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Best MTG SINGLES to Buy From the Maestros Massacre Commander Deck

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The best MTG singles from the Maestros Massacre deck can help elevate a lot of decks, not just the one they’re printed in. If you’re looking to invest in a few cards from the deck, then we’ve gone ahead and made a list of the best MTG singles from the Maestros Massacre deck for you to buy. The deck itself revolves around the mechanic, casualty, which sacrifices your own creature to make copies of your spells. The deck contains many new-to-Commander exclusive cards, plus several much-needed reprints.

Many cards in Maestros Massacre are desired by other Commander decks. But you don’t have to buy the entire Maestros Massacre deck to get them. You can just get the best MTG singles from the Maestros Massacre deck instead.

Best MTG Singles from the Maestros Massacre Deck

There are many new-to-Commander cards from Maestros Massacre that various other Commander decks will want to include.

Extravagant Replication

Extravagant Replication is similar to Progenitor Mimic, a Commander classic that makes copies of one of your permanents each turn.

But whereas Progenitor Mimic is restricted to making copies of whatever creature it initially Cloned, Extravagant Replication can copy anything you want each turn. This is not even restricted to copying creatures. You can even make copies of Twinning Staff and go crazy.

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Determined Iteration

Determined Iteration is a great inclusion for any deck that makes tokens. You can populate the tokens made by Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, or Jaxis, the Troublemaker. Decks like Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second, Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer, and Ghired, Conclave Mentor will happily play this card.

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Body Count

Of course, Body Count works well with blitzed creatures since they sacrifice themselves at the end of your turn. But this seems even better in aristocrat-style decks such as Meran of Clan Nel Toth or Teysa Karlov, which actively sacrifice their own creatures.

Even if you don’t build your deck around maximizing Body Count, it’s still a good way to recover from board wipes.

Make an Example

Make an Example reminds me of a miniature version of Liliana of the Veil’s ultimate ability. Your opponents separate all their creatures into two piles and it is up to you which pile lives and which dies.

At the very minimum, if your opponent only controls one creature, Make an Example will get rid of it. But the wider your opponents’ board states, the more devastating this card becomes.

Best Reprints to Buy From Maestros Massacre

Maestros Massacre made several older, more expensive Magic cards more accessible. These are popular Commander cards that are now more affordable for players.

Lightning Greaves

Lightning Greaves | Wizards of the Coast

There can never be enough printings of Lightning Greaves. As of its reprint in Maestros Massacre, there are now 19 printings of the hasty boots, and the card is still about $7.00.

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Twinning Staff

Twinning Staff | Wizards of the Coast

Although Twinning Staff is a relatively newer card relative to the release of Streets of New Capenna, it is a good thing WOTC reprinted it in Maestros Massacre because its original Commander 2020 printing had crept up in price. This card is amazing in many Commander decks such as Volo, Guide to Monsters, Orvar, the All-Form, and many more.

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Cascade Bluffs

Cascade Bluffs | Wizards of the Coast

On top of being great in any red-blue Commander deck, Cascade Bluffs is also used in Modern occasionally. You generally can’t go wrong with adding a filter land like this to any Commander deck.

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