11, May, 21

4 More MTG Arena Cards From Historic Anthology 5: Dromoka's Command & More

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Article at a Glance

Wizards of the Coast is continuing to expand Magic: The Gathering Arena’s Historic format with the digital release of new cards from Historic Anthology V, the latest bundle of 25 cards for the game’s eternal Constructed format, and it is scheduled to release later this month.

During last week’s Weekly MTG stream, Wizards shared a look at the first 2 cards from Historic Anthology V, and yesterday, four more cards were revealed; Today, Destructoid has revealed four more cards, bringing the total to 10 cards. The four cards are: Dromoka’s Command, Intangible Virtue, Stifle, and Vault Skirge.

4 more cards from Historic Anthology V revealed today!

Dromoka’s Command

Wizards of the Coast

Originally released in 2015’s Dragons of Tarkir, Dromoka’s Command is a cheap and versatile Instant spell that can potentially be a great sideboard card against Burn or artifact and enchantment-heavy decks. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this card in midrange Historic builds.

Intangible Virtue

Wizards of the Coast

Intangible Virtue is a must-have enchantment for decks that want to populate the board with creature tokens. I used this card in my Black/White tokens Modern deck, and I can see it being viable in Arena’s Historic format because the game already has some strong token-generating cards.


Wizards the Coast

While Arena already has Tale’s End and other spells that can counter an activated or triggered ability, nothing does it as cheaply as Stifle. For only 1 mana, this can be an effective sideboard card against combo decks that rely on activated or triggered abilities to win.

Vault Skirge

Wizards of the Coast

It looks like artifact decks will get a major boost with the release of Historic Anthology V. In addition to Trash for Treasure and Whirler Rogue (which makes Thopter artifact creature tokens), Vault Skirge can be efficient in building Affinity-focused game-winning strategies in early turns. For only one colorless mana, and one black or one Phyrexian mana (you can pay 2 life instead of playing black), you get a 1/1 Flying, Lifelink token that can swing in early turns.


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What do you think about these four Historic Anthology V cards revealed today? Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to join our Historic Facebook group.

Historic Anthology V is scheduled to release on MTG Arena on May 27, 2021. We’ll update you here on MTGRocks.com once the rest of the cards are revealed.

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