28, Sep, 21

Midnight Hunt Card Spikes in Price BIG TIME

A legendary enchantment from the latest MTG set, Midnight Hunt, saw a MAJOR price increase overnight. Will the new price hold?
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There was a massacre overnight on MTG’s secondary market. The Innistrad crime scene was filled with meat hooks, a butcher knife, and the notable absence of a certain Innistrad: Midnight Hunt card that was practically bought out from all major online vendors.

When Midnight Hunt was released last Friday, the regular art version of The Meathook Massacre was about $16.00 and held that price over the course of the weekend. Today, it is almost $40.00! Online vendors like Star City Games and Card Kingdom are completely sold out at the time of writing, and last we checked, TCG Player has only 10 listings remaining. The extended art version of the card saw a bump as well and is currently $48.00.

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Why did it rise in price?

Is there a new busted Standard revolving around The Meathook Massacre? No. And the decks that do play The Meathook Massacre play relatively few copies because of the enchantment’s ‘legendary’ status. I’ve seen some Dimir (blue-black) control decks using a full four copies. But there are just as many Dimir decklists using between one and two copies of the massacre.

Is the Meathook Massacre being used in older formats like Pioneer or Modern? Again, no. The larger card pools of those formats mean there are far more powerful sweeper effects that players have access to.

The demand for this card mostly has to be from Commander players. The Meathook Massacre is seeing solid inclusion in many black decks, especially from sacrifice-themed commanders like Teysa Karlov and Grismold, the Dreadsower. But I don’t think The Meathook Massacre is a new Commander staple that every black deck is going to want. It’s a little more niche in my opinion.

Will its new price hold?

I doubt it. It’s a pricy mythic rare from a new Standard set, but I don’t think it will be the next The Great Henge, another mythic rare printed in the last year that is commanding a $40.00 price tag. Almost every green deck with creatures wants to play The Great Henge in Commander. Whereas with The Meathook Massacre, I don’t think this is an auto-include in all black decks.

My advice is to sell this card soon if you can. I think a lot of players are going to want to capitalize on the card’s overnight success, and by the end of the week, there will be an injection of The Meathook Massacres on the secondary market from players trying to make a quick profit. The increase in supply should drive the price down a bit. By the end of the week, I estimate the regular art of The Meathook Massacre will fall to about $30.00, and long term, I’d expect it to come down further than that.

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