29, Jun, 22

Double Masters 2022: Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks & More

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Releases in Magic: The Gathering are relentless this year and when the dust has yet to settle from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, we’re already looking forward to what’s next. Double Masters 2022 looks to bring back some fan favourite cards to boost the Commander and Eternal formats.

This premium and unique draft experience will be a nice break from Standard play and could see lapsed players returning to the popular TCG.

While we’re still just over a month from release, here’s everything we know about Double Masters 2022 so far.

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Double Masters 2022 Release Date

Double Masters 2022 will release worldwide on Friday, 8 July. There is no confirmation yet of a prerelease window but WotC has confirmed a week of premium preview events starting soon on Friday, 1 July.

All signs point towards this set getting the traditional release treatment as Commander Legends got. It seems WotC are ready to paint all set releases with the same schedule now and that certainly seems like a good thing!

Pre-Order dates will depend on each individual game store as some offer this further out than others. It may, however, always be worth waiting for more details on cards/products before putting any money down on products.

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Double Masters 2022 Spoilers

Spoilers for Double Masters 2022 will begin on Thursday, 16 June. We expect the initial previews to come via a live stream detailing more info on the set overall.

From there, the traditional spoiler methods should apply with prominent figures in and around Magic: The Gathering revealing cards via Twitter, YouTube or Online Articles. We’ll also keep you up to date with any major spoilers that possibly come out before this window.

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