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4 MTG Arena Cards From Historic Anthology V Revealed

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Historic Anthology V is coming to MTG Arena!

Magic: The Gathering Arena’s Historic format continues to expand this year with the release of new cards, and Historic Anthology V, the latest bundle for the game’s eternal Constructed format, is coming this month.

In last week’s Weekly MTG stream, Wizards of the Coast revealed two out of the twenty-five new cards in the upcoming anthology, and today, Bleeding Cool has revealed four more cards that will be legal in Historic format: Ojutai’s Command, Trash for Treasure, Ancient Grudge, and Ray of Revelation.

4 more Historic Anthology V cards revealed!

Ojutai’s Command

Wizards of the Coast

Ojutai’s Command will most likely see play in Historic blue/white Aura decks along with Sram, Senior Edificer and Kor Spiritdancer as the Instant spell can return either of those creatures in addition to its three other options. The life gain can be important against decks with fast aggro strategies like Goblins and Burn, so this can be a great sideboard card to have in Best-of-Three matches.

Trash for Treasure

Wizards of the Coast

Artifact-heavy decks haven’t been dominating Historic much lately, but Trash for Treasure can potentially make them more viable again, or it can create a new combo archetype focused on bringing back big artifacts directly from the graveyard to play.

Ancient Grudge

Wizards of the Coast

While we already have Abrade in Historic, Ancient Grudge’s ability to Flashback by paying one green mana matters a lot in matches against artifact-heavy decks. This might be a Historic sideboard staple if Affinity decks will dominate the Historic meta.

Ray of Revelation


Just like Ancient Grudge, Ray of Revelation can be Flashbacked by paying one green mana, and at Instant speed. This can be a good sideboard against Aura decks.

So far, there’s a total of six cards from Historic Anthology V revealed. In addition to Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and Whirler Rogue, these four cards were revealed today, so that means nineteen more will be revealed before the bundle releases later this month.


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Historic Anthology V is scheduled to release on MTG Arena on May 27, 2021. We’ll update you here on MTGRocks.com once more cards are revealed.

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