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The MTG Marketplace: Biggest Winners, Losers, and Trends of 04/11/22

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Article at a Glance

This was yet another busy week for Magic’s secondary market. Between Streets of New Capenna spoilers and the ongoing hype for Pioneer, a TON of cards spiked in price this week.

Welcome to The MTG Marketplace, a weekly article on MTG Rocks where we cover each week’s biggest price spikes and overall market trends.

Weekly Winner

Rin and Seri, Inseparable

Rin and Seri, Inseparable | Wizards of the Coast

New Capenna is packed with Cat support. There’s a little Dog support too in the form of Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second. All the new cards caused the OG Cat-Dog Duo, Rin and Seri, to rise from $18.00 to $30.00 this week.

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Wargate | Wizards of the Coast

Wargate rose from $6.00 to $18.00 due to a new Modern combo deck featuring Tameshi, Reality Architect.

The deck uses Tameshi to play multiple Lotus Blooms, and ramp into Finale of Devastation to put a massive, hasty Cultivator Colossus into play and swing for the win.

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Hellcarver Demon

hellcarver demon streets of new capenna
Hellcarver Demon| Wizards of the Coast

When The Beamtown Bullies, a new legendary creature from the Riveteers Rampage Commander deck, was spoiled this week, a spotlight was cast on the relatively unknown MTG card, Hellcarver Demon. Consequently, Hellcarver went from $1.00 to $18.00 at the beginning of the week. But since then, it settled back down to about $11.00.

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Thing in the Ice

If you ready my newsletter this week, you might have anticipated this spike. As predicted, Thing in the Ice rose from $10.00 to $15.00, following the recent price increases for Temporal Trespass and Arclight Phoenix.

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Devoted Druid

Devoted Druid | Wizards of the Coast

There’s a new combo everyone’s talking about from New Capenna. The equipment, Luxior, Giada’s Gift, when equipped to Devoted Druid, results in an infinite mana combo.

When player’s discovered this, Devoted Druid rose from $3.00 to $8.00-$10.00.

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