Duskmourn: House of Horror Key Art
26, Jun, 24

MTG Duskmourn Leak Reveals Remarkable Early Release Date?!

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Currently, Duskmourn: House of Horror is perhaps the least talked about MTG set from 2024. Launching toward the end of the year, in theory, this set has been shrouded in a thick spooky layer of mystery. Outside of a few meager details about the set’s theme and setting, this set is, rather aptly, very mysterious.

Thankfully, more details about this set should be revealed very soon. At the end of this week, Wizards will be spilling some of the beans at MagicCon: Amsterdam’s preview panel. While this event is just a few days away, it seems some online retailers just couldn’t help themselves. Sneaking in before Wizards can have their big reveal, new MTG product listings for Duskmourn products have revealed some massive, and surprising, details!

Duskmourn Is Coming Surprisingly Soon?!

Duskmourn: House of Horror Key Art

Recently spotted by keen-eyed MTG players, it appears that The Game Collection has listed Duskmourn: House of Horror products early. Luckily, for Wizards at least, The Game Collection didn’t spoil the entire upcoming preview panel, as the listings are incredibly barren. Only showing the product name, the store listings have no art or product descriptions to scrutinize to no end.

Despite not saying much, the new online product listings do have one incredibly juicy, never-before-seen, detail: the release date. According to The Game Collection, Duskmourn: House of Horror, will launch on the 27th of September 2024. There will also be a special collectible Gift Bundle, which supposedly launches on October 18th.

Previously, according to Wizards of the Coast, Duskmourn: House of Horror was planned to be released sometime in Q4. When this was announced, no one batted an eye as this has been the trend for years now. Since the change to the four-set model, each year’s fourth premier set has always been released in Q4. More specifically, the Q4 premier set typically releases in November.

Now, it seems this release window has been moved up quite significantly for whatever reason. Not only is Duskmourn not even in Q4 anymore, but it’s releasing two entire months earlier than expected. Worryingly, there’s currently no explanation as to why Duskmourn would be released so early, as it really doesn’t make sense.

Right now, we can only expect that Wizards of the Coast has another super secret MTG set up their sleeves. Either that or Pioneer Masters is going to be a lot bigger of a deal than we first expected. As an MTG Arena exclusive set, players haven’t been expecting much fanfare around this release, but evidently, that might not be the case.

Four More Commander Decks

Nekusar, the Mindrazer

While the leaked potential release date is definitely the most juicy reveal, the listings did reveal a smidgen more information. As we mentioned previously, the names for each product, including the four preconstructed Commander decks, were revealed. Those four deck names are as follows.

Sadly, while we now have the names of each deck, this is the only information that has been revealed about them. There’s no telling, for example, what the color identity of these decks is, or what their face Commanders look like. Despite this deficit of details, MTG players have nonetheless been keen to speculate about what these decks may include.

Given the deck’s name, many MTG players like GladiatorDragon quickly speculated that Miracle Worker might include Miracle cards. As a fan-favorite free spell mechanic, new Miracle cards would surely go down a treat. Sadly, while players may enjoy this mechanic, having them be the core theme for a Commander precon seems rather unlikely.

What’s more likely, is the idea that Jump Scare will be primarily themed around bounce and flicker effects. Potentially using Bant or Azorius colors, this deck could aptly have creatures jumping in and out of the battlefield regularly. Given the name, this deck also seems like a great fit for Flash creatures, which can come out of nowhere.

Sadly, while players do have some theories, the other decks are much harder to pin down. Potentially, Death Toll could revolve around death triggers, but there’s little to confirm this theory. Similarly, some players theorize that Endless Punishment could feature punishing effects, as found on Nekusar, the Mindrazer.

Ultimately, there’s still a lot we don’t know about these Commander decks, so we’ll have to wait for more information. Thankfully, we should be finding that out soon enough.

The Missing Piece

Lumra, Bellow of the Woods | Bloomburrow
Lumra, Bellow of the Woods | Bloomburrow

At the end of the day, it still feels like something is missing from the MTG calendar right now. With three months at the end of the year almost devoid of content, surely something will fill that gap. Right now, nothing has been announced, but there’s a chance that will all change soon.

With the preview panel at MagicCon: Amsterdam happening this weekend, Wizards has an opportunity to announce something new. If they don’t we might just be in for a surprisingly quiet end of this year. This could be the respite players have long been requesting from Magic’s seemingly endless spoiler season.

At worst, even if nothing new is announced, the upcoming MTG Preview Panel will reveal both Bloomburrow and Duskmourn details. Hopefully, this will give MTG players no end of juicy details to sink their teeth into. Even if there’s not enough at this event, however, the official debut of Bloomburrow is scheduled for July 9th, so that’s not long away either.

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