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Murders at Karlov Manor: Everything You Need to Know

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Scheduled to release early next year, Murders at Karlov Manor is the first Premier MTG set in 2024. For better or worse, this means we don’t know too much about the set just yet. That being said, however, Wizards has been surprisingly forthcoming about details surrounding the set, generating a huge amount of interest! 

Thanks to this, today, we’ll be diving into all that we know about Murders at Karlov Manor. While we might not know everything just yet, there’s still a huge number of interesting tidbits to go through. So, without dilly-dallying any longer, here’s everything there is to know about the Murders at Karlov Manor MTG set right now! 

Murders at Karlov Manor Release Date

Like most premier sets, Murders at Karlov Manor is expected to follow a fairly typical release schedule. This means there will be a First Look, Story Chapters, Debut Stream, and then a week of previews to reveal the set.

While we are still many months away from the launch date, in early November, Wizards unexpectedly confirmed the set’s release date. Along with this, Wizards also announced the date for the set’s First Look, which will be happening in 2023.

Here are all the dates that have been announced so far for Murders at Karlov Manor.

  • First Look – December 5th, 2023
  • Murders at Karlov Manor Global Release Date – February 9th, 2024

While the above two dates are the only ones released officially so far, we can make some assumptions. For starters, the prerelease weekend is typically one week before the main global release. Furthermore, the Debut Stream is typically three and a half weeks before the official release date. This event kicks off spoiler season, which tends to last for around one week. Thanks to the past precedent of MTG set releases, we can presume many more dates below.

As an extra note, the below dates are currently unconfirmed but expected given past precedent.

  • Debut Stream & Previews Begin – January 16th, 2024
  • MTG Arena Streamer Event – January 1st, 2024
  • Prerelease In-Store Play Events – February 2nd, 2024
  • MTG Arena Release – February 6th

Murders at Karlov Manor Details 

Once again, since we’re so far from the release of Murders at Karlov Manor, we don’t know much about the set. There’s no word on the Set code or symbol, for instance, at this point in time. What we do know, however, is the setting for the set, and where it will be taking place. Given the name, however, that last part might be rather obvious. 

Centered around a murder, at Karlov Manor no less, Murders at Karlov Manor is MTG’s murder mystery set. Hopefully, this should mean the set’s story is full of intrigue and twists that keep players gripped. Alongside this, during the set’s reveal, Mark Rosewater, MTG’s Lead Designer, revealed players would be able to solve puzzles in-game. 

From what we’ve heard so far, Murders at Karlov Manor sounds like an incredibly compelling top-down set and experience. Whether or not this will be the case for Magic’s umpteenth return to Ravnica, however, remains to be seen. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see what the future has in store for this mysterious set.

Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters

Murders at Karlov Manor Art

Recently announced by Wizards of the Coast, Play Boosters are the cause of the sudden surge of interest in Murders at Karlov Manor. Replacing both Set and Draft Booster packs, it’s safe to say Play Boosters are one hell of a change. For better or worse, this is certainly going to make Murders at Karlov Manor an MTG set to remember. 

To give a short rundown of Play Boosters, these 14 card packs are designed to offer a compelling collecting experience, alongside being playable. Containing a guaranteed foil, as well as potentially The List cards, Play Boosters are essentially Set and Draft Boosters combined. Ideally, this should make purchasing packs at your local game store a much simpler process. 

While Play Boosters are obviously designed to be a change for the better by Wizards, players do have some concerns. There are worries, for instance, that Draft may be negatively impacted by The List and the foil cards too for that matter. Alongside this, the increased price of Drafting has many players understandably concerned. 

Despite the concerns of players, according to MTG’s Lead Designer, the price of Play Boosters is a necessary evil. Speaking on Twitter, Rosewater recently revealed that without the change, Draft Boosters would have gone the way of the dodo. Considering sets are designed around Limited, and those events are typically a ton of fun, this would have been a crying shame. 

Ultimately, while Play Boosters are still a long way from being released, they appear to be a positive change for MTG. If nothing else, they’re keeping Draft around as a format on paper for the foreseeable future, which is definitely worth celebrating. 

Murders at Karlov Manor Ravnica: Clue Edition

Ravnica: Clue Edition Key Art

As if one brand-new MTG product wasn’t enough to make this release exciting, Murders at Karlov Manor has another trick up its sleeves. Known as Ravnica: Clue Edition, this supplemental product is something we’ve never seen before. Dubbed a “brand new whodunnit experience,” this product isn’t just a basic reskin of the classic Clue game. 

Said to provide “a new twist on multiplayer Magic gameplay, designed in-house by our R&D team,” Ravnica: Clue Edition promises a lot. How this will actually manifest, however, currently remains to be seen. Will it be a board game? Will it be new mechanically unique cards? Is it a format? Sadly, we don’t know right now, but we’re definitely excited. 

Providing a little more clarity, Mark Rosewater has spoken briefly about Ravnica: Clue Edition following its announcement. Stating “It’s a Magic variant, with Clue flavor and mechanical influence, designed by R&D,” it seems this new product is definitely MTG first and foremost. Ultimately, since the release of Ravnica: Clue Edition is so far away, like Murders at Karlov Manor, we’re just going to have to wait and see what the future brings.

That’s All For Now

Adventure Awaits
Adventure Awaits | Zendikar Rising

Unfortunately, the above are all the details that we know about Murders at Karlov Manor right now. Thankfully, however, that should change before the year is out. Judging by past precedent, we’ll get a First Look at Murders at Karlov Manor in late December, before the holiday break. Hopefully, thanks to this, the wait for Magic’s next top-down and revolutionary set won’t be so agonizing. 

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