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9, May, 24

MTG 2024 Release Calendar

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Every year, we’re blessed with a great many MTG sets. to fill the year’s release calendar In fact, we’re blessed with so many that it can often feel like too much of a good thing. Between premier sets, Universes Beyond, and supplemental releases, MTG just doesn’t stop! Unsurprisingly, the same is true of MTG in 2024.

Thanks to Gen Con 2023 and a multitude of MagicCons this year, the 2024 release calendar has been filled out nicely. Currently, we don’t yet know the exact dates for every set, but the majority have mercifully been revealed. Now, without any further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the MTG 2024 Release Calendar!

MTG 2024 Release Schedule

MTG 2024 Calendar

As of right now, there are nine major MTG sets scheduled to release in 2024. Four of them are premier sets, which is nothing new. Two of them are unique Universes Beyond crossovers, which seem to be a bigger focal point every year. On top of these, Modern is getting another Horizons set and MTG Arena is getting a Pioneer-focused release.

If you’re looking for the exact dates, thankfully, the majority of these have been revealed. While a few are missing for now, most of the year is mapped out. While this calendar is already undeniably expansive, there’s even the chance more sets will be added to it.

Here are all the MTG set release dates that have been confirmed for 2024 so far:

  • Ravnica Remastered: January 12th, 2024
  • Murders at Karlov Manor: February 9th, 2024
  • Fallout: March 8th, 2024
  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction: April 19th, 2024
  • Modern Horizons 3: June 14th, 2024
  • Assassin’s Creed: July 5th, 2024
  • Bloomburrow: August 2nd, 2024
  • Duskmourn: House of Horror: Q3 2024
  • Pioneer Masters: Q4 2024

Ravnica Remastered

Ravnica Remastered

Release Date: January 12th, 2024

Following the trend started by Dominaria Remastered in 2023, Ravnica Remastered kicks 2024 off with a bang. Beyond having a similar release window, these two Remastered sets unsurprisingly have a lot of similarities. Both sets, for instance, focus heavily on reprints from one of the most iconic planes in MTG.

As a major difference, Ravnica Remastered has a much smaller pool of cards to pull from. Unlike Dominaria Remastered, which featured cards from 27 sets, there have only been a handful of sets that took place in Ravnica. At the time of Ravnica Remastered’s release, only five sets had taken place on the titular plane.

Despite the smaller pool of sets to draw from, Ravnica Remastered still offers plenty of reprints and a compelling Draft environment. Out of those reprints, the most compelling is the full cycle of Shock Lands, which has long needed a reprint. Unfortunately, outside of these cards and Cyclonic Rift the set’s value is somewhat lacking.

Like its predecessor, sadly Ravnica Remastered did not launch on MTG Arena. To make up for this Arena is still getting plenty of exciting releases later in the year.

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Murders at Karlov Manor

Murders at Karlov Manor Art

Release Date: February 9th, 2024

As if one MTG set on Ravnica wasn’t enough, 2024 has two of them, back-to-back even! Swiftly following Ravnica Remastered, MTG players can enjoy Murders at Karlov Manor on the same plane. Offering new mechanics and a new perspective of the iconic plane, this set promises to be an all-out murder mystery! 

Somewhat given away by the name, during this set, there will be murders… at Markov Manor no less! Alongside these murders which took place in the set’s story, Wizards played into the mystery theme with an Augmented Reality Game. Spanning the set’s suite of products, this game comprised a series of mysteries that players themselves could solve!

Since its release, Murders at Karlov Manor has majorly impacted multiple formats through bombs like Leyline of the Guildpact. Alongside this, one unsuspecting card has totally inverted the Pioneer metagame after winning the set’s accompanying Pro Tour! Thanks to these bombs, Murders at Karlov Manor packs can contain some serious value!

Like all preview sets, Murders at Karlov Manor is available on paper, Magic Online, and MTG Arena.

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Play Boosters 

Release Date: February 9th, 2024

Alongside the release of Murders at Karlov Manor, Wizards of the Coast is implementing a massive change to the product roster. Known as Play Boosters, this revolutionary new product is replacing both Set Boosters and Draft Boosters. Thanks to this monumental change, Play Boosters are going to affect how you both play and collect MTG going forward. 

Mixing both Set and Draft Boosters together, Play Boosters contain 14 cards, are Draftable, and offer more collectability. With an increased chance of finding rare cards and a guaranteed foil slot, Play Boosters are the best of both worlds. Currently, it’s unclear exactly how Limited will be affected by this change. Thankfully, however, Wizards has been testing this change for a long while, so we have faith. 

As if Play Boosters weren’t enough of a monumental change already, The List is also getting a dramatic shake-up. Shrinking from 300 cards to just 40, The List is becoming more consistent, flavorful, and hopefully more fun. Promising better reprints and Special Guests, this change is well worth looking forward to. 

To make this change even more dramatic, the new and improved version of The List appears in Play Boosters. This means that, for better or worse, The List cards will be able to affect the Limited environment. Problematically, the cards on The List are not guaranteed to appear on MTG Arena, as some will be replaced. This may cause physical and digital Limited events to be slightly different once Play Boosters launch.

Ravnica: Clue Edition

Ravnica: Clue Edition Key Art

Release Date: February 23rd, 2024

Ravnica: Clue Edition, similar to many of the Universes Beyond crossovers, is designed to be appealing to MTG players as well as Clue enthusiasts. Hasbro owns both games, so this seems like a clear crossover that plays into the murder-mystery theme. However, this isn’t necessarily being released as a typical set or Secret Lair. The goal is to provide a unique take on MTG that is designed for multiplayer specifically.

For better or worse, Magic’s reimagining of Clue effectively turns it into a new take on Jumpstart. Played using Ravnica: Clue Edition Boosters, two of these 20-card packs are shuffled together into a deck. With this deck, you and up to three other players do battle while also trying to uncover the murder mystery. Should you deal combat damage to an opponent, you can ask them a question, just as if you were playing Clue.

Since you can win by either playing MTG or Clue or even both at the same time, Ravnica: Clue Edition is definitely strange. Even if you’re not interested in the product’s novel gameplay, the set’s cards are still rather interesting. Offering new mechanics and Typal support, there’s plenty to be excited about.

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MTG Fallout

Release Date: March 8th, 2024

Now they have been released, it’s safe to say that the Fallout Commander decks have been a hit. Offering countless interesting mechanics and flavorful references, players can’t get enough of this set. Thanks to the release somewhat coinciding with the Fallout TV show, uranium fever very much got to MTG players.

Comprised of Scrappy Survivors, Hail, Caesar, Mutant Menace, and Science! The Fallout Commander decks cover a lot of bases. Unfortunately, these decks are only available on paper. On MTG Arena, players only received a handful of cosmetics, while Magic Online players got nothing at all. Despite this, the set still appears to be a major success, justifying continued Universes Beyond developments.

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Outlaws at Thunder Junction

Release Date: April 19th, 2024

Themed around the many villains of Magic’s multiverse, Outlaws of Thunder Junction is the second premier set in 2024. Thanks to the newfangled Omenpaths, this set features characters from all over, each vying for some ever illusive treasure. To play into the treasure-hunting genre, Outlaws of Thunder Junction is a Wild-West-themed set with cowboy hats aplenty.

Hitting two much-requested and untapped themes, Outlaws of Thunder Junction was a hugely anticipated set. Thankfully, Wizards of the Coast didn’t disappoint, creating countless fantastic cards and flavorful references. Even a few memes worked their way through Wizards development pipeline!

Beyond just being one incredibly exciting set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction goes above and beyond to contain three. On top of the main set, players can also find Breaking News and The Big Score cards in Play Boosters. As the set’s Bonus Sheet and would-be Aftermath, it’s safe to say Outlaws of Thunder Junction has a lot going on.

All in all, between the trio of sets and fan-favorite themes, Outlaws of Thunder Junction is a spectacular MTG. Like all premier sets, this release is available on paper, Magic Online, and MTG Arena.

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Modern Horizons 3

Modern Horizons 3

Release Date: June 14th, 2024

Historically, Modern Horizons sets have been both hugely anticipated and dreaded in equal measure. Since Horizons sets contain some of the best new cards, it’s hard not to get excited about their awesome and exciting abilities. At the same time, these cards are typically a touch too strong, causing devastating format shifts. For better or worse, the same is expected from Modern Horizons 3.

Following a recent First Look, we already know some of Modern Horizons 3’s best bits. These include a new cycle of free spells, Eldrazi titans, and Fetch Land reprints! Alongside these, Modern Horizons 3 also contains a new cycle of double-faced transforming Planeswalkers! While this is all very exciting, unfortunately, the price of the set appears to be astronomical as a result. Thankfully, MTG players necessarily have to splash the cash to play with this set.

For the first time in forever, a Modern Horizons set is coming to MTG Arena! According to Wizards, Modern Horizons 3 will be Draftable on Arena, which hopefully means every card is being implemented. Thanks to the Timeless format, players won’t have to worry about the most extreme cards being banned and unplayable.

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Assassin’s Creed

MTG Assassin's Creed Art

Release Date: July 5th, 2024

Assassin’s Creed is another Universes Beyond crossover, scheduled to release in July 2024. Unlike Fallout, however, this crossover will be Modern legal. Strangely though, these cards will be released in an entirely new type of booster pack called “Beyond Boosters.”

As the name suggests, Beyond Boosters is a brand new type of MTG booster that is exclusive to Universes Beyond sets. Containing six cards, these Modern legal packs are an evolution of the Epilogue Boosters from March of the Machine: The Aftermath. Currently, the pricing of these new booster packs is unknown.

Beyond the new booster packs, the Universes Beyond Assassin’s Creed set should be around 100 cards. Within this haul, players can obviously expect to see all the fan-favorite characters from this franchise. Few details exist about this set at the moment, but it’s reasonable to expect Wizards will draw from the entire franchise, not just one game.

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Release Date: August 2nd, 2024

Bloomburrow is the third premier set of 2024, to be released sometime in Q3. Set on a plane full of adorable anthropomorphic animals, Bloomburrom seems poised for fan-favorite status! Beyond looking great already, Bloomburrow also kicks off a brand new MTG story arc! 

Named the “Dragonstorm Arc,” it’s unclear if this story arc is just an excuse to reprint Dragonstrom or not. Regardless of whether or not this happens, this new exciting name has intriguing potential. Despite the change in name, the Dragonstrom Arc is still a part of the larger Metronome Arc. 

As an interesting tidbit, according to Wizards, Bloomburrow won’t feature any human characters at all. Instead, the set is going to be entirely Frogs, Rabbits, Squirrels, and other critters to dial up the adorableness. From what we’ve seen of the set so far, this means it’s going to be absolutely adorable, and that’s putting it lightly!

Duskmourn: House of Horror

Duskmourn: House of Horror

Release Date: Q3 2024

Duskmourn: House of Horror is the fourth premier set of the year, also set to release in Q3. This set provides a stark contrast to the feel of the previous set. We will move from a set all about adorable animals to a set that takes place entirely within an enormous, scary mansion.

Just like with Bloomburrow though, this set features another new MTG world. Duskmourn: House of Horrors, as the name suggests, takes a lot of its inspiration from modern horror tropes and ideas. The creepiness of this set could provide us with some cool Arena animations as well.

Tournament-Ready Pioneer

Oath of Nissa | Oath of the Gatewatch
Oath of Nissa | Oath of the Gatewatch

Release Date: Q4 2024

Finishing off the end of the 2024 MTG release calendar, currently, we have the release of Pioneer Masters. Following the trend of Commander Masters and Modern Masters, this set is, unsurprisingly, all about Pioneer reprints. While this wouldn’t be too eventful in itself, this set does have a twist. Pioneer Masters is exclusively for MTG Arena.

As if the MTG Arena exclusivity wasn’t dramatic enough, Pioneer Masters also has a rather unique purpose. Instead of aiming to bring the price of in-demand cards down, this set is all about putting cards on Arena. Ideally completely bridging the gap between Explorer and Pioneer, this set is monumentally important. 

Considering sets are usually only around 300 cards, unfortunately, not every Pioneer-legal card will be coming to MTG Arena. Instead, Wizards is aiming for a “Tournament Ready Pioneer” which can be used in events and as a genuine format. While this is undoubtedly great news for Pioneer fans, unfortunately, there’s no guarantee of any more Explorer Anthologies to tide us over until late 2024. 

Currently, since Pioneer Masters is many moons away from release, there’s no telling what cards it will contain. Given what the format needs, however, it’d be shocking if it didn’t include Oth of Nissa, Hidden Strings, and Temporal Trespass. Considering the goal is tournament-ready Pioneer, and these are widely played cards, we’d be absolutely shocked not to see them included. 

There Will Be More 

For better or worse, while we’ve covered all we know today, 2024 is hardly set in stone. Sets may be moved about, release dates changed, and new products unexpectedly announced. Should, or rather when any of these events happen, we’ll be here to cover the changes. So, if you want to keep up to date with all the latest goings on in the world of MTG, watch this space! 

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