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Meet the Team 

Riley Hicks – Editor-in-Chief

When did I start Playing MTG

2014, a month before the Khans of Tarkir Prerelease. I still remember opening two Fetch Lands in my pool and having no idea why people were freaking out. I sold them that day for cheap and kept a $40 Planeswalker that is now worth nothing.

Favourite MTG Card

Lotus Field. You will rarely find me playing a fair strategy in my spare time, and will usually find me playing Lotus Field combo in Pioneer or Modern.

Favorite MTG Format

Pioneer and Commander. I feel like Pioneer is the format where a bunch of degenerates just got shipped off to an island and duke it out while everyone else just ignores them.

Favourite MTG Deck

Lotus Field Combo in Pioneer and my Gorion self-mill Adventures deck in Commander

Biggest MTG Achievement

I have one Pro Tour appearance, but my favorite achievement is when I accidentally developed an entire Standard archetype back in Kaldheim Standard. It was called Mardu Fury.

Alex Atkin – Socials Editor

When Did I Start Playing MTG?

Diving head first into Theros block in 2013, I’ve been playing Magic for over a decade. Despite that, nothing has ever eclipsed the peak of playing the 2003 classic Magic: The Gathering Battlegrounds.

Favourite Card

Pridemalkin. How could you not love this funky orange fella?

Favorite Format

Alchemy. It’s good I swear.

Favourite MTG Deck 

Urabrask Combo. Alchemy cards go brrr.

Biggest MTG Achievement 

Surviving Alchemy’s constant lack of rebalancing.

Zachary Fink – Writer

When Did I Start Playing MTG:

I was introduced to the game by my brother roughly around the time of the release of Scars of Mirrodin in 2010.

Favourite Card: 

Vines of Vastwood. I loved playing Modern Infect, and this card had a lot of interesting gameplay to it.

Favourite MTG Format:

Standard. I enjoy the consistent metagame shifts and the influx of new cards that help keep the format from getting dull.

Favourite MTG Deck:

Modern Infect. Before Modern Horizons cards were introduced, this was my favorite deck to play by far.

Biggest MTG Achievement:

Getting 10 wins in back-to-back Pro Tours with mediocre aggro decks.