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The MTG Marketplace: Biggest Winners, Losers and Trends of 9/27/2021

The impact of Midnight Hunt is still sending waves through MTG's secondary market. Tons of cards saw spikes this week, while others are trending downward.
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Midnight Hunt has only been out for one week, but still, it is causing some big trends and fluctuations in the secondary market. This week, the zombie hype continued, two Midnight Hunt cards saw big price spikes, and the most powerful two-mana planeswalker ever printed (sorry Tibalt) is finally dipping in price.

One thing to note in relation to market expectations for next week is today’s Bonus Bucks Promotion at TCGPlayer. Historically, tons of players buy hefty amounts of MTG cards during these promotions, which can often raise card prices on the secondary market. I’d definitely check out the linked article for details on the promotion, and try to beat the wave of people with credit cards at the ready.

Welcome to MTG Marketplace, a weekly article on MTG Rocks where we cover each week’s biggest price spikes and overall market trends.

Weekly Winners


Zombie support has been rising in price,and from the dead, for the last couple of weeks now. Ever since we got the Undead Unleashed Commander decklist, cards that were not lucky enough to receive a reprint have seen major increases in demand.

Plague Belcher jumped from $1.00 to about $7.00-$8.00 over the course of the week. With all the sacrifice themes in the zombie archetype, it’s no wonder why it’s getting attention. Every Zombie that dies deals damage to your opponent. That’s infinite damage if you assemble a Gravecrawler + Phyrexian Alter combo.

I thought Undead Warchief would have seen immediate buyouts as soon as the new zombie Commander deck was released. But it actually took a while to spike in price. There are a ton of zombie lord-effects, but Undead Warchief can reduce the cost of your zombies in addition to making them bigger. Undead Warchief has multiple printings, and most of them saw some price increase this week, such as the Planechase copy which rose from about $6.00 to $13.00.

Cryptbreaker and Gravecrawler already saw big price increases, but this week they rose further. Gravecrawler, in addition to its demand from Commander players, is also an essential player in a new Rakdos-zombie Modern deck. Last week it had risen to about $18.00. Now it’s between $22.00 and $28.00, depending on which copy you want. Cryptbreaker was $8.00 last week, and I said it would go higher in my article, The MTG Marketplace: Biggest Winners, Losers and Trends of 9/20/2021. It did. It’s now a $10.00-$11.00 card.

The Scarab God

The Scarab God spiked far more drastically than any other zombie card this week. It jumped from $18.00 to $31.00-$34.00. That’s with a reprint in the last year too (Double Masters). The Scarab God was always a strong commander in its own right, but all the additional love for zombies has generated substantial demand for it.

Wrenn and Seven

Two Midnight Hunt cards got a lot of market attention this week. The first one is Wrenn and Seven, which rose from $25.00 on release weekend to its current price of $35.00. I talked about this card extensively in my article Wednesday, How Expensive Will Wrenn and Seven Get? Since then, the card seems to have stabilized at the $35.00 mark, as lots of new listings have hit the TCGPlayer Market.

The Meathook Massacre

The second Midnight Hunt card that saw major market movement this week was The Meathook Massacre, which went from about $16.00 to $40.00 on Monday night. That’s a massive increase, and I wrote about it in my article, Midnight Hunt Card Spikes in Price BIG TIME. Since Tuesday, The Meathook Massacre seems to have stabilized around the $35.00-$40.00 mark. But there are lots of new copies of this card hitting the market. On Tuesday there were 10 listings left for the regular art on TCGPlayer. At the time of this article, there are 64. As more people turn the card for profit, it could drop the price a bit over the next couple of weeks.

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Weekly Losers

Teferi and Midnight Hunt

Midnight Hunt has only been out for a week now. With the exception of a few individual cards, prices are still dropping and settling. The new Teferi is now seeing prices as low as $7.00-$8.00, which personally, I think is a great price to buy them at, considering its playability in Commander and its infinite combo with The Chained Veil.

Wrenn and Six

Wizards of the Coast

Wrenn and Six has seen a steady decline in price ever since we caught a brief look at it when Wizards of the Coast announce the newest Masters set to be released next year. A couple of months ago it was about $120.00! It is finally seeing some sub-$100.00 prices.

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