12, May, 21

4 More MTG Arena Cards From Historic Anthology 5: Silumgar's Command & More

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Dot Esports reveal 4 cards for the Arena-exclusive format.
Article at a Glance

The Historic Anthology 5 previews keep on coming! The Arena-exclusive format is set for a huge shake-up after Strixhaven: School of Mages release with the Mystical Archive cards.

Historic Anthology 5 will be available from May 27 and will cost 4,000 gems or 20,000 gold. Alternatively, you can redeem wildcards to acquire individual cards for your decks.

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More Historic Anthology 5 Cards Revealed

With that, four cards dropped today as previewed by Dot Esports. Historic Anthology 5 will introduce Urabrask the Hidden, Ichor Wellspring, Reverse Engineer, and Silumgar’s Command into the format.


Carrying on the command cycle, Silumgar’s Command is sure to see play in Dimir or Grixis shells in Historic. Modal spells are flexible and able to adapt to any situation, and Silumgar’s Command offers conditional removal for various threats. We’ve seen the cycle expanded on in Strixhaven: School of Mages which are proving to be excellent options for the format.

Silumgar’s Command is on the more expensive side, but it provides a range of options for Control or Midrange archetypes.

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A fairly innocuous card but Ichor Wellspring is sure to slot into artifact-based strategies in Historic. It’s likely to see a home alongside Emry, Lurker of the Loch as a way to enable extra card draw.

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Likely to see play alongside Ichor Wellspring, Reverse Engineer will expand on the artifact theme further. You can discount the cost of this spell by using cheap artifacts thanks to the Improvise ability. The sorcery is expected to see play in artifact-based strategies especially if you can generate a bunch of thopters and mana.

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Urabrask the Hidden could be an interesting addition for the Big Red strategies in Historic. Granted, you have a bunch of options already with Glorybringer so finding room for the Praetor may be tricky. Either way, providing your creatures with haste is a great way to end games quickly. Even then, you have the ability to tap down your opponent’s creatures to ensure damage can always go through.

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