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19, Jun, 24

MTG Assassin’s Creed: Release Date, Details, Beyond Boosters

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As the latest Universes Beyond MTG set, there’s a great deal of hype for Assassin’s Creed. As a 100-card Modern-legal set, this release is primed to be hugely impactful. On top of containing oodles of exciting and flavorful new cards, the Assassin’s Creed MTG set also launches a brand-new product!

Launching in early July, it won’t be long before MTG players have their hands on the latest Universes Beyond cards. Before that happens, it’s well worth keeping up to date with all the important information. So, here’s everything you need to know about the Universes Beyond Assassin’s Creed MTG set!

MTG Assassin’s Creed Set Details 

Assassin's Creed Universes Beyond Art

First things first, it’s worth discussing what the MTG Assassin’s Creed set even is. As we mentioned mere moments ago, this set isn’t Draftable and it doesn’t have Commander decks either. Despite these unusual missing details, the Assassin’s Creed MTG set is completely Modern-legal. This is true for both the 80 new cards and 20 reprints.

As expected for a Universes Beyond set, Assassin’s Creed will span the franchise’s entire history. This means that plenty of iconic characters such as Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad appear in the set. Alongside these fan-favorite characters, plenty of historic figures will also be making an appearance too.

Unfortunately, while MTG Arena is getting Modern Horizons 3, the Assassin’s Creed set isn’t coming to the digital platform.

MTG Assassin’s Creed Set Release Date

MTG Assassin's Creed Release Date

After plenty of curious anticipation, Wizards of the Coast has officially confirmed the release date for the Assassin’s Creed set. These dates were finally confirmed during MagicCon: Chicago’s Preview Panel which debuted a ton of new details. While there may not be many, here are all the important dates you need to know. 

Magic: The Gathering – Assassin’s Creed Preview Events

  • Debut and Previews Begin on WeeklyMTG: June 18th
  • Card Image Gallery and Previews Complete: June 21st
  • Global Tabletop Launch: July 5th

Curiously, unlike many MTG sets, Assassin’s Creed doesn’t have any play events planned. Due to the lack of playable decks or Drafts, this set is simply going to be released and become available. Much like March of the Machine: The Aftermath, this means it’s just going to appear in your local game stores without much in the way of fanfare.

MTG Assassin’s Creed Spoilers

Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Memory Corridor Frame

With only 100 cards in the set to be revealed, the preview season for the Assassin’s Creed set is remarkably short. Taking place over just two days, previews for Assassin’s Creed will be finished by the 19th of June, 2024. This obviously means there will be an awful lot to cover in an incredibly small amount of time!

From what we’ve seen so far, unsurprisingly, Assassin’s Creed features plenty of Assassin’s and Assassin’s support cards. Thanks to these, this Typal archetype is bound to see a huge boon in Commander very soon. While the Assassin’s Creed set is also Modern legal, most cards we’ve seen won’t cut it in the format.

So you don’t miss any of the latest and greatest cards, below is a collection of articles covering the best spoilers so far.

Booster Fun

Assassin's Creed Booster Fun

As usual for an MTG release, the Universes Beyond Assassin’s Creed set also features multiple Booster Fun treatments.

Memory Corridor – Styled after the memory-exploring aesthetic of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the Memory Corridor frame offers a very unique look. Found in both Beyond and Collector Boosters, this frame is found on 28 cards, in total.

Textured Foil Memory Corridor – As if ordinary Memory Corridor cards weren’t enough, there’s also an extra fancy foiling technique. Found exclusively in Collector Boosters, only five cards get this treatment which also provides a new fancy background to enjoy.

Borderless Cards – Seen on ten cards in both Beyond and Collector Boosters, the borderless treatment is surprisingly scarce. Despite this minimal use, Borderless Cards still look great as this treatment provides gorgeous new artwork.

Scene Cards – Harkening back to The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, MTG’s Assassin’s Creed set includes Scene Cards too. Comprised of six cards in total, this scene utilizes full-frame artwork to create a stunning panoramic vista.

Extended Art Cards – Exclusive to Collector Boosters, there are 17 extended art cards available in this set. While these cards don’t have unique artwork, they’re nonetheless a nice optional extra for players.

Foil Etched Cards – Found on 95 cards, almost every card in the Assassin’s Creed MTG set has a Foil Etched variant. Foil exclusively in Collector Boosters, there’s likely to be a lot of these cards floating about.

Serialized Historical Figure Cards – Last but not least, the MTG Assassin’s Creed set also features serialized cards. Found on only four cards, there are 500 copies of each serialized card available. The four cards chosen for this technique are all historic figures with the text in the character’s spoken language.

MTG Assassin’s Creed Beyond Boosters

MTG Assassin's Creed Art

As mentioned before, the Assassin’s Creed set is the first MTG release with Beyond Boosters. Given the name, these are a brand new type of Booster pack for fans to open.

Speaking during Gen Con 2023, MTG’s Senior Product Designer, Athena Froehlich, revealed what fans can expect from the new packs. “They aren’t Draftable, but each booster takes you on a journey unique to that universe,” Froehlich explained. To speculate from this statement, it sounds like Beyond Boosters could have almost fixed contents, similar to Jumpstart packs. 

Fast forward a few months, and we finally have some more information about the Beyond Boosters! You can find a graphic revealing the contents of a Beyond Booster above.

Worringly, the Beyond Booster looks quite similar to the Epilogue Booster. Only boating seven cards and an addition token or ad, the Beyond Boosters offer some disturbing parallels to Wizards’ worst Magic product. Similar to the Epilogue set, there will be no common cards in the Beyond Booster products. Fortunately, Beyond Booster sets are twice the size of the Epilogue set, which should bring some much-needed diversity to your Booster experience.

Otherwise, you can open more rare cards in these packs than you could in Epilogue Boosters. Thanks to the inclusion of the Scene cards, similar to the ones from Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, you can open four rares in the Beyond Boosters instead of the three in Epilogue Boosters. If you want to read more about the Beyond Boosters, you can do so here.

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