21, Feb, 24

23-Year-Old Land Cycle Finally Receives Missing Parts in MTG Fallout!

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Article at a Glance

As more and more MTG Fallout spoilers continue to get previewed, there’s already a lot to unpack from this cool Commander set. There are simply tons of extremely flavorful additions, including direct references to perks and final bosses from the Fallout franchise. One extremely cool aspect of MTG Fallout beyond just the new mechanically unique cards is the focus on elite reprints.

Yesterday, we took a deep dive into a bunch of the strongest reprints revealed thus far. Most notably, an absurdly expensive Portal Three Kingdoms card in the form of Ravages of War finally got a reprint besides just a foil Judge promo. Even though this card wasn’t part of the main Commander decks (collector booster exclusive), it’s a great reprint to see, nonetheless.

Well, it appears as though MTG Fallout is taking even more inspiration from other old-fashioned cards. An unfinished cycle of rare Lands from many years ago is finally going to be completed in MTG Fallout! This isn’t the only interesting “cycle” that MTG Fallout is focusing on, but it is absolutely one of the highlights. Today, we are going to focus on this group of cards that is a welcome inclusion in the set, showing off new Lands that are FINALLY available.

Enemy-Colored Odyssey Filterlands Confirmed!

Overflowing Basin

Back in Odyssey, which debuted all the way in 2001, five rare Filterlands were featured. These Lands, showcasing hits such as Sungrass Prairie, are very strong additions to multi-color Commander decks. These Lands function identically to their appropriately colored Signets, like Selesyna Signet in the case of Sungrass Prairie, allowing you to tap any mana source to generate two distinct colors of mana.

In two-color decks specifically, these Lands tend to be a little less versatile than the Filterlands from Shadowmoor block. For instance, Wooded Bastion allows you to filter white mana into double green, something Sungrass Prairie can’t do. However, unlike Wooded Bastion, you can filter any color of mana or even colorless mana, say from Sol Ring, into two mana of the Selesnya combination. This is a nice option to have, especially in three-color decks.

Sunscorched Divide

Despite the original five Odyssey Filterlands seeing multiple reprints in various Commander-focused sets, such as MTG Doctor Who, the cycle still hadn’t been completed until now. According to MTG designer Gavin Verhey, many players questioned if and when these Lands might finally show up, but that there wasn’t a realistic booster set for them up until this point. Now, players will be able to access these new Lands in traditional form among the four MTG Fallout Commander decks as well as borderless style in collector boosters.

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Universes Beyond Questions

While MTG Fallout is certainly an interesting set with a lot to offer for fans of the Fallout franchise, not everyone is going to be a fan. Much like with other Universes Beyond sets, many players have not been hesitant to voice their disappointment with the immense focus on crossovers in recent years.

Moving forward, MTG head designer Mark Rosewater made it clear that premier sets focused on in-universe IP are still a major focus. Still, the rising emphasis placed on crossovers is undeniable, and not everyone is happy about it.

As showcased above, many players wish that these new Filterlands were printed in a set that didn’t have a Universes Beyond focus. For players that aren’t fans of Fallout or simply want to centralize their attention on MTG lore, it can certainly be frustrating to have waited for these enemy-colored Filterlands only to see them printed in a Universes Beyond product.

Ferrous Lake

Importantly, some players pointed out that these Lands do have somewhat generic names. Names like Ferrous Lake and Overflowing Basin aren’t overly specific to the world of Fallout. In this sense, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that they could be reprinted in future in-universe sets.

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A Fully Complete Cycle?

Desolate Mire

It is worth mentioning that, while Gavin Verhey did confirm the appearance of the enemy-colored counterparts to the Odyssey Filterlands, he only posted images to four of them. The Golgari one appears to be missing from the Tweet, and also doesn’t yet appear in the MTG Fallout card image gallery.

This does not necessarily mean that the Golgari one won’t appear in the set. This could simply be an oversight or result from the fact that only four images can be posted at a time on Twitter. Still, having the Land absent from the card image gallery as of now is worth noting, so definitely keep an eye out for it in the near future. It’s nice to see these Lands finally get a reprint. Commander players rejoice!

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