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4, Sep, 23

MTG Assassin’s Creed: Release Date, Details, Beyond Boosters

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Scheduled to be released Mid 2024, there’s already a lot of hype around MTG’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed set. Not only is it another Universes Beyond set, pushing the bounds of MTG, but it also launches a brand-new product. Thanks to this, the Assassin’s Creed MTG set could be one of the biggest and most important sets in the game’s history!

With prospects like that, it’s no wonder there’s a lot of hype around this upcoming release. As exciting as the times are, however, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the set. What we do know, however, paints an incredibly intriguing and interesting picture. So, join us in exploring everything there is to know about the MTG Assassin’s Creed Universes Beyond set!

MTG Assassin’s Creed Set Details 

Assassin's Creed Universes Beyond Art

First things first, it’s worth discussing what the MTG Assassin’s Creed set even is. Unusually, this isn’t an easy question to answer, since this set is the first of its kind. Based around Beyond Boosters, rather than typical packs, the Assassin’s Creed set is a whole lot of new. 

What we have been told, so far, is that the Assassin’s Creed set isn’t a Draftable set. This was confirmed by MTG’s Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater. Speaking on Blogatog, Rosewater stated it’s a “small set that isn’t drafted.” Currently, we don’t know exactly how small this “small set” is.

Previously, the latest small set in MTG has been March of the Machine: The Aftermath. Known as a “Micro Set,” this release only contained 50 cards, and no commons at all. While received as an interesting way to end the Phyrexian Arc, unfortunately, this set and its six-card Booster Packs didn’t go well

Following on from this past disappointment, it’s possible Wizards has modified the Micro Set structure into something new. Considering there’s barely a year between the two sets, however, this is not guaranteed. 

As a final note, the Universes Beyond Assassin’s Creed set is a Modern-legal MTG release. Currently, it is unclear if the set will also launch on MTG Arena.

Ultimately, considering the MTG Assassin’s Creed set is still a year away from release, we’re going to have to wait a while to get new details. Once more information is revealed, however, we’ll update this article with everything you need to know.

MTG Assassin’s Creed Set Release Date

MTG Assassin's Creed Release Date

Despite being almost entirely shrouded in mystery, surprisingly, we have been told the set’s release date. According to Wizards’ website, the MTG Assassin’s Creed Universes Beyond Set will be released in July 2024

Currently, this somewhat vague July release date is all we have been given. There is no word, for instance, on the spoiler season window for the set. Typically, this happens a week or two before the set’s official release to ramp up hype. Similar to March of the Machine: The Aftermath, it seems likely the Assassin’s Creed set will have an expedited.

Long before any spoilers begin, typically, MTG Sets will get a First Look presentation a few months before release. This livestreamed presentation usually reveals details about what players can expect from the set, including product details. With that in mind, we should hopefully be finding out more about the new Beyond Boosters in May, or even April!

MTG Assassin’s Creed Beyond Boosters

MTG Assassin's Creed Art

As mentioned before, the Assassin’s Creed set is the first MTG release with Beyond Boosters. Given the name, these are a brand new type of Booster pack for fans to open. Unfortunately, concrete details about these packs are still kept under wraps for the time being. What we have been told, however, is the general vibes of the product. 

Speaking during Gen Con 2023, MTG’s Senior Product Designer, Athena Froehlich, revealed what fans can expect from the new packs. “They aren’t Draftable, but each booster takes you on a journey unique to that universe,” Froehlich explained. To speculate from this statement, it sounds like Beyond Boosters could have almost fixed contents, similar to Jumpstart packs. 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, that’s pretty much all we know about Beyond Boosters. Since they are not Draftable, however, it seems the Boosters may be smaller than usual. Hopefully, considering the backlash, they will be slightly larger than the Epilogue Boosters from March of the Machine: The Aftermath. Whether or not this is the case, however, remains to be seen. 

As you might expect, more details about Beyond Boosters will be revealed as the set’s release date draws near. When more details are revealed, we’ll be sure to update this article to keep you in the loop. 

That’s All For Now

Sadly, these are all the details that we have about the Assassin’s Creed MTG set for now. Thankfully, considering it is a Universes Beyond release, it may not be long before more details get released. Until then, there are thankfully still plenty more exciting releases on the horizon. For example, in October, MTG players will be getting four brand new Doctor Who Commander decks to enjoy!

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