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Cats, Dogs, and Infinite Combos - This Commander is Purrfect

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Article at a Glance

Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second, is neither a cat-person nor a dog-person; she is both! In Commander, she’ll populate your field with a pack of furry friends which you can use to beat down your opponents or perform infinite combos.

Plus, for any pet owners out there, you can have some extra creative fun when building this deck. I am personally building this Commander deck and I am going to turn pictures of my cat and dog into proxied creature tokens.

Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second

Jinnie Fay has a unique replacement effect, in that she can turn any token you would make into a Cat or Dog. However, this effect is not relegated to creature tokens you would make. You can turn Food, Treasure, and Clue tokens into creatures, making for very interesting plays and even some infinite combos.

Cat & Dog Synergies

A Jinnie Fay Commander deck does not necessarily have to be a tribal deck and include a bunch of Cat and Dog cards. But there are undeniable synergies between Jinnie and the two tribes. So, many Cat and Dog cards pair well with Jinnie even if you don’t go all-in on the tribes.

Rin and Seri, Inseparable

Rin and Seri, Inseparable | Wizards of the Coast

Prior to Jinnie Fay, Rin and Seri, Inseparable, was the go-to Commander for players who love their pets. But it also works well inside the 99 of Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second. This Dog and Cat duo rewards you for playing cards from each tribe and can use Jinnie’s tokens to kill opposing threats.

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Qasali Slingers

Qasali Slingers | Wizards of the Coast

As Jinnie Fay pours out litters of Cat tokens, Qasali Slingers will wreak havoc on your opponents’ artifacts and enchantments.

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Feline Sovereign & Pack Leader

In addition to Qasali Slingers, Feline Sovereign is another way to obliterate your opponents’ artifacts and enchantments. But it also makes each of your other Cat creatures bigger, applying even more pressure on your opponents’ life totals.

Not only does Pack Leader raise the stats of Jinnie Fay’s Dog tokens, but it also prevents them from taking combat damage when they attack. Because these tokens have Vigilance, you can always safely attack and make sure all of your Dogs make it back to play defense.

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More Cat Lords

Wizards of the Coast must be full of cat-lovers because there is far more support for cats than there is for dogs. If you want to play a more aggressive version of Jinnie Fay in Commander, you can include a few more Cat lords.

Tokens! Tokens! Tokens!

Jinnie Fay doesn’t care what kind of tokens you produce. She can turn any of them into Cats or Dogs.

Lands = Tokens

Making a token from a landfall trigger, such as with Tireless Provisioner, Tracker, or Scute Swarm, will lend to a consistent output of Cat and Dog tokens with Jinnie Fay. But you don’t have to use Jinnie’s replacement effect. If you need a Food, Treasure, Clue, or a copy of Scute Swarm, you can elect to make those instead.

Like the previous landfall cards, Felidar Retreat can make Cats every time you play a land. But it has another option. Once you’ve developed a sizable army, Felidar Retreat can put +1/+1 counters on all of your creatures.

Bootleggers’ Stash works a little differently than the previously mentioned landfall cards. Instead of making tokens when your lands enter play, you can instead tap your lands to make Treasure tokens, or replace them with Jinnie Fay’s Cats and Dogs.

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Token Doublers

These cards are a staple of every token strategy in Commander. If you’re going to make a token, you might as well make two!

Token Support

This entire deck focuses on creating tokens of one type or another. There are plenty of ways to be rewarded for exactly that.

Bennie Bracks, Zoologist

You can easily play Bennie Bracks for zero mana in this deck by using Jinnie Fay and a few Cats to pay for its convoke cost. From there, Bennie can start drawing you a card in each end step, including your opponents’.

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Second Harvest

Second Harvest | Wizards of the Coast

I mentioned some token doubling cards before. But sometimes you’ll want a big burst of tokens all at once. In that case, Second Harvest will double whatever tokens you currently have on the field.

Rite of Harmony

This is like Glimpse of Nature but you don’t have to actually cast any creatures; instead, Rite of Harmony works when creature tokens enter play. When you’ve set yourself up for a big turn, first cast Rite of Harmony, then draw a card every time Jinnie Fay puts a Cat or Dog into play.

Must-Haves For Jinnie Fay

This deck puts a lot of creatures in play. But those creatures can do more than just attack. Here are a few cards that give unique abilities to your Cats and Dogs.

Aura Shards

Aura Shards | Wizards of the Coast

This card is like Qasali Slingers but this is not relegated to just Cats entering the battlefield. Aura Shards destroys artifacts and enchantments whenever any creature enters your battlefield.

Cryptolith Rite

Cryptolith Rite | Wizards of the Coast

Because Jinnie Fay makes cat tokens with haste, Cryptolith Rite lets them immediately tap for mana, fueling even more plays each turn.

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Making Your Cats More Curious

Did curiosity kill the cat? Or did cats use Curiosity to draw Magic cards?

Both Orhan Frostfang and Toski staple a Curiosity-like effect to each of your creatures. Every time your Cats or Dogs deal combat damage, you draw a card.

Going Infinite With Jinnie Fay

There are multiple infinite combos to perform using Jinnie Fae, Jetmir’s Second. Here’s how to do two of them.

The Spirit-Kitty Combo

For this combo, you’ll need Jinnie Fay, Requiem Angel, and a sacrifice outlet such as Goblin Bombardment in play. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sacrifice a Cat to deal 1 damage with Goblin Bombardment.
  2. When that cat dies, Requiem Angel triggers, which will put a Spirit token into play.
  3. Jinnie Fay can replace that Spirit with a Cat token.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 to deal infinite damage.

The Robot-Kitty Combo

Like Jinnie Fay, Academy Manufactor is a replacement effect, and they actually work really well together. If you would make a Clue, Food, or Treasure token, Academy Manufactor makes one of each. Then Jinnie Fay can replace each of those tokens with a Cat or Dog.

This effectively triples your token output. Next, you can tap those three Cats to make a Treasure token with Prosperous Partnership. You can repeat this process until you have infinite tapped creatures.If you throw something like Goblin Bombardment into the mix, then you can deal infinite damage.

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