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This New Capenna Vehicle Gives Off Dockside Extortionist Vibes

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Dockside Extortionist is notorious in Commander for its ability to explode Treasure tokens onto the field, making Dockside an auto-include for just about every red deck. While not necessarily on the same power-level as Dockside, a new Vehicle from Streets of New Capenna, Hoard Hauler, is reminiscent of the greedy Goblin Pirate.

Hoard Hauler

The best part about Hoard Hauler, compared to Dockside, is that the vehicle triggers every time it deals combat damage to a player. When you do, you make Treasure equal to the number of artifacts that player controls.

This effect, like Dockside Extortionist, will be devastating in Commander. The format is full of mana rocks like Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, and Mana Crypt, plus many more popular utility artifacts like Lightning Greaves.

There’s even a chance that Hoard Hauler will see play in formats like Standard, as lately, WOTC continues to print new Treasure support. Regardless of the format, it won’t be difficult for Hoard Hauler to get into the red zone, push damage through (as it is a massive 5/5 trampler), and generate some Treasure tokens in the process.

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More Treasure Synergies in New Capenna and Standard

Streets of New Capenna is abundant with other Treasure-related cards. These cards make Hoard Hauler better than it already is. And together, they could make an interesting Treasure-themed Standard or Pioneer deck.

There are plenty of other Treasure-related cards currently legal in Standard too like Xorn, Goldspan Dragon, and Deadly Dispute, all of which add to the strength of your Treasures.

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What Are the Best Commanders For Hoard Hauler?

Many commanders will want to play Hoard Hauler, and not just because it is a budge version of Dockside Extortionist. Hoard Hauler is a generically good card. As such, I wouldnnn’t be surprised if it becomes something of a format staple. But some commanders will leverage Hoard Hauler’s Treasure-generating ability than others.

The above commanders take Treasure tokens one step further. Magda can use them to tutor your deck for powerful artifacts or dragons. Korvold will draw a card whenever you sacrifice a Treasure. And Galazeth can use the Treasures that Hoard Hauler makes to ramp into big instant and sorcery spells.j

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