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The Best Board Wipes In MTG

If you've got an infestation that you need to get rid of, then what you need is one of the best board wipes in MTG.
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Creature strategies are very common in MTG, no matter which format you’re in. The easiest counter to this way of winning is to use one of the best board wipes in MTG.

Board wipes allow you to remove every problem in front of you with just one card, and if you’re trying to avoid using Creatures yourself, then they’re absolutely invaluable.

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The 10 best board wipes in MTG


Even if you’re not going all-in on spells, nearly every deck, at least in Commander, should have one of the best board wipes in MTG in it.

It’s always good to have a backup plan, and more often than not, the backup plan should be to just absolute trash the board state. Also, Armageddon is technically a board wipe, but using it will mark you for life as a bad person. You’ve been warned.

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10 – Crux of Fate


We’re kicking off with a Dragon-specific board wipe in the form of Crux of Fate. Crux of Fate is a five mana Black Sorcery that either lets you destroy all Dragon Creatures, or destroy all non-Dragon Creatures. There is no in-between.

This may seem like an odd choice, but given how good Dragons can be in Commander, it’s hard not to look to this as one of the best options for destroying everything else if you’re a big fan of scales, fire, and generally being bigger than everything else.

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9 – Terminus


Terminus is a mainstay of certain decks in older formats, but it’s really just quite good everywhere it’s legal to use. For six mana, you get a White Sorcery that puts everyone’s Creatures on the bottom of their owners’ libraries.

It’s also got a miracle cost of one White mana, which means that you can cast it for one mana if it’s the first card you’ve drawn in a turn. There are lots of ways to make sure this is going to happen, and happen at a time when it’s very beneficial to you.

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8 – Merciless Eviction


A bit of flexibility goes a very long way, and that’s what you’re getting with Merciless Eviction. Merciless Eviction is a six mana White and Black Sorcery that allows you to either exile all Artifacts, all Creatures, all Enchantments, or all Planeswalkers.

There are two main benefits here. The first is that you can choose whichever is the most problematic at the time, which is nice. The second is that it exiles, not destroys, which means it deals with pesky recursion, at least if you’re not the one doing it.

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7 – All is Dust


All is Dust is a card you may recognise from Tron decks in Modern, and if you don’t, then we’re sorry for the introduction, but it really is a good board wipe if you happen to be playing a Colorless deck.

For seven mana, you get a Sorcery that makes every player sacrifice every colored permanent they control. It’s not very hard to see why this is powerful if you happen to have an Eldrazi at the helm of your Commander deck, but it’s good if you’re using lots of Artifacts or just have less to lose than everyone else too.

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6 – Jokulhaups


Red board wipes are semi-rare, and they usually have too many hoops to jump through to be good, or just aren’t powerful enough. Thankfully for you, Jokulhaups exists, and that’s definitely more than powerful enough to be worth your time.

Jokulhaups is a six mana Red Sorcery that destroys all Artifacts, Creatures, and Lands. Land destruction on its own can feel a little pointless, but there’s no arguing with all of these effects on one card, and if you can make the most of it, you’re going to ruin your opponents.

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5 – Doomskar


This is the newest entry on the list by a long way, but Doomskar is definitely worthy of its spot. For five mana, Doomskar is a White Sorcery that destroys all Creatures.

That’s very average, but you can actually Foretell this to spread the cost over two turns. That means you can pay two mana to put it into exile early on, and then just pay three mana when you actually want to destroy everything.

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4 – Nevinyrral’s Disk


Despite being an obnoxiously hard to pronounce card, Nevinyrral’s Disk (Nev’s Disk) is probably the best board wipe in MTG if you’re playing Artifacts. You can cast it for four mana, and then activate it for one mana and tap it to destroy all Artifacts, Creatures, and Enchantments.

That means it destroys itself, which can be a problem, but there are a lot of ways to make sure your Artifacts either come back to life, or are simply indestructible, that make Nev’s Disk not only good, but usable nearly every turn, and that’s nearly impossible to beat.

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3 – Damnation


Damnation is simple; it costs four mana for a Black Sorcery that destroy all Creatures, and makes it so that they can’t be regenerated. Regeneration isn’t something that comes up much in modern MTG, but it’s still nice to have that bit of text just in case.

Four mana is really the sweet spot for this kind of effect in more competitive formats, and that’s what makes Damnation so good in Modern and beyond. It’s simple, but it does everything you need it to at the right cost.

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3 (again) – Wrath of God


This is going to be a little out there, but just take a moment to imagine Damnation, but it is White instead of Black. That’s Wrath of God.

The reason we’ve put it higher (sort of) on our list is simply that it won the coin flip.

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2 – Blasphemous Act


Blasphemous Act is a nine mana Red Sorcery that deals 13 damage to each Creature. It’s an odd card, but despite it seemingly being way too expensive, it’s actually normally only going to cost you one mana, because it’s one generic mana cheaper for each Creature on the battlefield.

While it might seem odd to choose damage over the pure destruction on the rest of the list, the cost here along with the ways you can use the damage to your advantage, push it above the other entries. Well, all but one anyway…

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1 – Cyclonic Rift


Our final choice is Cyclonic Rift, which is a two mana Blue Instant that lets you return a nonland permanent you don’t control to its owner’s hand. It being an Instant is good, but that’s not a board wipe now, is it?

Well, it also has overload at seven mana, which means that it returns every nonland permanent you don’t control, and that means that not only is this an Instant speed board wipe, but one that only hits the things you don’t control, and that’s just a huge boon.

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