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Ozolith? Is That You in New Capenna?

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There’s a delicate balance to placing counters on your creatures in Magic: the Gathering. Of course, you want to modify and power them up, but all your efforts are in vain when your opponent Murders your buffed-up creature. That’s why you need a counters insurance policy, such as The Ozolith or Resourceful Defense from New Capenna, to protect your investments.

The Ozolith

Since its release in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, we’ve seen The Ozolith used across Magic formats. It is a staple in any deck focused on putting counters on its creatures, such as Hardened Scales decks in Modern.

A large variety of Commander decks also play The Ozolith, such as Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice, Zaxara, the Exemplary, and the new commanders Falco Spara, Pactweaver, and Giada, Font of Hope.

The widespread success of The Ozolith bodes well for the future of Resourceful Defense, a new enchantment from New Capenna‘s Bedecked Brokers Commander deck, which has similar but, in some ways, improved applications.

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Resourceful Defense

Whereas the Ozolith can only save counters from your creatures that leave the battlefield, Resourceful Defense can save your counters from any of your permanents that leave the battlefield. This alone actually makes Resourceful Defense better than The Ozolith in many ways. It can save loyalty counters from your planeswalkers, charge counters from your artifacts, specific counters from your lands, and various other applications.

Resourceful Defense also differs from The Ozolith in that it doesn’t store counters on itself. If your opponent destroys The Ozolith while it has a bunch of counters on it, the counters are gone for good. But Resourceful Defense works differently.

For example, if your opponent plays a Soul Transfer on one of your planeswalkers, Resourceful Defense can move those counters directly to another of your planeswalkers. And if you don’t have another planeswalker, you can move your loyalty counters to a land, and when you later play a planeswalker, Resourceful Defense can move the stored loyalty counters to it.

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What Commander Decks Will Play Resourceful Defense?

Basically, any deck Commander deck that already plays The Ozolith will want to play Resourceful Defense too. Of course, Resourceful Defense is more restricted in what decks can play it compared to The Ozolith because it is white and not colorless. But there are still plenty of counters-themed decks that will gladly play Resourceful Defense:

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New Capenna Commanders

The Broker family from New Capenna is all about putting counters on your creatures. They even introduced shield counters to the game, a new type of counter that essentially gives your creatures one instance of indestructibility. The family has several new commanders, all of which would benefit from playing Resourceful Defense.

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