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30, Jun, 22

First Look at Double Masters 2022 Case Contents Reveal Concerning Patterns

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Article at a Glance

As we slowly close in on the official release of Double Masters 2022, LGS’s can now open product to sell the singles. Note that, even though they are doing this now, you won’t be able to buy any Double Masters 2022 singles until the release date passes. Fortunately, one LGS decided to open a full case of Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster Boxes on YouTube to give viewers an even better idea on what to expect in boxes. This gives us a ton of information, including examples of what a good and a bad box look like, how many Mythic Rares you can expect, how often one opens a Full Art Foil Rare in a Draft Booster, and some of the strange patterns being seen in early cases. If you want to get a more accurate idea of what your Double Masters 2022 box could look like, there’s no better place than this.

Prices are Dropping

First Box in the Case from Askrias

The most important thing to mention here is that prices for the Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster Boxes are dropping. The massive hype created by the Double Masters 2022 spoiler season started to develop a gap in supply in demand. Now that players see these box openings, it’s clear that getting $380 in value from these boxes is very difficult. This is due to a large number of Commander Rares getting reprinted. While many of these had value on the secondary market before this reprinting, this was mainly due to how small the supply was for them. In reality, most of the Commander cards you will be opening in this product are inferior to the other chase cards.

As of now, the price has dropped to around $345 per box, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it drops further temporarily. Once players have a more certain confirmation of what the final print run is for Double Masters 2022, the price will accommodate appropriately.

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Variance is Incredibly High

Fourth Box in the Case from Askrias

While averages are available from drawing from the results of these videos and by reading statistics released by Wizards of the Coast, we witness tremendous variation in these boxes from these openings. The amount of Mythics, borderless cards, foil rares, etc., vary by box. This makes it easier than expected to open an absolute home run box or get totally screwed.

The Secondary Market May be Affected Less than Expected

Third Box in the Case from Askrias

With how huge the variations are in what is being opened and how large the card pool is, there’s a good chance that cards getting reprinted will retain a decent amount of their value. There will be an initial flood of Rares from Double Masters 2022, and the ones that don’t have a ton of demand for them will see a price drop. For the Rares and Mythics that do see demand in multiple formats, like Cavern of Souls and Force of Negation, they will probably revert to their original values after some time passes.

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How Many Full Art Cards Per Box?

teferi's protection borderless

For the most part, it looks like you will get, on average, one full-art foil Rare or Mythic per box. Not every box, however, contains one of these. As for Rare Foils, you should be getting an extra Foil Rare or Mythic for every ten packs. You are guaranteed one of each of these slots per Collector Booster, so if you’re after Full Art Foils specifically, you’re better off buying Collector Boosters. According to borderless cards opened in an average Double Masters 2022 Draft Box, according to Wizards of the Coast, you can expect to find about 15-16 borderless cards. This is equivalent to 6.3 Commons, 6.3 Uncommons, and 3 Rare or Mythic cards per box. Askrias saw a significant amount of variation with borderless cards, varying from 8 to 20 depending on the box.

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What are the Contents of a Pack?

Second Box in the Case from Askrias

This has been known information for a while, but each Double Masters 2022 pack will come with:

  • A token
  • A Cryptic Spires
  • Two Foil slots that can by any rarity
  • Two Rare/Mythics
  • Three Uncommons
  • Eight Commons

How Many Mythics Per Box on Average?

kozilek, butcher of truths

This one has a lot of variation. Some of the boxes in Askrias’s case only had 5 Mythics, while others had 10. As a result, while Mythics are still rarer than their Rare counterparts, the amount you’ll be getting can vary heavily. The average amount of Mythics to open per box averages around 7-8.

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Duplicate Rares in a Case are Present

Fifth Box in the Case from Askrias

This is purely derived from the contents of Askrias’s case, but there seems to be a good amount of duplicate rares present in a case of Double Masters 2022. There were some mythics that weren’t seen at all in the whole case, while an unhealthy amount of Kozilek, Butcher of Truth were opened. The same thing happened for Teferi’s Protection for valuable Rares in this case. If you manage to open an Imperial Seal in a draft, it, therefore, may not be a bad idea to pick up a box from the store.

Is Imperial Seal Short Printed?

imperial seal

An interesting note is that Askrias didn’t open a single Imperial Seal in his whole case. While this is more likely to be an unlucky coincidence, it does open up the possibility of Imperial Seal being a short printed Mythic. For reference, a short print means that there are less copies than other cards of the same rarity printed in the set. This is more commonly seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! than MTG.

Statistics on the set’s most valuable chase card matter a lot. For example, you can look at the Fate Reforged boxes before Ugin, the Spirit Dragon got reprinted in the 2021 set. With that box, you were guaranteed two Fetch Lands because of how they were dealt with for the set. Those Fetch Lands, at the time, would amount of half of the box’s value. Past that point, you had about a 50% chance to open an Ugin. When successful, you get away with more than the box’s price. Not opening an Ugin will send you in the negatives (with the one bizarre exception of opening multiple Monastery Mentors, as they were about $30). If you were interested in Fetches and Ugin, this box was a great gamble as a result. If Imperial Seal really does end up being short printed, it may lower the expected value of a Double Masters 2022 box significantly.

There are more boxes to see than what was posted in this article. If you want to find Askrias’s YouTube channel to watch the rest, you can do so here.

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