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Weird New Capenna Commander Causes Even Weirder Price Spike

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Have you ever heard of the card Hellcarver Demon? I hadn’t. And I think most Magic players rightfully ignored the Worldwake Demon as it is played in very few decks, and, at face value, just isn’t that good of a Magic: the Gathering card. But then it spiked in price this week, nearly selling out across all online vendors. Now, the obscure demon is on everyone’s radars.

Hellcarver Demon

Hellcarver Demon | Wizards of the Coast

For nearly the entirety of its existence, Hellcarver Demon was about $1.00. But this week, a new spoiler from Streets of New Capenna caused Hellcarver to rise to $20.00!

Is Hellcarver Demon a Bad Card?

There are some niche scenarios in which Hellcarver Demon could be good. You could attack with it, exile the top six cards of your library, and then potentially cast Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Ulamog, Ceaseless Hunger.

But most the time, Hellcarver Demon will do more harm than good if you attack with it. You’ll sacrifice all your permanents and discard your hand, and you may not even hit anything good in the top six cards of your library.

So, Hellcarver Demon is, for the most part, a terrible card. But what if you can somehow donate it to your opponent and force them to attack with it. This may seem like a bizarre and difficult thing to pull off, but thanks to a new card from Streets of New Capenna, it’s actually possible. Let’s check out the card.

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Why Did Hellcarver Demon’s Price Rise?

The Beamtown Bullies | TCGPlayer

The only image we currently have of The Beamtown Bullies is a little blurry, so here’s what it does:

Vigilance, Haste

%T: Target opponent whose turn it is put target nonlegendary creature card from your graveyard onto the battlefield under their control. It gains haste. Goad it. At the beginning of the next end step, exile it.

What a weird creature, right? It’s like a reanimation strategy but you reanimate your creatures onto your opponent’s side of the field. Then you force them to attack.

With Hellcarver Demon, The Beamtown Bullies can make your opponent sacrifice all their permanents and discard their hands. In Commander, this is a devastating synergy that could lock your opponent out of the game.

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