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Murders at Karlov Manor: Release Date, Spoilers, More

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Set to be released in early February, Murders at Karlov Manor is the first premier set of 2024. Following swiftly on from Ravnica Remastered, this set has an awful lot to live up to thanks to past precedent. For whatever reason, it seems that recently each year’s first premier set has been an absolute banger. Thankfully, Murders at Karlov Manor appears to be more than capable of continuing that trend.

Between fantastic new spoilers, gorgeous art treatments, new products, and serialized cards, Murders at Karlov Manor has it all. Alongside all this goodness, the set even boasts a massive innovation in the form of Play Boosters. Revolutionizing how Limited is played, these new boosters are certainly a big deal, to say the least!

With so much going on, unfortunately, keeping up with all things Murders at Karlov Manor is a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, if you’re after the lowdown on the latest set, we’ve got you covered! So, without any further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Murders at Karlov Manor!

Murders at Karlov Manor Release Date

Like most premier sets, Murders at Karlov Manor follows Wizards’ typical release schedule. This was confirmed during the set’s First Look which revealed every major date for the set. These dates can be found below. 

Murders at Karlov Manor Previews

  • Story Episodes: January 8th – 18th
  • Debut and Previews Begin: January 16th 
  • Commander Deck Previews: January 24th
  • Card Image Gallery and Previews Complete: January 26th
  • MTG Arena Streamer Event: February 1st
  • Prerelease Events: February 2nd – 8th
  • MTG Arena Release: February 6th
  • Murders at Karlov Manor Global Tabletop Launch: February 9th

Murders at Karlov Manor Gameplay Events

Alongside the usual assortment of previews and spoilers, Wizards also revealed the events players can look forward to. Spanning from February to April, there’s a lot that MTG players can enjoy. Most notably from this list, Wizards is bringing back Standard Showdown events at long last!

  • WPN Game Store Open House: February 9th – 11th
  • Friday Night Magic: February 9 – March 29th
  • Standard Showdown: February 9 – April 4th
  • Commander Night: February 16th – 18th
  • MagicCon: Chicago and Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor: February 23rd – 25th
  • Ravnica: Clue Edition Launch Party: February 23rd – 25th
  • WPN Store Championship: March 2nd – 10th

Murders at Karlov Manor Story

Murders at Karlov Manor Art

As the name of the set somewhat gives away, Murders at Karlov Manor is all about a series of murders… at Karlov manor. These all took place throughout the set’s ten-story chapters, each of which has now been released. Heralded as one of the best MTG stories in years, we’d highly recommend reading each story chapter for yourself. If you just want the key points, however, we’ve got you covered.

Before we get into things, it should go without saying that this brief section contains massive story spoilers. With that warning out of the way, Murders at Karlov Manor kills off three, somewhat major characters. In order of their deaths, these characters are Zegana, Teysa Karlov, and Kylox.

To keep this mystery rather confusing, rather than being plain ol’ boring murders, there was a lot of mind-control involved. This meant pinning down the actual killer was a surprisingly difficult feat that many players didn’t crack. In the end, it was revealed during Murders at Karlov Manor’s debut video that Oba was the killer behind it all. As one of the three heads of Trostani, Oba was especially devastated by the Phyrexian Invasion, leading to their murderous bloodlust.

Murders at Karlov Manor ARG Mystery

Murders at Karlov Manor Art

While the thoroughly compelling story is more than interesting enough on its own, Murders at Karlov Manor takes things one step further. Rather than just being an assortment of story chapters, the set also has an ARG (Augmented Reality Game). Officially beginning once Murders at Karlov Manor’s prerelease begins, this ARG Is a mystery that players must solve!

Prior to Prerelease events kicking everything off officially, Wizards has been releasing some clues across social media. While we don’t know anything for certain just yet, these likely factor into the final “metapuzzle.” Designed to be the final test, this massive puzzle supposedly incorporates elements from all twelve prior smaller puzzles.

If you want to participate in the ARG and puzzle-solving yourself, the Ravnica Detective Agency is the place to be. Here, Wizards will be releasing case files each day, after the 2nd of February. Once all the puzzles are solved, MTG players will be able to get a reward from Wizards themselves. Before you get too excited, however, this reward is simply a sleeve on MTG Arena.

While this digital sleeve might not be to everyone’s fancy, thankfully, there is another reward in store. According to Wizards, once the final “metapuzzle” is solved, a brand-new epilogue story chapter will be released. Hopefully, this final chapter will be a great addition to the set’s story and make this set even more special.

Murders at Karlov Manor Spoilers

With Murders at Karlov Manor’s spoiler season having almost concluded, it’s safe to say there’s a lot to go over. There’s so much, in fact, that covering all the cards in one place is a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, however, we’ve already written about plenty of the set’s best cards in their own articles, which you can find below.

Before we get to those articles, we can definitely say that Murders at Karlov Manor looks like a cracking set. Already we’ve seen a huge number of bombs and rares that are bound to see competitive play. Potentially shaking up the established metagame of multiple formats, Murders at Karlov Manor is primed to make a huge splash.

Alongside all the soon-to-be competitive staples, the set also includes a number of great Commander cards. For better or worse, several of these are rather blatant examples of power creep, which is a rather concerning prospect. Thankfully, not every Commander card has been pushed to the extreme, as plenty of them just offer novel and new mechanics.

If you want to read more about the best spoilers from Murders at Karlov Manor, have a gander at the articles below.

Murders at Karlov Manor Mechanics

Examine the Pollen

In total, Wizards has created five brand-new mechanics for Murders at Karlov Manor. Thankfully, while this may seem rather daunting, the majority of the mechanics are riffs on old designs. If you want to read about all the new mechanics in detail, we covered them all in a dedicated article. Should you just want a quick rundown, however, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Disguise – Similarly to Morph, Disguise allows you to play a creature face down for three colorless mana. When face down, each Disguised creature is a 2/2 with Ward 2. Creatures with Disguise can be turned face up for the Disguise cost. For example, the Disguise cost on  Unyielding Gatekeeper is 1W.

Cloak – Only seen on a few cards so far, Coak is a variant of Disguise, similar to how Manifest is a variant of Morph. When a card is cloaked, it is played face down as a colorless 2/2 with Ward 2. Creatures that are cloaked can be flipped by paying their mana cost. Non-creature spells that are cloaked cannot be flipped.

Suspect – Suspect is a brand new label mechanic that can be applied to creatures. When a creature is Suspected, it gains menace and can’t block. Once suspected, the Spsected label persists until the creature leaves the battlefield, or another effect causes them to lose the label.

Evidence – Seen as Collect Evidence, this mechanic has you exile cards from your graveyard to pay an additional cost. To pay the Collect Evidence cost, you must exile cards with a total mana value equal to or higher than the listed number. In the case of Cryptex you need to Exile a total mana value of three or more to activate its ability.

Murders at Karlov Manor Booster Fun

Alongside the plethora of spoilers, during the First Look, Wizards also debuted brand-new Booster fun treatments for players to enjoy. Once again, we’ve written an entire article covering all of these in-depth, which you can read here. If you’re after a shorter explanation, however, we’ve got you covered there too. To cut a long story short, there are five main art treatments to look out for.

  • Magnified Cards
  • Dossier Cards
  • Invisible Ink Cards
  • Ravnica City Cards
  • Serialized Cards

Out of the above five treatments, the most interesting and lucrative by far are the Invisible Ink and Serialized cards. Both of these treatments are exclusively found within Collector Boosters at pretty slim odds, making them incredibly valuable. Considering the added flavor of Invisible Ink cards, personally, they’re our favorite from the set, however, each treatment looks fantastic.

Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters

Murders at Karlov Manor Art

Recently announced by Wizards of the Coast, Play Boosters are one of the major talking points for Murders at Karlov Manor. Replacing both Set and Draft Booster packs, it’s safe to say Play Boosters are one hell of a change. For better or worse, this is certainly going to make Murders at Karlov Manor an MTG set to remember. 

To give a short rundown of Play Boosters, these 14 card packs are designed to offer a compelling collecting experience, alongside being playable. Containing a guaranteed foil, as well as potentially The List cards, Play Boosters are essentially Set and Draft Boosters combined. Ideally, this should make purchasing packs at your local game store a much simpler process. 

While Play Boosters are obviously designed to be a change for the better by Wizards, players do have some concerns. There are worries, for instance, that Draft may be negatively impacted by The List and the foil cards too for that matter. Alongside this, the increased price of Drafting has many players understandably concerned. 

Despite the concerns of players, according to MTG’s Lead Designer, the price of Play Boosters is a necessary evil. Speaking on Twitter, Rosewater recently revealed that without the change, Draft Boosters would have gone the way of the dodo. Considering sets are designed around Limited, and those events are typically a ton of fun, this would have been a crying shame. 

Ultimately, while Play Boosters are still a long way from being released, they appear to be a positive change for MTG. If nothing else, they’re keeping Draft around as a format on paper for the foreseeable future, which is definitely worth celebrating. 

Murders at Karlov Manor Ravnica: Clue Edition

Ravnica Clue Edition Box

As if one brand-new MTG product wasn’t enough to make this release exciting, Murders at Karlov Manor has another trick up its sleeves. Known as Ravnica: Clue Edition, this supplemental product is something we’ve never seen before. Dubbed a “brand new whodunnit experience,” this product isn’t just a basic reskin of the classic Clue game.

To live up to that description, Ravnica: Clue Edition aptly plays like Magic and Clue combined. To win, players can either eliminate their opponents like in MTG or guess the contents of the case file envelope. Within this envelope, there is one killer card, a weapon, and a location that players must figure out.

To figure out the contents of the case file envelope and solve the mystery, players can ask one another questions. Just like in Clue, these allow you to determine what Evidence Cards players have and what is missing. Unlike Clue, however, players can only ask a question after dealing combat damage to an opponent.

Alongside the new twist on classic MTG gameplay that players can enjoy, Ravnica: Clue Edition also features new cards. In total, this supplemental product contains 21 new Evidence cards as well as 20 new rare and 10 new uncommon cards. Alongside these cards, there will be a plethora of reprints from older Ravnica sets.

Each of the new cards and reprints are found within Ravnica: Clue Edition boosters. Similarly to Jumpstart, these 20 card packs are used to play the new game mode. By shuffling up two packs, players have a ready-made deck to do battle with. Each box of Ravnica Clue Edition contains 8 boosters.

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