19, Feb, 24

Two Intriguing Legends Highlight New MTG Fallout Spoilers!

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On February 20, a multitude of MTG Fallout spoilers are set to come out of the woodworks as a debut stream will be taking place on Twitch. However, as a nice bonus, yesterday, Bethesda Game Studios announced their intentions to cover a new MTG Fallout preview today. Additionally, a post on the official Fallout twitter page indicated the potential for a card based around Frank Horrigan, the final boss of Fallout 2, to be spoiled as well.

It appears as though these cards, along with another bonus spoiler, have all been revealed! As we prepare for the massive number of spoilers that will be previewed in the coming days, let’s take a closer look at each of these intriguing spoilers that provide a nice segue into tomorrow.

Agent Frank Horrigan

Agent Frank Horrigan

As expected, one of the spoilers in question is none other than Agent Frank Horrigan. Revealed on the official Fallout twitter page, Agent Frank Horrigan is a cool card that is capable of taking over the game if not dealt with. At seven mana, the card is rather expensive. However, getting the bonus of being able to Proliferate twice when it enters the battlefield is nice.

There are tons of different ways to make sure you are getting the most out of the extra counters. In the Fallout Commander decks specifically, we’ve already seen multiple cards focused on the Energy mechanic, which works well with Agent Frank Horrigan. Outside of that, Agent Frank Horrigan works well as a Golgari Infect Commander, helping to maximize both the -1/-1 counter and Poison counter aspects of the mechanic.

This card also works nicely with Planeswalkers. Obviously, you can Proliferate Loyalty counters when Agent Frank Horrigan enters the battlefield. However, you can further take advantage of the fact that you get to Proliferate twice when Agent Frank Horrigan attacks. This open up the play pattern of playing a Planeswalker like Nissa, Vital Force pre-combat, attacking to Proliferate twice, then use Nissa’s ultimate ability right away.

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T-45 Power Armor

T-45 Power Armor

Next, we have T-45 Power Armor. This card is a unique form of Equipment that works well with the Energy mechanic once again. On its own, this card is relatively mediocre. The fact that you can’t untap the Creature you Equip normally once you attack with it once isn’t ideal. Even with the two Energy counters you get right away, you only get a couple attacks in before you have to move the Equipment around in order to get your Creature to untap.

That being said, if you can reliably maintain a high energy source, this card gets a lot stronger. It also fits nicely into a Voltron-themed Commander deck. After all, getting to put a Trample or a Lifelink counter on your Creature means that, even if your Equipment gets removed, your Creature is likely quite difficult to block and it’ll be tough to race back in an effective manner.

Still, there a lot of extremely strong Equipment cards in the world of MTG, so this likely won’t make the cut for most Voltron decks. The Equip cost is a bit steep for its effect, and the need to constantly sink Energy counters or mana into it to avoid your Creature being locked down forever isn’t ideal. Hopefully we will see stronger Auras and Equipment cards for the Dogmeat, Ever Loyal Commander deck in the coming days.

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Preston Garvey, Minuteman

Preston Garvey, Minuteman

Last but certainly not least, we have Preston Garvey, Minuteman. This Naya legend means business, and its effects are quite strong. Having the ability to untap all of your Enchanted permanents is strong, but this line of text isn’t exclusive to Creatures. The goal here is to start creating a slew of Enchantment tokens on your Lands and eventually, Preston Garvey can do a strong Seedborn Muse impression.

One cool aspect of being able to flood the board with Enchantments is that there are a ton of cards in MTG that provide a reward based on the number of Enchantments you have in play. For instance, All that Glitters and Ethereal Armor become extremely scary with Preston Garvey in play. Meanwhile, eidolon of Blossoms threatens to generate a boatload of card advantage, even if you aren’t casting a ton of spells.

Perhaps the best interaction available with Preston Garvey, though, involves Aggraveted Assault. Going infinite with Preston Garvey and Aggravated Assault isn’t actually too difficult after a few turns. Once you have five Enchanted Lands, you can attack with your Creatures including Preston Garvey, untapping your Enchanted Lands. This allows you to activate Aggravated Assault and attack again. Assuming Preston Garvey survives in combat, you can attack again, untap your Enchanted Lands, and gain infinite combat steps. The only downside here is that Preston Garvey can die in combat, but there are plenty of ways to give the card Indestructible and go to town.

There’s a lot of cool ways to maximize Preston Garvey’s abilities, making it a solid build-around Commander and a clear highlight from today’s previews. This is only the beginning, though, so strap in, as we’ve got a ton of spoilers ahead of us!

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