20, Feb, 24

MTG Fallout Spoiler Season Kickoff Reveals 10 New Cards!

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Magic’s latest Universes Beyond crossover is coming to shelves soon. Slated to release March 8, there isn’t a lot of time left before players can play with their favorite Fallout characters in the world of MTG.

Even though the release date for the Fallout Commander decks and Collector Boosters are just around the corner, very little is known about the new cards coming in the MTG Fallout crossover. Yesterday, Bethesda kicked things off by revealing some early MTG Fallout spoilers, but the official start of the MTG Fallout spoiler season hits today! Here are all the new MTG Fallout cards that were revealed!

Nuclear Fallout

Looking for a new X-costed black payoff? Nuclear Fallout doubles as both a boardwipe effect and a Torment of Hailfire-esque win condition.

To recap, Rad Counters are the staple mechanic of the Mutant Menace Commander deck, and is, in our opinion, one of the best MTG mechanics we’ve seen in quite some time.

Offering an effect that oozes Fallout flavor, Rad Counters are player-based counters that both cause you to mill cards and take damage equal to permanents milled this way on your upkeep. You mill as many cards as you have Rad Counters, but will lose Rad Counters for each damage you take.

In small amounts, Rad Counters can be beneficial, enabling graveyard based synergies. In large amounts Rad counters will kill you quickly.

If you have infinite mana to sink into Nuclear Fallout, all of your opponents will mill out their libraries and lose life equal to the number of permanent cards milled. This will usually be enough to end all of their lives. Do note, though, that Rad Counters trigger at the beginning of the precombat main phase, so if they somehow survive their Rad Counter trigger, you could lose the game.

Nuclear Fallout’s ability to function as both a board wipe and a win condition makes it a great card in our books. We expect this one to be particularly popular.

Vault 112: Sadistic Simulation

Vault 112: Sadistic Simulation can be found in the Science Commander deck that cares about Energy. The card itself does not offer a ton of value to players who do not care about Energy but, if you do, this card can be quite powerful.

Delaying an opposing threat and offering four energy over the first two chapters, Vault 112’s early effects are not too powerful. The third chapter, however, is a scary one, harkening back to the absolutely brutal effect of Aetherworks Marvel that ruined Standard when it was legal.

The more Energy you pay, the deeper you get to dig into your deck. After exiling a number of cards equal to the number of Energy you paid, you can play a card for free without paying its mana cost. That means an Eldrazi Titan flipped this way will cost nothing!

Unfortunately, it seems that Wizards knows just how powerful this kind of effect truly can be. As a result, you will need to shuffle your deck before using the third chapter, making it difficult to stack your deck in your favor.

All-in-all, if your deck cares about Energy, and has some powerful cards that can be cast using Vault 112’s final ability, this is a decent inclusion. Even if you’re only after the final chapter of this card, Vault 112 provides four energy for you to use to dig into your deck. That said, if Energy is not your deck’s theme, this may be a pass.

Three Dog, Galaxy News DJ

Three Dog, Galaxy News DJ allows you to convert a strategy that is traditionally ‘go tall’ and turn it into a ‘go wide’ one. Commander decks that care about Auras are, more often than not, Voltron in nature, establishing a gigantic creature and killing the opponent with Commander damage.

Three Dog still wants you to pile Auras on top of him, but he will not be utilizing those Auras himself. Instead, Three Dog wants to sacrifice your Auras and give your creatures a copy of them! Think of it as Three Dog trying to spread the news right from your Pip Boy.

Notably, while you need to attack with creatures in order to trigger Three Dog, you don’t actually need to attack with Three Dog himself. since Three Dog doesn’t attach his sacrificed Aura copies onto himself, you can hold back Three Dog, keeping him safe, while he buffs up all of your other creatures permanently.

All in all, I really like this card. Three Dog presents some new gameplay space that can be incredibly powerful if built around properly. Three Dog can be found in the Scrappy Survivors deck championed by Dogmeat himself.

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Powder Ganger

Have you ever wanted to play Shattering Spree stapled onto a creature? Powder Ganger gives you that chance! Thanks to Squad, you can create multiple copies of Powder Ganger, both destroying any problematic artifact on the board and creating a relevant board state of 2/2 creatures.

Of course, this card also works with Flicker strategies, but Powder Ganger is better utilized in decks that can take advantage of its Squad ability. In decks that don’t really care for 2/2 bodies, you are much better off using Shattering Spree or Vandalblast for Ganger’s ETB effect, as they will ultimately be cheaper. Regardless, this card should definitely find a home in Commander decks who can uniquely take advantage of this card’s payoffs.

You can find Powder Ganger in the Hail, Ceaser Commander deck.

Nick Valentine, Private Eye

Nick Valentine, Private Eye offers some flavorful abilities that artifact-focused players may enjoy. The Synth Detective ensures that your artifact creatures, even when removed, will provide value. Being able to Investigate may seem like a small upside, but in the right deck, Nick Valentine can really shine.

Take Urza, Chief Artificer from the Brothers’ War Commander Precons, for example. Nick Valentine ensures that, even if your artifact creatures die, your artifact count will not be affected, replacing your artifact creatures with a Clue. This means your Construct tokens will continue to be gigantic even if your artifact creatures die.

A perhaps overlooked quality of Nick Valentine is that this card is a Detective. This means that Nick Valentine has the opportunity to uniquely synergize with some cards from Murders at Karlov Manor. Investigate also has its share of synergies with the new set.

All in all, Nick Valentine does have a home in Commander, as most cards do, but the card isn’t particularly powerful, and should synergize extensively well with your strategy to merit a slot in your deck.

You can find Nick Valentine in the Science Commander deck.

Liberty Prime, Recharged

This Commander screams ‘Voltron.’ A five mana 8/8 with Vigilance, Trample and Haste certainly sounds like a deadly beating. Sadly, Liberty Prime does come with a downside. Unless you have the energy to attack with this card, Liberty Prime will sacrifice itself before you can do anything with it.

As a small consolation, Liberty Prime can fuel itself by sacrificing artifacts to gain Energy and draw cards. Vigilance means that you can attack and do this afterwards, but you will need Energy to pay before Liberty Prime attacks in order to do this.

Overall, Liberty’s downside is too drastic. The card certainly functions a lot better in a deck that can generate a lot of Energy, but even the upside of Liberty Prime is not really worthwhile unless you built around it excessively.

Liberty Prime, Recharged can be found in the Science Commander deck.

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Legate Lanius, Ceaser’s Ace

Legate Lanius has a rather bizarre ability. Taking from the literal definition of the Decimate flavor word, Legate Lanius sacrifices a tenth of your opponent’s creatures when it enters the battlefield. Fortunately, this number rounds up, so Legate Lanius will generally be forcing opponents to sacrifice one creature.

When combined with Flicker, Panharmonicon effects, and sacrificial synergies, Legate Lanius can create a lot of value and grow quickly. This legendary creature from the Hail, Ceaser Commander Precon is a great addition to existing sacrificial decks.

Hancock, Ghoulish Mayor

If you have a Zombie Typal deck hungry for some upgrades, Hancock is the card for you! Not only does this card offer a particularly sticky board presence in the form of Undying, but when it returns with counters, Hancock acts as a Lord for Zombies and Mutants!

Obviously, unless you can synergize with Undying, Mutants or Zombies, Hancock isn’t doing much for you. That said, this seems like a slam dunk in Mutant and Zombie Typal synergies, making Hancock a great new addition from the Mutant Menace MTG Fallout Commander Precon.

Commander Sofia Deguerre

Commander Sofia Daguerre can be rather powerful when combined with a Blink theme. This is capable of destroying a Legendary permanent at instant speed, and blinking Sofia can recur the effect multiple times. If you have a deck that is interested in copying ETB effects, like Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, Commander Sofia Daguerre could be a decent card there.

While Sofia will always be a decent piece of removal, especially considering Commanders are Legendary, you can definitely get a similar effect for less mana, making Sofia kind of clunky in the long run. As per usual, unless you can uniquely take advantage of Commander Sofia Daguerre, the card may be a pass in most Commander decks.

You can find this card in the Scrappy Survivors MTG Fallout Commander Precon.

Perception Bobblehead

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Perception Bobblehead. This Bobblehead is part of a set of seven different Bobbleheads that act as collectibles in the MTG Fallout franchise. Die hard MTG collectors can experience this thrill in Magic as well, as these are being offered in serialized printings in Collector Booster product.

So far, we’ve seen the Intelligence Bobblehead and the Perception Bobblehead. There are some similarities between these cards that allow us to draw some conclusions about the entire cycle.

Firstly, these bobbleheads all appear to be mana rocks with a mana value of three. Secondly, these Bobbleheads all have secondary abilities that flavorfully synergize with their represented stat from the Fallout games, and all grow stronger when you have other bobbleheads in play.

While mana rocks with mana value three need to be quite powerful in order to see play nowadays, having all of the bobbleheads in one deck could make for some entertaining strategies.

Other Confirmations

Alongside the reveal of these new MTG Fallout cards, a ton of valuable reprints were shown off, including an incredibly expensive reprint! You can take a look at that here.

This is just the beginning of the MTG Fallout spoiler season. Expect a ton of new cards to be revealed in the coming days. Of course, if you don’t know where to find them, no need to worry! Just stay tuned, and we’ll be sure to show off all of the biggest cards being released as part of the MTG Fallout Universes Beyond crossover!

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