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Top Five Most Expensive MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Cards

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction is just around the corner, and there’s a lot to look forward to. For fans of Commander and various Constructed formats, there are a multitude of extremely powerful cards in this set to play with. For collectors, the Breaking News bonus sheet delivers some awesome reprints of Crimes from MTG’s past.

Recently, we covered the most expensive cards in the Breaking News bonus sheet. Today, we are going to focus on the priciest cards in the main set. Of note, we will be using TCGPlayer market price to determine our rankings, and we will be looking at the cheapest versions of each Thunder Junction card. We will also be focusing only on cards in the main set, so no Breaking News, Big Score, or Special Guest cards here. With that out of the way, here are the top five most expensive MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction cards.

5 | Goldvein Hydra

Goldvein Hydra

Price: $14

Kicking things off, we have a neat mana sink that rewards you for ramping. With a plethora of keywords including Haste, Goldvein Hydra puts a lot of pressure on the opponent to deal with it in a timely manner. Of course, when they do, you end up left with a stash of Treasure tokens for your troubles.

In Commander, it may even be worth it to pair Goldvein Hydra with a sacrifice outlet to avoid your prize getting exiled. Doubling Season works exceptionally well here, doubling both the number of counters Goldvein Hydra enters play with and the number of Treasure tokens you get when it dies.

This card is getting a lot of early hype. Add on its mythic rare status and you’ve got a card worth roughly $14.

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4 | Jace Reawakened

Jace Reawakened

Price: $17

At the top of the list, we have Jace Reawakened. As a two-mana Planeswalker, it makes sense why this card is receiving a lot of hype. Funnily enough, two mana Planeswalkers have ranged from wildly unplayable in Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded to Constructed all-star in Wrenn and Six. Jace likely isn’t in Wrenn and Six territory but has some very abusable interactions.

First, the major downside of Jace is that you can’t cast it until your fourth turn of the game. However, you can get around this by using cards like The Restoration of Eiganjo or Renegade Rallier to cheat Jace into play. Second, you can use Jace’s second +1 ability to Plot Valki, God of Lies, then next turn choose to cast the seven-mana Tibalt side for free. Fortunately, Jace’s static ability might make this less of an issue.

It’s unclear if Jace will live up to the hype, but it’s impossible to overlook a two-mana Planeswalker with that much upside. As such, it’s not too surprising to see that Jace is the most expensive card from Outlaws of Thunder Junction. It currently sits at about $17 and is on the long list of Thunder Junction cards with multi-format potential.

3 | Terror of the Peaks

Terror of the Peaks

Price: $17

Terror of the Peaks is an elite card that is finally getting a reprint. Mostly known for its role in Commander, Terror of the Peaks can completely take over a game. Just like Warstorm Surge, there are multiple combos to be had. For instance, if you cast Sekki, Season’s Guide with Terror of the Peaks in play, you deal infinite damage to your opponents!

Start by dealing eight damage to Sekki when it enters, which will cause eight Spirit tokens to enter play. Each one of these can deal damage to an opponent. Then, sacrifice those eight spirits to bring back Sekki from your graveyard to play. This will trigger Terror once more, and you can deal damage to Sekki again and repeat this process.

Terror of the Peaks is a scary card. When it was in Standard back with Core Set 2021, it played a vital role in the Genesis Ultimatum shells, allowing you to kill out of nowhere. While the reprint seems to have lowered the price a bit, the card still has a hefty price tag of roughly $19.

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2 | Slickshot Show-Off

Slickshot Show-Off | Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Price: $17

Out of all the cards in Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Slickshot Show-Off might just be the best. Primed to be a multi-format menace, this card is undeniably the real deal. Boasting aggressive stats and fantastic spell synergy, Slickshot Show-Off is a direct upgrade to many existing decks.

Beyond being the latest and greatest mono-red staple, Slickshot Show-Off also has Plot. This miraculously turns them into a weirdly controlling force, as opponents have to hold up responses or removal for them. If, or rather when, this happens, all your other creatures get to keep swinging in, slowly chipping away your opponent.

Thanks to their immense strength, Slickshot Show-Off is currently sitting at a price of over $17. Over time, it seems there’s a high chance this price could increase even more, as there are so many decks that want a copy. That being said, however, there’s equally the possibility prices will fall sooner rather than later.

Since Outlaws of Thunder Junction is so new, there’s not as much supply right now as there will be down the line. Due to this, it’s entirely possible that the price of Slickshot Show-Off will drop off before too long. Should the card not be as viable as expected in competitive formats, this would also cause a substantial decline.

For now, Slickshot Show-Off is easily one of the most expensive cards in the entire set. As the only rare card on this entire list, Slickshot Show-Off is leagues ahead of its competition. For comparison, Satoru, the Infiltrator is worth just $6 right now.

1 | Tinybones, the Pickpocket

Tinybones, the Pickpocket

Price: $21

Easily one of the best cards in the entire set, Tinybones, the Pickpocket has a lot of competitive and casual potential. Capable of stealing your opponent’s cards and allowing you to cast them, this adorable Outlaw is a value machine. Since they’re an adorable one drop, it’s no wonder they’ve been compared to Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer.

Thankfully, while there are some similarities, Tinybones, the Pickpocket is hardly a new turn-one menace. Instead, this little skeleton fella is much more suited to the mid-game, where they can hit some juicy targets. Since Tinybones has Deathtouch, thankfully dealing the required combat damage shouldn’t be too difficult. 

At worst, Tinybones will trade up most of the time which is always a great positive. Thanks to this, many decks are already eying up Tinybones as a potential inclusion. As usual, this initial demand has driven pre-sale prices up a fair bit already. Whether or not these prices will last once Outlaws of Thunder Junction is properly available currently remains to be seen.

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