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5 Tribes We'd Love To See More Support For

There are a lot of great tribes in MTG, but some get far less love than others. Here are a few we'd like to see given a little bit more attention.
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There are a lot of cool tribes and tribal cards in MTG, and while some of them have so much love, you’d think someone at Wizards has an unhealthy love of them, other tribes seem to be afterthoughts with barely anything to tie them together or make a deck built around them worthwhile.

With the rise of Squirrels in Modern Horizons 2, it got us thinking about other tribes that we really want to see more of in the future. So, we had a look around and found five tribes that we want more support for, as well as why they make for such interesting Creatures in the first place.

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5 tribes we’d love to see more support for


We’re obligated to do a shoutout ahead of our proper list no matter what, but rather than thinking of another tribe we want to love; we’re just choosing one that’s a bit boring.

Well, it turns out that the least popular tribe there is actually Bats. That’s probably because Bats are to Vampires what cars are to Transformers. It’s a hard sell, you know? Anyway, the rest of the list is a lot more well-considered. Let’s jump into the tribes we want to see more of, and maybe we can all collectively will that support into existence.

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5 – Samurai


There are a total of 37 Samurai in MTG as it stands. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of these come from the much-maligned Kamigawa block, with the only exception being Jade Avenger, a new two mana Green 2/2 Frog Samurai from Modern Horizons 2. The thing that binds the Samurai together is the Bushido ability, which gives Creatures extra power and toughness whenever they block or become blocked.

That, in and of itself, is a pretty intriguing ability, and there are some fun designs within the Creature type that we think makes them worth revisiting. Take Takeno, Samurai General, who is a six mana White 3/3 with bushido 2, and a lord-esque ability that gives other Samurai you control +1/+1 for each point of bushido they have. There’s also Sensei Golden-Tail, who is a two-mana 2/1 with bushido 1 that can turn other Creatures into Samurai and grant them bushido 1. Both of these are cool effects, and we want to see more of them.

Of course, we can talk about the design space forever and a day if we want to, but realistically, you’ve got to accept that everyone loves a good Samurai. More Samurai can only be a good thing, and frankly, we want to see more of them, especially if we’re going to get a bunch of Samurai who are also Frogs.

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4 – Nightmares


Unlike Samurai, there are actually a fair few Nightmare Creatures, and a chunk of those are Legendary too. We got saw a huge influx of new and exciting Nightmares in the Commander 2020 set and Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. These Nightmares tended to be multiple Creature types, but they also tended to have mutate, which is a fascinating mechanic that lets you basically build your own horrific nightmare Creatures.

While there are 62 Nightmares at present, there’s not many that really tie into each other. Instead, most of the Creatures that are nightmares tend to just be Nightmares coincidentally, or at least it feels like that. There’s no theme running through them other than them being a bit spooky or corrupted. That’s cool and all, but we’d love to see something that brings them all together.

Of course, at this point in time, there are so many different Nightmares that you’d need a five-color Nightmare lord of some kind to bring them all together. But, well, that’s hardly an unexciting ask, is it?

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3 – Moonfolk


We promise this isn’t a secret Kamigawa fanpost, honestly…

Anyway, Moonfolk, who were also found in the Kamigawa block, only have 14 cards, which really isn’t enough for these intriguing Creatures. Every Moonfolk is capable of flight, and the vast majority of them mess around with your Land cards by bouncing them back to your hand to carry out an array of different effects. It’s such an odd ability, and to get any use out of it outside of trying to trigger landfall or messing around with the battlefield in general.

However, that strangeness makes them so appealing. You all likely know that the most famous Moonfolk is Tamiyo, and she’s had some excellent cards, but we just want to see more cards like Meloku the Clouded Mirror, or maybe even get a flashback card to when Tamiyo wasn’t a Planeswalker just yet.

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2 – Devils


We’re actually pretty surprised by this one. There are only 33 Devil Creatures in MTG. We really assumed there were more, because the blighters seem to pop up all over the place. The thing is though, just because they’re everywhere, doesn’t actually mean they’re numerous, just that they get around.

Devils are a fascinating Creature type because they are in so many places, and it’s hard to ignore them as a result. Generally speaking, Devils focus on dealing one damage and sacrificing stuff. They’ve also got a few off their spiky fingers dipped into the pie of chaos as well, which makes sense given how mischievous and chaotic they are. A good example of this is Zurzoth, Chaos Rider, who is a three-mana 2/3 that creates Devil tokens and lets everyone draw and discard cards.

We like chaos a lot, and it’s hard not to want to see more of these spiky things running around in MTG. Sure, we’ve got Tibalt, but he’s got his own things going on, and he’s only half-devil anyway, so we’re not sure he completely counts.

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1 – Homunculus


Our final pick is everyone’s favorite one-eyed weirdos, the Homunculus. The most famous Homunculus is probably Fblthp, the Lost, but ultimately, it’s actually a very underrepresented Creature type with only 19 cards with that typing in existence.

We’re not really sure whey either, because it seems like big goofy-looking mildly-horrific Creatures with one eye should be an easy sell across the Multiverse. There’s really no theme tying any of these things together, which makes them a really unique Creature type as a result.

Is it too much to ask to get just a bunch more of these strangely absent critters in MTG? We’re not asking for loads more, just enough to properly build a Commander deck around, you know?

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