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Astonishing MTG Fallout Serialized Cycle Creates Alternate Win Condition!

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Like it or not, Collector Boosters are a big part of collecting Magic: the Gathering’s rarest offerings nowadays. If you want a serialized piece of Magic’s history, engaging with these incredibly expensive packs are an incredibly enticing option. In fact, if you’re unwilling to acquire your serialized card of choice through the secondary market, the only option left is to deep dive into the world of Collector Boosters.

MTG Fallout spoiler season started yesterday, and it may be over as quickly as it started. Four Commander decks are being revealed over the course of four days, with Friday being the last day that new MTG Fallout cards are hitting the scene.

Of course, MTG Fallout Collector Boosters are also being released alongside the four new Commander decks. This is quite similar to the Doctor Who Collector Booster offerings, providing fancier versions of cards found in the main decks. The Fallout Collector Boosters do offer some thematic MTG reprints that do not appear in the core Commander decks, including one that is worth more than $200 currently! You can read more about that here.

Both the Doctor Who and Fallout Collector Boosters offer extremely rare serialized versions of some of the cards offered in the core Universes Beyond Commander Precons. Doctor Who offered serialized versions of the 13 Doctor cards, and MTG Fallout offers serialized versions of collectible items from the original game: Bobbleheads.

As incredibly iconic collectibles from the crossover IP, of course these Bobbleheads are going to make an appearance in MTG. What many players did not expect, however, is that these Bobbleheads would create an alternate win condition, making them much more desirable to MTG players than initially anticipated.

The MTG Fallout Bobbleheads

In total, there are seven MTG Fallout Bobblehead cards coming to MTG. Each of these Bobbleheads represents a stat from the Fallout franchise.

As these are part of a sort of cycle, there are a lot of elements that the seven bobblehead cards have in common. All of these cards are, essentially, mana rocks with a mana value of three that have a secondary ability. These abilities all scale in usefulness with the number of Bobbleheads you have under your control.

Perception Bobblehead, revealed yesterday during the launch of the MTG Fallout spoiler season, for example, has a secondary ability that can cast a spell with mana value three or less from the top of your deck. How far you get to dig for a spell, however, depends on the number of Bobbleheads you have.

We mentioned that there is a Bobblehead that has been confirmed to act as an alternate win condition, but Perception Bobblehead obviously is not that. Without further ado, let’s take a look a Luck Bobblehead!

Luck Bobblehead

Luck Bobblehead has all the other general applications for the Bobblehead cycle, but the activated ability on this Bobblehead is a doozy. The Bobblehead really does check up on how lucky you are, rolling dice equal to the number of bobbleheads you control. Even numbers offer you a tapped Treasure Token, which can be a great way to store up mana if you have multiple Bobbleheads in play. The real prize, however, is an incredibly difficult one to hit.

If you manage to roll exactly seven sixes, you will win the game on the spot. This obviously hints that you need to assemble all seven Bobbleheads in play in order to even get an attempt at this alternate win condition (even then, getting this win is very difficult). Interestingly, nowhere in any of these Bobblehead cards do any of them suggest that you need Bobblehead cards with different names to scale their abilities.

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Copying Bobbleheads

Because the MTG Fallout Bobblehead cards do not require Bobbleheads with different names to scale their abilities, the best way to win with Luck Bobblehead may actually be to create as many copies of it as possible. This not only allows you to satisfy the seven-Bobblehead condition of even attempting to win with Luck Bobblehead, but it also allows you to attempt to win multiple times per turn. As a consolation prize, you’ll be creating a ton of Treasure Tokens as you attempt to roll for the win.

Mechanized Production, which is also confirmed to be getting a reprint in the MTG Fallout crossover, seems like a great way to do this. It in itself is also an alternate win condition that, frankly, will likely happen before you actually get Luck Bobblehead to work. Don’t expect your enchanted Bobblehead to stick around as a result.

Fortunately for players who want to try and create as many copies of Luck Bobblehead as possible, copy effects have been particularly popular amongst EDH players, meaning that there are a lot of options available to help pursue your goal.

More Copy Examples

One example of this is the card Artificer Class from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. Uniquely themed for a strong artifact-centric deck, Artificer Class can help get your artifacts out, search for your Bobblehead, and can create copies of it when leveled up to its final level.

Court of Vantress from Wilds of Eldraine can also create copies of Luck Bobblehead with relative ease. As long as you can hold on to The Monarch, you’ll be getting an extra copy of Luck Bobblehead on each of your upkeeps.

If you’re employing a cheap Commander that you’re expecting to cast multiple times throughout the game, Echo Storm is an option that can create a flurry of Luck Bobbleheads all at once.

Orvar, the All-Form can be a particularly fun Commander to employ if you’re trying to win with Luck Bobbleheads. According to Redditor Shanecookofficial, you want 41 Bobbleheads to have the best odds at winning the game with Luck Bobblehead, so you’ll certainly need to create a ton of copies of this card if you really want to try and win with it.

Doppelgang from the new Murders at Karlov Manor set may be your best shot at acquiring close to the correct number of Bobbleheads quickly. This of course, is not even beginning to consider cards that allow you to re-roll dice results.

Extravagent Replication, Mirrorworks, Prototype Portal, Replication Technique, and Saheeli’s Artistry are all great ways to start creating Luck Bobblehead tokens. Of course, once you have token copies of the card available, you can use other cards to create copies of your tokens.

Are Luck Bobbleheads Only Serialized?

To our understanding, this is not the case. All of the Bobblehead cards should be available in MTG Fallout Commander Precon decks. As for which Commander deck Luck Bobblehead can be found in, we currently do not know. All we do know at the time of writing is that it is not available in the Scrappy Survivors Commander deck.

Either way, the inclusion of Luck Bobblehead’s alternate win condition from Wizards of the Coast is certainly a smart one. These serialized trinkets may suddenly become a bit more desirable as players begin to bring buckets of dice to their local game stores in a delusional attempt to try and win the game with Luck Bobblehead.

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