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26, Jun, 24

New Secret Lair Superdrop Continues Worrying Value Trend

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As if there wasn’t enough going on in the wide world of MTG recently, a brand-new Secret Lair Superdrop is here! Aptly named the Summer Superdrop 2024, this seasonal event is jam-packed with interesting art styles and Universes Beyond crossovers. As always, there’s a lot to love about this latest Superdrop, however, one key detail is lacking.

In somewhat of a worrying trend, there’s very little financial value in most of the Secret Lairs in this Superdrop. While this is hardly the most important factor regarding their release, it’s nonetheless an important point. After all, Magic: The Gathering is hardly a cheap game, so players often want to get their money’s worth.

To make sure you can get exactly that, today we’ll be breaking down the Summer Superdrop 2024 from a financial perspective. Of course, we can’t avoid talking about the art, but reprints are the name of the game. Looking at the lowest values of each card on TCGplayer, we’ll determine if each, or any, of the new Secret Lairs is actually worth it.

So, without any further ado, here’s the complete breakdown of every Secret Lair in the Summer Superdrop 2024!

Secret Lair X Assassin’s Creed: Da Vinci’s Designs

Assassin’s Creed: Da’Vinci’s Designs

To kick off our latest Secret Lair Superdrop bonanza, we have one of several Universes Beyond crossover drops. Tying in with the direst-to-Modern Assassin’s Creed set, this Secret Lair offers some intriguingly gorgeous cards. Styled after the iconic sketches from Leonardo Da Vinci, these crossover cards certainly look the historically flavorful part.

Sadly, while these cards look good, their value isn’t nearly as enticing. In terms of raw reprint value, this Secret Lair drop seriously underperforms, with neither variant breaking even. That being said, this drop still offers the most non-foil value in the entire Summer Superdrop 2024.

As much as the value of this drop may be somewhat disappointing, these new variants could still prove surprisingly lucrative. Since cards like Whispersilk Cloak are rather popular in Commander, there could be a decent secondary market demand for it. The same is true of Darksteel plate and Conqueror’s Flail, although to a somewhat lesser extent.

Overall, this Secret Lair drop has the main appeal of being a Universes Beyond crossover. While these don’t always sell out instantly, this nonetheless increases the initial and secondary market demand. Thanks to this, there’s a non-zero chance that these new variants will end up overperforming compared to their base-price counterparts.

Secret Lair X Assassin’s Creed: Lethal Legends

Assassin's Creed: Lethal Legends

Continuing the Assassin’s Creed crossover drops, we have a series of stylishly reskinned legendary creatures. Each reimagined as key figures from Assassin’s Creed games, this drop provides some seriously compelling flavor. As always, the borderless art also looks fantastic and is a welcome alternative to existing art.

In terms of value, there’s only one card in this entire Secret Lair drop that’s spicy. Selling for around $11 at its cheapest, this card sees steady demand thanks to being a potentially insane win-con. Capable of buffing your board and repeating combat, Najeela, the Blade-Blossom is very aptly a lethal legend.

Outside of this key card, Ramses, Assassin Lord has also garnered a lot of interest recently. As one of the best Assassin Typal Commanders in MTG, before Assassin’s Creed’s release, demand for them has been steadily increasing. Now that they’re getting a fancy Assassin’s Creed-themed variant, they could be a star on the secondary market.

Much like the other Assassin’s Creed Secret Lair drop, the secondary market prices for these cards could be unexpectedly impressive. If this drop sells out quickly, prices will be pushed higher by players who couldn’t purchase the drop from Wizards directly. Whether or not this will happen currently remains to be seen. At the time of writing, both the Assassin’s Creed SLDs haven’t sold out yet.

Secret Lair X Hatsune Miku: Digital Sensation

Hatsune Miku: Digital Sensation

Speaking of sold-out, the Secret Lair X Hatsune Miku: Digital Sensation drop is currently unavailable in North America. While copies of this drop are still available in other regions, they’re clearly selling out fast. With the first variants selling out in under three hours, it’s expected supply will not last long at all.

Given this Secret Lair drop has the worst value offering by far, it’s safe to say this demand isn’t for the raw reprint value. Instead, everyone is clamoring for this Secret Lair thanks to the love for Hatsune Miku. Fawned over by countless fans, and evidently adored by the MTG community, players literally can’t get enough of these crossover drops.

Even if the Digital Sensation drop didn’t sell out incredibly quickly, the cards contained within would likely be rather expensive. Since cards like Sol Ring and Diabolic Tutor are Commander staples, there will likely be a higher demand for fancy Secret Lair variants. The same is true for the Modern playable Chord of Calling, although Secret Lair cards can often cause problems in tournaments.

As if the playability of these cards didn’t propel this Secret Lair’s value enough, it has already mostly sold out. Due to this overwhelming demand, countless players will be forced to scour MTG’s secondary market. In turn, this will push prices higher, potentially making this Secret Lair drop incredibly lucrative.

If this Hatsune Miku Secret Lair is anything like its predecessor, its cards are going to be insanely expensive.

Prints of Darkness

Prints of Darkness

Offering a series of sacrifice staples, the Prints of Darkness Secret Lair drop is unexpectedly exciting. On the surface, the cards offered in this drop have very little value, but there’s still a lot to love. In a welcome change, these cards are all staples that synergize together in the same deck.

While five cards don’t make a Commander deck, Prints of Darkness is basically like a mini Secret Lair deck drop. Since you can play all these cards together, with one as your Commander, there’s a fantastic amount of synergy. In theory, this should make this drop, and the cards it contains, rather valuable.

In terms of reprint value, Dictate of Erebos is the only card that’s really of note. Working wonders in go-wide decks this card sees consistent Commander play and hasn’t been reprinted often. While this Secret Lair variant will technically increase supply, it may end up selling for significantly more than past variants.

All in all, while this drop’s cards aren’t the most impressive, they’re nicely interconnected. Unlike other Secret Lair drops where you might only want one card, you’re encouraged to play this entire drop together. Not only is this arguably more interesting than an SLD with more variety, but it may boost secondary market values.

Featuring: Not a Wolf

Featuring: Not a Wolf

Weirdly, the Featuring: Not a Wolf Secret Lair is not a Universes Beyond drop. This is despite the fact it clearly depicts a fictional character from outside of the MTG multiverse. Created by Writer and Comedian Dan Sheehan Featuring: Not a Wolf is a rather strange and polarizing drop, to say the least.

Outside of its unusual theme, Featuring: Not a Wolf finally breaks the trend of offering negative value. From a foil perspective, at least, this Secret Lair drop actually breaks even! Unfortunately, while this seems all well and good, there is a problem with this impressive price tag.

Within the drop, Beastmaster Ascension is the most exciting foil card, worth around $26. While this is fantastic on paper, the card hasn’t had a foil reprint since Zendikar. Due to this, the supply of this foil variant is incredibly scarce. For better or worse, the same will not be true of this new Not a Wolf-themed card.

Ultimately, more than any other Summer Superdrop 2024 drop, it’s unclear how much Featuring: Not a Wolf cards will be worth. In theory, if this theme is charming enough to be popular, they could fetch a pretty penny once in players’ hands. Alternatively, if players really don’t gel with the theme, they might end up being surprisingly cheap.

Right now, Featuring: Not a Wolf cards do at least have the advantage of all being playable. If you’re building a Wolf Typal deck, there’s an argument to run each of these cards. Ultimately, there’s definitely the potential for value and good times, especially thanks to the comical new token.

Featuring: Julie Bell

Featuring: Julie Bell

Last, but by no means least, we have even more absolutely gorgeous artwork courtesy of Julie Bell. Lauded by the MTG community for looking utterly fantastic, the art in this Secret Lair is simply outstanding. Rich with detail and technique, there’s no denying the quality of the art on these MTG cards.

As for the cards themselves, most of them are rather disappointing. The exception to this rule is found in Coat of Arms, which is worth almost $15. Played frequently in numerous typal Commander decks, there should be a good deal of demand for this new gorgeous variant. Sadly, after this fantastic reprint, the value drops off hard.

In theory, the foil value of Elves of Deep Shadow is worth getting excited about. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee the Secret Lair variant will be anywhere close to the same price. Sadly, banking on high foil prices is always a risky game with Secret Lairs, since their supply is dramatically different.

Ultimately, despite the lack of value, Featuring: Julie Bell is still an utterly gorgeous and exciting Secret Lair drop. Sure, the cards may not fit together in one deck, and sure the reprints might be meh, but the art is fantastic. Whether you want to play with these cards or frame them, there’s still a lot to love.

Bundles Begone

Technically, the Summer Superdrop 2024 does have a few bundles that can offer a slight saving on the included bundles. That being said, it’s easier said than done to get your hands on these bundles. Thanks to the current distribution of Secret Lair drops, these bundles sell out incredibly quickly.

The most expensive The Stage with Everything Bundle, for example, sold out in a matter of hours. This is entirely thanks to the Secret Lair X Hatsune Miku: Digital Sensation which sold out first. Due to both variants of this drop selling out five bundles have become unavailable in some regions.

Sadly, unless you’re incredibly quick off the draw, bundles are now exceptionally difficult to purchase. So far, each Secret Lair Superdrop has had one drop which sells out much faster than everything else. If this trend continues, you may only have an hour or two to purchase a bundle before it disappears.

Currently, only four bundles from the Summer Superdrop 2024 are still available for purchase on the Secret Lair website. Out of these bundles, only one offers positive value. Even then, the Virtuoso Bundle Foil Edition only nets you around $5 of raw foil reprint value. Given the volatility of foil Secret Lair cards, this is hardly ideal.

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