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2, Jul, 24

MTG Foundations - Everything You Need to Know

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Announced at MagicCon: Amsterdam, Magic: The Gathering Foundations is a surprise addition to the MTG release calendar. Launching in mid-November, this set is poised to reinvent the Standard format for years to come. If you’ve been missing Core Sets, you’re in luck, as Foundations aptly lays the groundwork for Standard’s latest new dawn.

MTG Foundations Release Date

MTG Foundations

MTG Foundations is currently planned to be released on November 15th, 2024. This all-important detail was confirmed during The Preview Panel at MagicCon: Amsterdam. While not yet confirmed, it is expected that Foundations will have prerelease events on November 8th. The set is also expected to launch on MTG Arena on November 12th.

For those not watching the 2024 release calendar like a hawk, this release date may seem rather odd. After all, recent years have had the Q4 premier set launching around this time. Thankfully, this set hasn’t been replaced, as it’s instead just been moved up in the release calendar. Duskmourn: House of Horror, is now scheduled to release in September.

Currently, it is unclear if 2025 and beyond will follow a similar release cadence. Given Wizards is planning to release two Universes Beyond sets each year, however, Foundations may herald a new normal for MTG. 

MTG Foundations Legality

Nine-Lives Familiar

First and foremost, Magic: The Gathering Foundations is designed as a Standard-legal set for new players. To make the set as approachable as possible, there are multiple new-player-focused products alongside an altered rotation schedule.

In a major change to the established order, MTG Foundations will not rotate out of Standard until “at least 2029.”

In almost every single way, the legality of Foundations is different from a normal Standard-legal premier MTG set. Not only is it legal for five years instead of three, but the rotation date isn’t even fixed. According to MTG’s Lead Designer, the Standard legality of Foundations could be extended if desired.

At the moment, Foundations will be Standard Legal for a minimum of five years. Only when we near the end of this period will we learn what comes next. Between extending this set’s legality or creating Foundations 2: Electric Boogaloo, there is no shortage of options.

MTG Foundations Spoilers

Llanowar Elves

Following the First Look at MTG Foundations, we’ve been given a handful of spoilers to whet our appetites. From what we’ve seen so far, Foundations will provide a variety of staples that will help develop existing and classic Standard archetypes. Ideally, this should provide a base that future premier sets can easily build on and expand.

Out of the five MTG Foundations cards that have been revealed thus far, Llanowar Elves is arguably the most exciting. Not only is this card an iconic staple, but it massively boosts the viability of mono-green and ramp-based decks. Since this card is going to be legal for at least five years, Standard will undoubtedly feel this card’s presence.

Alongside Llanowar Elves, Wizards also confirmed that Day of Judgment and Omniscience are both being reprinted in Foundations. Boasting similarly iconic effects, it appears Foundations will have both support cards and major threats to keep archetypes alive.

On top of having a plethora of exciting reprints, MTG Foundations also contains a fair few new cards. While we have only seen Nine-Lives Familiar and Anthem of Champions for now, these cards are nonetheless interesting. Offering a unique yet simple reanimation effect and a staple buff, Foundations should have a lot of incredibly interesting cards.

While we have only seen five cards right now, Wizards has confirmed the set will feature five Planeswalkers. Looking at the art on the set’s product page, it appears Ajani and Liliana will be two of those Planeswalkers. It’s believed that Chandra is a third, implying that Jace and Nissa or Garruk will complete the five. 

MTG Foundations Products

The product lineup for MTG Foundations appears to be rather unique. While not every detail has been confirmed just yet, Wizards has announced this set will be available with a pair of new products. Known as “The Beginner Box and Starter Kits” these products are aimed at new players and should help teach the game’s rules.

According to Wizards of the Coast, the Beginner Box contains ten packs which contain 20 cards each. From this description, the Beginner Box appears to be the latest iteration of Jumpstart, which provides an easy entry point into MTG.

Aimed to be purchased after the Beginner Box, the Foundations Starter Kit is a box containing 350 cards. While few details about this product have been revealed, it seems like a way for new players to easily build their collection. Hopefully, the cards inside this box will actually be useful for that purpose.

On top of the new products, MTG Foundations will have Play and Collector Boosters for players to buy, crack, and play with. Since Foundations is Draftable, it’s expected there will also be Prerelease Packs available for purchase.

Currently, it is unclear if MTG Foundations will have preconstructed Commander decks available for sale.

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