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The 5 Best Sideboard Cards You Should Be Playing From Modern Horizons 2

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Modern Horizons 2 is fully spoiled, and the power of the set is insane! There are a lot of deck defining cards, but here is our 5 Best Sideboard cards you should be playing from Modern Horizons 2.
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Modern Horizons 2 is fully spoiled, and the set looks absolutely incredible. The power level and design of the cards in the set are some of the highest and most unique that we have seen in a long time. With a good number of format defining cards, hopefully there will be some new contenders in the Modern format.

However, Wizards of the Coast also printed some incredible sideboard tech that have the potential to disrupt the metagame. Here’s a list of the 5 Best sideboard cards that you should be playing from Modern Horizons 2.

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5 – Obsidian Charmaw

Wizards of the Coast

Our Fifth place sideboard card is Obsidian Charmaw. This card looks to potentially be a sideboard card in Red creature decks, against primarily against Tron, but can definitely be useful in other matchups. Casting cost reduction abilities are generally very strong in Magic: the Gathering and being able to put a decent body on the board while destroying a one off Tron piece, Eldrazi Temple or Blast Zone can set you up to be in a good position to close the game. Other notable lands that this can snipe are Slayers’ Stronghold, Cavern of Souls, and Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle.

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4 – Break the Ice

break the ice
Wizards of the Coast

Break the Ice fills a similar role to Obsidian Charmaw, but in black, primarily as a way to deal with Tron lands. It has an added benefit of also destroying snow lands, but there are very few decks that are taking advantage of snow lands in Modern, so this is niche at best. Where this card beats out our number 5 pick is that it’s cheaper at 2 mana, which can come in before Tron is assembled, and it has a much higher ceiling in being able to destroy an entire colorless mana base. This is massively useful against both Tron variants. Combo this with a Surgical Extraction, and you can take Tron offline before they even get going.

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3 – Sanctifier en-Vec

Wizards of the Coast

Our number 3 pick is Sanctifier en-Vec. The direct competition of this card is going to be Auriok Champion, as they both have protection from black and red. The obvious home for this card would be in Death and Taxes. This provides another key blocker against the likes of Mono-Red, and using Aether Vial to cheat this in at instant speed can deal with a stocked dredge graveyard. In the existing metagame, it’s a bit niche, but depending on what decks come up, this can be a very powerful D&T tool.

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2 – Inevitable Betrayal

Wizards of the Coast

Our penultimate pick is a spicy one, in Inevitable Betrayal. This Suspend-treated Bribery provides blue decks and cascade decks a way to fight against bigger, hard to deal with threats. Being able to steal an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn from a Through the Breach player, a Primeval Titan from Amulet Titan, or an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger from Eldrazi Tron should be enough to put the game away. This card definitely isn’t main deck viable as it’s rather poor against more aggressive strategies or control strategies, but bringing this in from the sideboard can allow you to steal games that you may have had a harder time clenching.

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1 – Void Mirror


Rounding out our best sideboard tech from Modern Horizons 2 is Void Mirror. This ranks the highest of the 3 Anti-Tron cards as it’s very easy to cast, being cheap and colorless itself, so it can slot into any sideboard. Again at 2 mana, this can come down under Tron assembly. Eldrazi Tron only has 1 out to this card, being Cavern of Souls as their only source of colored mana, and traditional Tron has some forests, as well as Chromatic Star and Chromatic Sphere to filter in colored mana. Despite this, Void Mirror should be a powerful tool in Modern going forward.

Modern Horizons 2 releases in paper on June 18th, and is already released on Magic Online! What are some cards from Modern Horizons 2 that you’ll be using in your decks and sideboards?

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