26, May, 21

Squirrels Are Finally Commander-Ready

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The time for Squirrels in MTG is here, and we hope it never ends. Thank you Modern Horizons 2 spoilers. Squirrels for life.
Article at a Glance

Now, just put it out of your mind for a second that we’re talking about Modern Horizons 2 spoilers here, because we’re absolutely going to be looking at one of the most exciting trends in the set for Commander.

We’ve actually already covered how not every set should be Commander-focussed, because it’s probably not a good thing for MTG at large, but also, it’s really hard to focus on that kind of criticism when you’re being stared in the face by an army of adorable Emrakul-eating Squirrels.

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The time for Squirrels is finally here


Now, we got a bit of a glimpse of this in Kaldheim with Toski, Bearer of Secrets, but the fact is, MTG needs more adorable beasties. There are some really cool cards that reference these fluffy-tailed fiends, but we’d definitely argue that Modern Horizons 2 seems to be the first set that’s actually going to provide some proper support for the tribe.

Squirrels have been around for a while in MTG, but they’ve never had enough cards to really be a proper collection of cards, which is especially egregious given that Squirrel Mob, a three mana Green Creature that gets +1/+1 for each Squirrel in play, was originally printed all the way back in Odyssey.

Thankfully, the Squirrels we’ve seen so far in Modern Horizons 2 include a reprint of the mob itself, but also some exciting new cards like Chatterfang, Squirrel General, who is obviously the new Squirrel commander that everyone will be using thanks to all of their nutty abilities.

You’ve also got cards like Squirrel Sanctuary, which creates a 1/1 Squirrel token and can be bounced back to your hand when something dies, and Ravenous Squirrel, which eats Artifacts and Creatures for profit, which seem to suggest the Squirrel tribe is going to be rather carnivorous.

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We need more Squirrels, thanks


Even one of our own Modern Horizons 2 spoiler cards, Scurry Oak, makes Squirrels, but it still feels like we could do with a few more cards. The good news is, that there are actually a fair few more of these creatures in MTG, but a lot of them actually come from the Un-sets.

While a lot of these are obviously utterly absurd, a few of them could just be made legal in normal formats with very few issues. Our favorite pick for this is Earl of Squirrel. Earl of Squirrel is a six mana 4/4 that creates Squirrel tokens when it deals damage, makes all of your tokens into Squirrels, and even gives other Squirrels you control +1/+1.

We know that it would be odd to see a silver-bordered card coming into normal MTG, but also, have you seen how cute Earl of Squirrel is? We’ve still got a few more spoilers to come, but we absolutely had to make sure everybody understands how important Squirrels are. Just look at their ridiculously fluffy tails.

Anyway, we’re hoping for more Squirrels in the future, but we’re also hoping that we’ll keep getting cute new tribes to mess around with too. It’s just a really good way to remind us all that Magic is actually a game, even though we can occasionally take it far too seriously.

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