13, May, 21

Magic: The Gathering Arena Reveals 4 More Cards From Historic Anthology V: Atarka's Command & More

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By the end of this month, 25 more Magic: The Gathering Arena cards will be added for the Historic Constructed format with the release of Historic Anthology V, which will digitally introduce eternal staples to the game.

During last week’s Summer of Legend preview, Wizards of the Coast revealed our early look at Modern Horizons 2, Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and Historic Anthology V. Throughout this week, the publisher is teaming up with various outlets to reveal the rest of the cards, and today, has revealed four more: Atarka’s Command, Court Homonculus, Merfolk Looter, and Sheoldred, Whispering One.

4 more MTG Arena cards from Historic Anthology V!

Atarka’s Command

Wizards of the Coast

Historic Gruul’s got a new toy! Atarka’s Command saw significant play in Modern (Burn, Naya) and other eternal tabletop Constructed formats thanks to its versatility, ramp potential, and ability to shut down your opponent’s life gain efforts for one turn at Instant speed, so it’s likely that this card will see some play in Historic. I can see this being included in Gruul’s sideboard against life gain-focused Historic decks, like that annoying Green/White Collected Company Angels deck.

Court Homunculus

Wizards of the Coast

Based on the Historic Anthology V cards revealed so far, it looks like Wizards is giving Affinity players more power with the new artifacts they’re introducing in MTG Arena. Court Homonculus is just one of the new playable artifacts joining Historic format in addition to Ichor Wellspring, Vault Skirge, and Trash for Treasure, so it’s no wonder that Historic Anthology V will also be releasing Ancient Grudge.

Merfolk Looter

Wizards of the Coast

Merfolk Looter is probably one of the weakest cards revealed in Historic Anthology V, but it could still see play in Merfolk tribal Historic decks.

Sheroldred, Whispering One

Wizards of the Coast

If you play Historic Brawl in MTG Arena and love reanimation strategies, you’re probably happy to see that they’re releasing Sheoldred, Whispering One. The legendary Praetor can return a creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield at the beginning of your upkeeps, and it also forces your opponent to sacrifice a creature on their upkeeps.

These cards along with other Historic Anthology cards have previously been printed for tabletop in older sets, but this is the first time MTG Arena is introducing them to its Historic format. It looks like Wizards will bring all of the Command spells from Dragons of Tarkir to MTG Arena with the release of this anthology. Earlier this week, we saw 4 cards revealed by DOT Esports, 4 other cards from Destructoid, and 4 cards from Bleeding Cool.


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Historic Anthology V
 is scheduled to launch on MTG Arena on May 27, 2021. We’ll update you here on once the rest of the cards are revealed. For more MTG Arena updates, don’t forget to check out our Magic Arena Facebook fan page.

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