MTG Fallout
21, Feb, 24

MTG Fallout: Release Date, Details, Commander Decks

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Article at a Glance

In recent years, Magic: the Gathering has traveled to all manner of new and exciting planes. From the art deco designs of Streets of New Capenna to the Wild West-inspired Outlaws of Thunder Junction, there’s been no shortage of new ideas. As if players didn’t already have enough new, however, Wizards has also been venturing into the Universes Beyond. 

Officially created in 2021, the Universes Beyond product line allows Wizards to crossover with other brands and franchises. At first, these revolutionary cards were only seen in Secret Lair Drops. Now, however, the product line has expanded dramatically into full-set releases. Launching now at a rate of twice a year, these products have quickly become some of the biggest on MTG’s release calendar. 

Earlier this year, at Gen Con 2023, Wizards of the Coast revealed a plethora of new Universes Beyond products. Releasing throughout 2024 and 2025, these sets have already enraptured gaming fans worldwide. This is especially true of the upcoming Fallout MTG crossover. 

Scheduled to be the first Universes Beyond release of 2024, this MTG set already has players incredibly excited. So, join us as we go through everything you need to know about the upcoming Fallout MTG set!

MTG Fallout Details

MTG Fallout Logo

To kick things off, we should go through exactly what the MTG Fallout set even is. Thankfully, this is a fairly simple question to answer. The MTG Fallout set is made up of Four commander decks. Each comprised of 100 cards, these decks will feature new both cards and reprints. For those curious, the set code to this set is the wonderfully flavorful PIP.

Following the debut stream, we now know the themes and names of the set’s four Commander decks. While we’ll go into these in more detail later in the article, the names are as follows: Scrappy Survivors, Mutant Menace, Hail, Caesar, and Science! 

Covering the major bases of Fallout’s aesthetics, these four decks should hopefully culminate in an incredibly flavorful experience. For better or worse, however, it seems there won’t be a card for every character and major moment within the entire franchise. Instead, it appears that Wizards is focusing on the more recent, and popular, Bethesda games. 

Thankfully, while this might disappoint some classic Fallout fans, we’d be very surprised not to see a throwback or two. Even if classic characters like The Master are missed, the quartet of decks should still be deeply enjoyable. Between The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth and the Doctor Who Commander decks, Wizards has shown they know how to adapt an IP.

MTG Fallout Release Date

MTG Fallout Release Date

Now that we know what the Fallout MTG Commander decks actually are, we’ll do our best to answer the burning question on everyone’s lips; release date. Thankfully, despite it being rather early, we know exactly when this is! This is all thanks to the recent, and rather surprising, First Look presentation, that appeared earlier than usual. 

To get into the actual dates, the MTG Fallout Commander decks will launch on March 8th, 2024. Before this, there will be a Debut Livestream and spoiler season, which commences on February 20th. Following the set’s official release in early March, there will be Commander Launch Party events, so players can properly enjoy their decks.

Alongside this major release date, the MTG Fallout Commander decks also have their very own spoiler season. As Wizards of the Coast revealed recently, this preview season runs from the 19th to the 25th of February.

MTG Fallout Commander Decks

Fallout 76 Header | Bethesda
Fallout 76 Art | Bethesda

As we mentioned earlier, and as the name suggests, the core of the MTG Fallout set is four Commander decks. Each representing a different faction and theme within the Fallout franchise, these decks each have a lot to offer. Containing both new cards as well as reprints, this set has plenty for MTG and Fallout fans alike. 

Since the themes and face Commanders of each deck have been announced, below we’ll be running through what we know about them so far.

Scrappy Survivors

Colors: Red – Green – White

Commander: Dogmeat, Ever Loyal

As the name suggests, Scrappy Survivors focuses on the scrap, junk, and survival focus of Fallout’s Wasteland. Playing around the new Junk Tokens, as well as Food Tokens, this deck is all about scavenging to survive. 

Alongside having what appears to be quite a token-heavy theme, the deck will also employ plenty of Auras and Equipment. These will allow you to beef up your creatures, hopefully in spectacularly flavorful fashion. While we haven’t seen much yet, Fallout certainly has plenty of iconic weapons that could become fantastic MTG equipment. 

Mutant Menace

Colors: Black – Green – Blue

Commander: The Wise Mothman

Since Fallout’s Wasteland is the result of nuclear armageddon, it’d just be wrong if there weren’t mutants galore. Thankfully, the Mutant Menace deck has that in droves, with plenty of ghouls, radiation, and mutated creatures. 

For mechanics, the Mutant Mechance aptly features the new Rad Counters, which mill and damage yourself. Alongside these, the deck will feature plenty of other counters, which synergize perfectly with Proliferate. While it’s far too early to call things yet, by the looks of Radstorm, this deck will be an absolute menace.

Hail, Caesar

Colors: Red – White – Black

Commander: Caesar, Legion’s Emperor

Fallout: New Vegas fans rejoice! In March we’re getting an MTG deck dedicated to one of the best fallout games around! Ish… While it won’t be entirely focused on New Vegas’ wild, wacky, and wonderful antics, Caesar’s Legion is nonetheless the star of the show. Alongside t his iconic faction, the Hail, Caesar deck also features plenty of raiders and militants.

In terms of mechanics, the Hail, Caesar deck brings back Squad, first seen in the Warhammer 40,000 Commander decks. Allowing you to flood the board with extra copies of tokens, this mechanic should show the full force of the Wasteland’s militant factions. Either that, or you’ll just have a lot of Gary Clones on your board, all shouting their name at one another.


Colors: Blue – White – Red

Commander: Dr. Madison Li

As much as the Wasteland in Fallout may be a dire and dingy place, science is still alive and well. You’ve got the Institute in Fallout 4, The Brotherhood of Steel, and The Enclave all caring about technology in one way or another. Thanks to this, the aptly named Science! deck should be full of all manner of technological marvels! 

For the deck itself, the Science! deck cars about playing plenty of artifacts, and generating energy en masse. Considering this mechanic hasn’t been seen since Aether Revolt, many MTG players are now seriously happy to see its return. Also, Rex, Cyber-Hound is absolutely the best boy. 

MTG Fallout Spoilers

Fallout 76 Art | Bethesda
Fallout 76 Art | Bethesda

Now that the spoiler season for the MTG Commander decks is well underway, unsurprisingly, we’ve seen a lot of new cards. With over 400 new cards and reprints to be revealed, the next few days are going to be incredibly busy, to say the least. Thanks to all this busyness, covering all the spoilers in just one place is practically impossible… Or is it?

While we can’t exactly list out each new and reprinted card right here, we’ve nonetheless been working tirelessly to cover all the best new cards. These have all been covered in their own articles which dive deep into what makes each one so special. So, if you want to know more about the best cards and reprints in the MTG Fallout Commander decks, we’ve got you covered!

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