tutor effects, making this a mandatory inclusion in many cEDH lists. This copy of Imperial Seal holds a market average of $110.

Finally, the most expensive Textured Foil from Double Masters 2022 is Wrenn and Six. While this card sees a bit less Commander play than the other two cards on this list, it sees rampant play in the Modern format, meaning that there is another huge group of MTG players who are interested in copies of this card. Wrenn and Six also happens to be among one of the best Planeswalkers to play in Commander, even if it is more popular in competitive play. This copy of Wrenn and Six holds a market average of $95.

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