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MTG Assassin's Creed Secret Lair Showcases Popular Reskinned Commander!

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Over the last day, we have been absolutely bombarded with MTG Assassin’s Creed spoilers. A multitude of intriguing legends for Commander have been revealed, and there’s still more to come in the near future.

Speaking of interesting legends, it appears a new MTG Assassin’s Creed Secret Lair focused on redesigning some legendary creatures from Magic’s past will be going on sale starting June 24. Each reprint is receiving alternate art and a new title depicting a specific Assassin’s Creed character. Once again, this Secret Lair doesn’t exactly offer lucrative value, but if you’re an Assassin’s Creed fan, these cards could still be right up your alley.

Najeela, the Blade-Blossom

Najeela, the Blade-Blossom

Kicking things off, we have the heaviest hitter of the Secret Lair from a financial perspective. Najeela, the Blade-Blossom is an incredible Commander option. There is an abundance of powerful Warriors in the world of MTG, and because Najeela has a five-color activated ability, you get to have all the best ones at your disposal.

Even if you have no other Warriors in play, Najeela can still make extra tokens when it attacks. Your token count will continue to grow exponentially turn after turn. There are also plenty of infinite combos available with Najeela as your general of choice. For instance, if you control Najeela, Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, and can connect in combat with enough Warriors, you can continue to untap your lands after dealing damage and gain infinite combat steps thanks to Najeela. This makes her one of the most powerful Commanders in the entire game.

Najeela currently sits at roughly $11 in its cheapest form according to TCGPlayer market price, making it, by far, the priciest card in this Secret Lair. Najeela is a bit of a strange choice for this Secret Lair, though, considering that the card has already been featured in a Universes Beyond Secret Lair before (Najeela represented Archaeon in a Warhammer Secret Lair).

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Kelsien, the Plague

Kelsien, the Plague

Next up, we have Kelsien, the Plague. Kelsien isn’t the strongest Commander in the world, but it does have some interesting synergies with other cards that care about experience counters. Cards like Otharri, Sun’s Glory become a lot scarier when you already have a wealth of experience counters built up.

Kelsien also works exceptionally well with ways to give it Deathtouch, like Rune of Mortality, as well as cards that can repeatedly untap it, such as Drumbellower. Unfortunately, despite the lack of reprints, Kelsien is only worth about $1.

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Queen Marchesa

Queen Marchesa

Queen Marchesa is a very strong card. Not only does it provide a flow of card advantage if you can maintain Monarch status, but it even gives you resources to try and take the Monarchy back. Because the tokens Queen Marchesa creates have Deathtouch, your opponents can’t just freely block with bigger threats. The tokens are even Assassins, which should become quite relevant once MTG Assassin’s Creed releases.

Queen Marchesa debuted in Conspiracy: Take the Crown back in 2016, and actually maintained a pretty hefty price tag for a while. The card was in high demand back in the day, occasionally even seeing play in Constructed formats like Legacy. Given the limited supply, foil copies were especially expensive.

Once Queen Marchesa was reprinted in Commander Masters and downshifted to rare, though, the card’s price plummeted. Now, players can purchase copies for under 20 cents, showcasing Queen Marchesa’s minimal reprint value.

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Ramses, Assassin Lord

Ramses, Assassin Lord

Ramses, Assassin Lord is a legendary creature whose Commander stock should definitely be on the rise. After all, Ramses is a really sweet card to build around, and with the release of MTG Assassin’s Creed, players will have access to a lot more decent Assassins to fill out an EDH deck. Getting to pump all of your Assassins is nice, and if you’re able to defeat any opponent in combat with your Assassin army, you will emerge victorious.

In the last couple weeks, Ramses spiked in price as players began speculating that the card might ultimately not get an MTG Assassin’s Creed reprint. According to TCGPlayer market price history, both non-foil and foil copies were under $2 back on June 9. By June 17, non-foils were up over $4, while foils reached over $7. This Secret Lair reprint may cause speculation to die down a bit, but Ramses will still almost assuredly be more popular with the uptick in support for the Assassin creature type.

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Admiral Beckett Brass

Admiral Beckett Brass

Lastly, we have Admiral Beckett Brass. Admiral Beckett Brass is a top-tier general choice for any Pirate-themed Commander deck. Pirates clearly aren’t as big of a focal point of MTG Assassin’s Creed as Assassins. That being said, Pirate decks are getting some new toys, such as Adewale, Breaker of Chains.

Admiral Beckett Brass may be a sweet EDH card, but it holds very little reprint value. Copies from one of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander decks currently sit at just over 10 cents.

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Player Reaction and Total Value

byu/mweepinc from discussion

Overall, player reaction to this Secret Lair seems to match many recent Secret Lair products. The artwork on these cards is generally quite well-received. Many players also appreciate the reskin aspect of these cards, giving the reprints their own Universes Beyond identity.

As you might expect, the disappointment lies with the value of the Secret Lair as a whole. Secret Lairs typically go on sale for $29.99 in non-foil and $39.99 in foil. This Secret Lair’s reprint value doesn’t crack $20. Of course, these unique alternate art versions will almost certainly go for more money, but that doesn’t mean that players aren’t hoping for more. This recent trend of having all of the value in one card is clearly rubbing some players the wrong way.

At the end of the day, players are mostly paying for the distinct style of the cards. So, if you enjoy Assassin’s Creed and like the design of the reskins, this product could be a decent purchase, nonetheless.

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