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The MTG Marketplace: Biggest Winners, Losers and Trends of 10/11/2021

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MTG’s secondary market has been relatively quiet this week. Although, I’d classify this lull as more of a limbo because we are between two major set releases. Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers will start a couple of weeks from now, which will stir everything up again!

This week, World Championship XXVII had several market implications, the vampire hype for Crimson Vow begins, and a certain five-color Commander spikes for the second week in a row.

Welcome to The MTG Marketplace, a weekly article on MTG Rocks where we cover each week’s biggest price spikes and overall market trends.

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Weekly Winners

Bloodline Keeper

I have no doubt that the prices for old vampires will start to skyrocket in a few weeks when the tribe gets new support in Innistrad: Crimson Vow. The only reason they aren’t spiking in price now is because we don’t know what will be reprinted in the Vampiric Bloodlines preconstructed Commander deck.

Bloodline Keeper, however, jumped to $20.00+ this week for its original Innistrad printing, while the From the Vault copy of the card was almost entirely bought out, with only 4 listings remaining on TCGPlayer last we checked.

I think the reason Bloodline Keeper spiked in price this week is that it is less likely to be reprinted in the upcoming Commander deck. This is a double-faced card. WOTC has said before that there are production costs and logistics difficulties when including double-faced cards in supplementary products. This is the reason why we didn’t get a werewolf-themed Commander deck with Midnight Hunt and is likely why buying Bloodline Keeper now is a safer bet.

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Ranger Class

Wizards of the Coast

Ranger Class spiked from $5.00 to $14.00 on Monday, which I wrote about in my article, The Financial Fallout of Big MTG Tournaments and World Championship XXVII. Mono-Green Aggro decks, the second most played deck of the World Championship, play a full four copies of Ranger Class.

Since Monday, the price for Ranger Class is beginning to dip a little. It is currently about $11.00 on TCGPlayer which seems like a fair price in my opinion. Ranger Class will likely continue to be a big player in Standard moving forward and I don’t see this card dropping back down to its $5.00 price range again.

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Child of Alara

Wizards of the Coast

Child of Alara spiking in back-to-back weeks? You may have remembered this card as a winner in last week’s MTG Marketplace article, but here it is again as it rose from $14.00 to $24.00 this week! After the Golos, Tireless Pilgrim ban several weeks ago, many players are turning to Child of Alara to take up the reigns of their five-color Commander decks.

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Lord of the Undead

Lord of the Undead has had five different printings over the years. This week, several of them saw price increases by as much as $5.00. All of them are now between $17.00-$21.00.

For the most part, the hype for zombies we’ve seen over the last several weeks, spawned by the release of the Undead Unleashed Commander deck, is finally beginning to stabilize. But there are still a few cards, like Lord of the Undead, that are seeing delayed price spikes. Depending on what additional zombie support we receive from Crimson Vow, we could even see another wave of demand.

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Weekly Losers

Standard Disappointments

Wrenn and Seven and The Meathook Massacre continue to be the most expensive cards from Midnight Hunt. However, they’ve been declining in price recently. This may be in part to the World Championship held this last weekend.

Only four copies of Wrenn and Seven were registered amongst 16 professional players taking part in the tournament, of which two copies were stuck in sideboards. The Meathook Massacre saw even less play. Not a single copy was brought to World Championship XXVII.

Because of this, both cards have decreased by about $5.00. Wrenn and Seven (regular art) is down from $33.00 to $28.00 this week. The Meathook Massacre came down from its price spike of $40.00 and is now $35.00. Their price could continue drifting downwards if they don’t pick up play in Standard. But, it is worth noting that their current high prices are partly justified by Commander demand. Plus, if Wizards of the Coast bans anything in Standard to shake up the format, as they warned in this announcement on Wednesday, it is possible that both of these cards could see more play.

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