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MTG 2025 Release Calendar

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Typically, much about the future of MTG is shrouded in a thick soupy layer of mystery. For 2025, however, Wizards of the Coast has been surprisingly forthcoming about what the year contains. Following a blockbuster multi-year announcement at Gen Con 2023, the 2025 MTG release calendar has almost been revealed in its entirety!

Between a return trips to Lorwyn and Tarkir, as well as a Space-themed set, 2025 looks absolutely fantastic already. While we may not know a lot of exact release dates right now, there’s still a lot to be excited about. Should you want to board the hype train for 2025 early, we’ve got you covered with everything there is to know.

So, without any further ado, here’s the entire 2025 MTG release calendar!

MTG 2025 Release Schedule

MTG 2025 Release Calendar

Currently, since 2025 is so far away, very few details have been confirmed about the 2025 content calendar. Unsurprisingly, due to this, there’s no word about when any of the year’s MTG sets will be released. Thankfully, looking back at past years, we can at least presume a few windows to narrow things down.

  • Innistrad Remastered | January 2025
  • Tennis (Deathrace Set) | Q1 2025
  • Ultimate (Tarkir Set) | Q2 2025
  • Universes Beyond: Final Fantasy | Q2 2025
  • Volleyball (Space-themed Set) | Q3 2025
  • Wrestling (Lorwyn Set) | Q4 2025
  • Universes Beyond: Marvel | TBA
  • MTG Arena Improvements | TBA

Alongside announcing the 2025 MTG release calendar, Wizards has also given us a peek into 2026. Currently, two premier sets from 2026 have been announced. While details about them are very sparse, here are their expected release windows.

  • Yachting (Arcavios Set) | Q1 2026
  • Ziplining (Capstone Set) | Q2 2026

Obviously, all of the above dates are incredibly vague at the moment. Once more information is revealed throughout this year, we’ll be sure to update this article with all the relevant information. Until then, here’s everything we know about every set launching in 2025 and 2026.

Innistrad Remastered

Liliana of the Veil
Liliana of the Veil | Innistrad

Release Date: January 2025

Kicking off 2025, MTG players can look forward to another Remastered set. As the name suggests, this paper set follows the trends of Dominaria Remastered from 2023 and Ravnica Remastered in 2024. This means the set will bring together cards from the three major visits to Innistrad we’ve had thus far. 

Similarly to past Remastered sets, this paper set will likely also include a variety of special treatments to play into the plane’s themes. Hopefully, this will manifest as retro frame cards, rather than the difficult to parce frames of Innistrad: Double Feature. As a note, sadly for MTG Arena players, it appears this Remastered set won’t be arriving on the platform. 

Currently, as with all the sets we’ll be talking about today, no release date has been confirmed. That being said, judging by the release schedule in 2023 and 2024, Innistrad Remastered is likely to launch in January.

Tennis – Deathrace Set

Tennis Concept Art

Release Date: Q1 2025

Unfortunately for curious MTG players who are eager to learn about the future, 2025 is a long way away. Thanks to this, we’ve been told very little about what’s in store. The first premier MTG set of 2025, for instance, hasn’t even been given an official name yet. Instead, we’re relying on the development codename, Tennis, and the theme, Deathrace. 

Facilitated by the new Omenpaths opening up interplanar travel, 2025’s Deathrace set is exactly that. As you can see from the concept art above, this means the set will be chockablock with unique vehicles. If the name is anything to go by, there should also be plenty of danger and death throughout this racing-inspired set. 

As for what we do know about the set, according to MTG’s Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, Tennis will feature three planes. Two of these plans players have seen before, however, one has only been seen on individual cards. Sadly, there’s no telling right now what any of these planes are, however, we’d definitely love a trip to Segovia. After all, it does have its own race course in The Hippodrome.

As we mentioned with Innistrad Remastered, there’s currently no word on a release date for Tennis. There’s not even a quarterly window for MTG players to look forward to. That being said, however, with past release calendars in mind, this set will likely launch in February of 2025.

Ultimate – Return to Tarkir 

Release Date: Q2 2025

Considering the codename, you may well expect big things from this upcoming 2025 MTG set. Thankfully, Ultimate doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Even if the name is just a shortened version of something like ultimate frisbee. To get past the name and into what we know, Ultimate is the long-awaited return to Tarkir. 

Last seen in 2015, if you ignore March of the Machine, this return has been a literal decade in the making. According to Mark Rosewater, this set will fuse the elements of both Tarkir sets/timelines, creating something new. Through this fusion, Rosewater is promising “A Tarkir like you’ve never seen, yet reminiscent of Tarkirs you have seen. “ 

Once again, there’s sadly no word on when this set is going to release, not even a vague quarterly release window. Thankfully, past release calendars can help to fill in this blank, as the second Premier set of a year typically releases in April. 

Universes Beyond: Final Fantasy

Release Date: Q2 2025

Moving onto what may well be the June/July release for 2025, we have another Universes Beyond MTG set. Following on from The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, this set will be a new tentpole booster release. Unfortunately, beyond this impressive detail, very little is known about this set right now. 

Obviously, as a Universes Beyond set, MTG players can expect to see Final Fantasy characters galore. Covering the entire franchise from the first game, all the way up to Final Fantasy 16, this Booster release should have plenty to offer. With iconic locations and characters, this set should have no shortage of awesome cards and legendary creatures. 

Thankfully for digital MTG players, Universes Beyond: Final Fantasy set will also be available on MTG Arena. Here, it will likely be an Alchemy set, so long as the format is still around by then. As for the release date, as we noted at the start of this section, it’s likely this set will launch in either June or July. This has been the release date for the past Universes Beyond Booster sets. With that in mind, however, no official date has been confirmed just yet.

MTG Arena Improvements

Priest of Possibility
Priest of Possibility | Alchemy: Dominaria

Release Date: To Be Announced

Speaking of MTG Arena, it was the next topic of discussion during the Gen Con presentation. Like the rest of the items on this calendar, however, no official release date was named when talking about the game. Instead, Chris Kiritz simply discussed future plans that would hopefully be released sometime during 2025. That was the hope, at least, as game development is incredibly hard to predict at this time scale. 

While the timeline encompasses the entire year, Kiritz spoke about the desire to vastly improve MTG Arena. To do this, one of the main areas that were identified was the new player experience. Highlighting how player vs. player play can be incredibly intimidating, Kiritz seemed to suggest players should have an alternative. If you ask us, this sounds a lot like plans for an MTG Arena campaign being in the works. 

Alongside improving the new player experience, the collectibility of MTG Arena was also identified as a target for 2025. Unfortunately, very little was said about how this would actually manifest, however, there are some obvious implications. Potentially, for instance, this could mean the introduction of serialized cards, NFTs, or additional cosmetic elements to MTG Arena. For better or worse, however, no concrete details about plans were stated.

Last but not least, in this long-term plan, Kiritz also ruminated about the potential for multiplayer formats on MTG Arena. While this has been a long-requested feature for the digital client, unfortunately, it seems implementing it isn’t too easy. So much so, in fact, that Kiritz even spoke about an alternative multiplayer client potentially being required. Thankfully, while this is one option, Wizards has not fully committed to it yet, as multiplayer games and formats on Arena are still years away. 

Volleyball – MTG in Space 

Volleyball Concept Art

Release Date: Q3 2025

Moving back to the premier MTG sets for 2025, next up is Volleyball. According to Mark Rosewater, this set is the first part of the [CENSORED] arc which we’re not allowed to know about yet. Whatever the name of this arc turns out to be, it will be the third and final chapter of the Metronome arc. This major story arc runs from Wilds of Eldraine to Ziplining in 2026. 

As for Volleyball itself, this is Magic’s very first space-themed set, in a premier set at least. Going full space opera, this top-down set promises to be Magic unlike we’ve ever seen it before. From the looks of the concept art above, this set is going to be weird, wild, and absolutely gorgeous. 

Currently and entirely unsurprisingly, very little is known about Volleyball since it’s two years away from release. Despite this lack of information, however, we can still divine that the release date should be around September. This tends to be the release window for the third premier set of each year.

Wrestling – Lorwyn Is Back! 

Safehold Duo | Shadowmoor / Lorwyn
Safehold Duo | Shadowmoor / Lorwyn

Release Date: Q4 2025

Last but not least for 2025, we have the set that everyone has been waiting for. As teased in the title of this very article, Magic: the Gathering is finally going back to Lorwyn. When? Sadly that hasn’t been confirmed just yet, however, a release date around November is the most likely scenario. Unfortunately for MTG fans, this means there’s still an awfully long wait for this highly-anticipated return.

To go into just how much players want this set quickly, Lorwyn is THE set for many players. Despite this, however, the set was once a complete commercial failure. Debuting in 2007 in the set of the same name, the entire Lorwyn block flopped hard. So much so, in fact, that Wizards almost wrote it off entirely. Recently, however, this plane has seen an immense resurgence in popularity and demand.

Lauded as one of the most flavorful and fun sets from Magic’s past, MTG players haven’t been shy about demanding a return. At long last, these players are now getting what they want after eighteen long years. 

As for the set itself, the return to Lorwyn should be similar to Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. The set, at least, should reprise the Celtic-inspired elements that made Lorwyn great, while also giving them a new 2025 twist. Considering how good Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty was, this should hopefully mean players are in for a truly spectacular time.

Yachting – Back to School on Arcavios

Imbraham, Dean of Theory
Imbraham, Dean of Theory | Strixhaven: School of Mages

Release Date: Q1 2026

Moving into 2026, MTG is going back to Strixhaven on Arcavios. Presumably releasing as the Q1, February set of the year, this set should have an awful lot going on. After all, it is the second-to-last set in the entire Metronome storyline arc. That is the expectation, at least, as currently this set is shrouded in mystery. So much mystery, in fact, that Mark Rosewater doesn’t even know what’s going on.

With over two and a half years before the set will be released, Yachting is currently in the stages of vision design. This means that not even Rosewater knows what the set’s mechanics will be. Ultimately, due to this, MTG players will just have to wait patiently to learn more about this set, and what’s going on in the school of Strixhaven. 

Ziplining – The Codename is All we’ve got

Scale the Heights | Zendikar Rising
This art for Scale the Heights is the closest we’ve gotten to ziplining in MTG so far.

Release Date: Q2 2026

Finally, the capstone set to the Metronome arc is Ziplining. As you might expect, this means players can expect one hell of a blockbuster set. Comparable to War of the Spark and March of the Machine, Ziplining should end the Metronome arc in spectacular fashion. Unfortunately, however, that’s just about all we know about it.

During the 30th Anniversary panel at Gen Con, Rosewater didn’t reveal any details about this set at all. We didn’t get any word on location, villains, the name, and certainly no release date. Due to the importance of the set, apparently, each one of these details is a spoiler, so they’re being kept under wraps for now. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait patiently to see what this set has in store.

Despite the secrecy, Ziplining should be released sometime around April 2026. This is the expectation, at least, as that is usually when the second premier set of the year releases. Sadly, we likely won’t know any official release date for some time. Given the importance of this set, however, you may want to mark your calendar regardless. 

Universes Beyond: Marvel

Release Date: To Be Announced

Last, and by certainly no means least, we have the latest MTG set to be announced for a 2025 release. Teased and confirmed by Wizards in mid-October, Marvel and Magic: The Gathering is finally teaming up with multiple major sets planned! According to Hasbro, the first of the Universes Beyond Marvel sets will be released in 2025. 

Unfortunately, while this is tremendously exciting news, this vague release date is all we know so far. There’s no narrower window, or any other details to look forward to. All we know is that there are going to be multiple sets, and one of them is going to be released sometime during 2025. 

Despite this intense mystery, MTG players are nonetheless incredibly excited for this upcoming set. Considering Wizards’ track record with Universes Beyond releases, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Whether we see MCU characters or classic comic icons as cards, this partnership is surely going to steal the show in 2025. 

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