1, Oct, 21

Bonus Bucks Promotion at TCGPlayer

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TCGPlayer is giving 15% store credit back on purchases today. Here are some of the best cards to buy to take advantage of this promotion.
Article at a Glance

Today, TCGplayer shoppers will receive 15% back in TCGplayer credit on all products purchased. This promotion is live only for October 1 and is only active for a narrow window, lasting from 6 pm to 11:59 pm Eastern Time. (3 pm to 8 pm Pacific Time)

These Bonus Bucks promotions only happen a couple of times a year at TCGPlayer. They are some of the best times to buy MTG singles, so a lot of players are going to be taking advantage of this promotion. Many of the cheapest listings are going to go fast. I’d act early if you can. 15% back can be a substantial amount, especially on big-ticket items. I am including below some of the hottest cards to buy on the market right now, in order to take advantage of this promo.

Get Your Midnight Hunt Cards While the Promo Is Still Going

Wrenn and Seven

This is one of the top-performing cards in Standard to come out of the Midnight Hunt. I talked about this card in detail in my article, How Expensive Will Wrenn and Seven Get?, which I’d advise checking out. Wrenn and Seven is already $35.00 at the time of writing. If you want to play Standard sometime in the next two years, I’d buy your Wrenn and Seven’s sooner than later (and you might as well get some store credit back, by buying them during this TCGPlayer promotion).

The ‘Slow Land’ Cycle

This land cycle from Midnight Hunt will form the foundation of mana bases in Standard for the duration of their legality. Every Standard deck with “allied” color pairings are playing copies of their respective slow lands, and generally in full playsets. These are must buy’s if you want to play Standard.

Arlinn, the Pack’s Hope

Wizards of the Coast

Werewolves have put up good results in the beginning of the new Standard format. Arlinn plays an important role in the deck and has maintained a high price tag because of it. The regular and extended art versions of the card are both currently around $15.00-$16.00. The showcase Arlinn has been sitting at about $32.00 ever since release weekend and hasn’t budged since.

Vanquish the Horde

If you play Commander, you are going to want this card. This is like the white equivalent of Blasphemous Act, a staple in many red-based Commander decks, and one of the most played red cards in the format according to EDHrec. I expect Vanquish the Horde to follow suit, and I talked about it extensively in my article, This Midnight Hunt Card is Going to be one of the BEST Board Wipes in Commander.

15% Back on the Craze for Zombies and Werewolves

Ever since Innistrad: Midnight Hunt was released, prices for zombie and werewolf support have been continuing to go up. This is due to players wanting to upgrade their Undead Unleashed preconstructed commander cards, and because we finally got a good werewolf commander to lead our pack in the form of Tovolar, Dire Overlord.

The Scarab God

The Scarab God has been a sweet commander in its own right since it was first printed in Hour of Devastation. It even got a relatively recent reprint in Double Masters. But because of the demand for everything zombie-related, The Scarab God’s price shot up this week from $17.00 to almost $33.00. If you missed out on this price bump, you can still get 15% store credit back if you buy the card from TCGPlayer today.


Gravecrawler missed getting reprinted in the new zombie-themed commander deck. Because of this, its price has been steadily rising over the last couple of weeks. This is due partly to Commander demand as well as it showing up in new Rakdos (red-black) Zombie decks in Modern.

Arlinn Kord

Despite being one of the main tribes on Innistrad, werewolves will unfortunately not be getting a preconstructed Commander deck this year. That means no reprints are coming soon. Consequently, prices for older werewolf cards have been going up, such as with the original Arlinn Kord planeswalker, which is now about $15.00-$20.00. If you wanted to build a werewolf Commander deck and are bummed out by all the high prices, at least you can still get 15% back in store credit if you buy them from TCGPlayer today.

Mayor of Avebruck

Mayor of Avabruck is one of the stronger older werewolf cards we have access to. Its front side can be effective in buffing some non-flipped Human Werewolves creatures. But if we can transform the mayor, its backside, Howlpack Alpha, is a lot more exciting for a werewolf Commander deck. It is a two-mana lord for all your werewolf and wolf creatures and it produces 2/2 wolf tokens in your end step. This is a must-include in new Tovolar, Dire Overlord decks.

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