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It Spikes Yet Again! How Expensive Will This Spell Become?

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Even novice gamers understand the power of taking extra turns in a game. There are tons of extra turn spells in Magic: the Gathering, but when you throw an ability like delve onto an extra turn spell to reduce its casting cost, that card can get scary good. That’s Temporal Trespass in a nutshell, an efficiently costed extra turn spell that’s picking up in play.

I’ve reported on Temporal Trespass several times over the last six months, but I am reporting on it yet again because it was nearly bought out over the weekend! I can’t believe how expensive the card is these days considering where it started from.

Temporal Trespass

Temporal Trespass | Wizards of the Coast

As you can see in the graph below, the price of Temporal Trespass really climbed over the last six months. It started out around $8.00 but spiked in price several times. It rose to $25.00 toward the end of last week. But over the weekend, players continued to buy out Temporal Trespass. Now, the few copies that still remain on TCGPlayer are between $35.00 and $40.00.

Price history for Temporal Trespass | TCGPlayer

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What Caused Temporal Trespass to Spike This Time?

Temporal Trespass came out in Fate Reforged back in 2015 and has never been reprinted since then. This scarcity is a big factor behind the card’s high prices. But in addition to the low supply levels, new cards and synergies, and shifts in the metagame created bursts of demand for Temporal Trespass.

The initial demand for Temporal Trespass began back in December when we first discovered that there would be Ninja support in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. This is because of the popularity of Temporal Trespass in Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow, Commander decks. And once all the Ninja cards were revealed in Neon Dynasty, the price of Temporal Trespass continued to grow.

But the more recent demand for Temporal Trespass can actually be attributed to Pioneer. Tons of Pioneer cards have gone up in price lately when WOTC decided to support the competitive scene of the format.

In Pioneer, Temporal Trespass is a staple in one of the format’s most popular decks, Izzet Phoenix, which uses the extra turn spell to finish off opponents with one final attack.

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