MTG Fallout
31, Aug, 23

MTG Fallout: Release Date, Details, Commander Decks

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Article at a Glance

In recent years, Magic: the Gathering has traveled to all manner of new and exciting planes. From the art deco designs of Streets of New Capenna to the Wild West-inspired Outlaws of Thunder Junction, there’s been no shortage of new ideas. As if players didn’t already have enough new, however, Wizards has also been venturing into the Universes Beyond. 

Officially created in 2021, the Universes Beyond product line allows Wizards to crossover with other brands and franchises. At first, these revolutionary cards were only seen in Secret Lair Drops. Now, however, the product line has expanded dramatically into full set releases. Launching now at a rate of twice a year, these products have quickly become some of the biggest on MTG’s release calendar. 

Earlier this year, at Gen Con 2023, Wizards of the Coast revealed a plethora of new Universes Beyond products. Releasing throughout 2024 and 2025, these sets have already enraptured gaming fans worldwide. This is especially true of the upcoming Fallout MTG crossover. 

Scheduled to be the first Universes Beyond release of 2024, this MTG set already has players incredibly excited. Unfortunately, however, details about this release are rather few and far between. Despite this, there are still a few things we can tell you. So, join us as we go through everything you need to know about the upcoming Fallout MTG set!

MTG Fallout Details

MTG Fallout Logo

To kick things off, we should go through exactly what the MTG Fallout set even is. Thankfully, this is a fairly simple question to answer. The MTG Fallout set is made up of several preconstructed Commander Decks. Each comprised of 100 cards, these decks will feature new both cards and reprints. 

While very little is known about the contents of the Commander decks, we can obviously make some assumptions. First and foremost, for instance, the Commander decks will obviously utilize characters and locations from the franchise. Since the games have such a rich lore, it’s unfortunately unknown which characters the Commander decks will focus on. 

Thankfully, while showcasing the interesting lore of Fallout may seem like a mammoth task, Wizards hasn’t disappointed thus far. Between Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who Universe Beyond sets, flavor has definitely not been a problem. Subsequently, the Fallout MTG Commander decks should be a delight to Fallout and Magic fans alike!

MTG Fallout Release Date

MTG Fallout Release Date

Now that we know what the Fallout MTG Commander decks actually are, we’ll do our best to answer the burning question on everyone’s lips; release date. Currently, the MTG Fallout set is scheduled to be released in March of 2024. Judging by past releases at this time, it will likely be launched in the middle of the month. 

Prior to actually launching, the Fallout MTG set is expected to go through the usual round of teases and previews. Typically, this process starts with a First Look roughly two to three months before the release date. This would put the First Look for the Fallout Commander Decks around December 2023. As a note, however, this hypothetical date may be affected by Wizards’ holiday holidays.

Following on from the First Look, the set will also have a preview season, in which all the new and old cards are revealed. Looking at the release schedule for MTG’s upcoming Doctor Who set, this will happen very shortly before the set’s release. Specifically, the Debut Stream and following previews should start 11 days before the official release date. This means March 2024 may be dedicated to all things Fallout.

While we believe our predictions to be accurate based on base precedent, keep in mind they are exactly that; predictions. As a result, there’s a chance our calculations are a little off. Once official dates are fully revealed, however, we’ll be sure to update this section. 

MTG Fallout Commander Decks

Fallout 76 Header | Bethesda
Fallout 76 Art | Bethesda

The core part of the MTG Fallout set will be the assortment of Preconstructed Commander Decks. Currently, the exact number of decks has not been announced, however, it’s likely four unique decks will be produced. This would follow the past precedent set by the Warhammer 40,000 and the Doctor Who Commander sets. 

Currently, as we mentioned before, the exact themes of the Fallout Commander decks have not been explicitly confirmed. That being said, however, when announcing the decks during Gen Con, Athena Froehlich gave a glimpse at what we can expect

“[The] preconstructed decks take players to the post-nuclear alternate reality world of Fallout. Gangs of bloodthirsty raiders, towering super mutants, irradiated monsters, and deadly retro futurist robots roam the Wasteland. Humanity has formed several factions striving for survival. From those locked away in the pre-war vaults to new groups, looking to rebuild society anew.

This release of Commander decks is a love letter to this iconic gaming franchise, with each representing one of the Wasteland’s many colorful factions represented in Magic form.” 

Athena Froehlich – MTG Senior Product Designer

From this statement, it definitely sounds like the Fallout Commander decks will appropriately show off the franchises’ quicks and features. Unfortunately, however, there’s no telling whether this teasing statement indicates each deck’s theme or just its contents. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see what gets revealed in the near future 

MTG Fallout Speculation 

Fallout 76 Art | Bethesda
Fallout 76 Art | Bethesda

Thanks to Wizards shrouding everything in a thick soupy layer of secrecy, the above is all that we know for now. That being said, however, thanks to past releases, we are able to speculate and make some assumptions. Specifically, assumptions about potential Collector Boosters for the set. 

Having existed alongside almost every set since 2019, Collector Boosters are a staple within MTG’s product catalog. Only recently, however, have they launched alongside a dedicated Commander product. This was first seen with the Doctor Who Commander decks, which featured Collector Boosters as a supplementary product. Offering unique art treatments and foil cards aplenty, these packs expanded the set’s collectible scope.

Currently, since we’re so far from release, it’s unknown if the Fallout MTG set will also feature Collector Boosters. While past precedent would indicate it will, there won’t be enough time to learn from the Doctor Who decks. Typically, MTG sets take over two years to develop, so only having five months between releases isn’t nearly enough to make changes. Ultimately, this means the Fallout Commander Decks may be experimenting with collectability in a new way. 

Alongside ruminating about Collector Boosters, we could also easily speculate about who we might see in the Fallout Commander decks. Unfortunately, however, this is actually much harder than you might think, as Fallout’s lore is incredibly deep. Even if the set has 200+ new cards, there are so many characters and eras to choose from. Ultimately, each Fallout game could likely fill its own Commander deck, or even an entire set for that matter!

That’s All For Now

Fallout 4 Art | Bethesda
Fallout 4 Art | Bethesda

Sadly, those are all the details we have about 2024’s Fallout Commander decks so far. Thankfully, however, we should be learning more information as soon as the release date draws near. Once more information does get revealed, we’ll be sure to update this article, with all the juicy details.

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