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Second Hatsune Miku Secret Lair Features Fantastic Reprints!

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Hatsune Miku recently made an entrance into the world of Magic, and was received in an explosive manner. It’s obvious that MTG players enjoy the flavor of this crossover, as the recent Secret Lair offerings for Hatsune Miku-skinned reprints sold out in just hours. A few weeks later, and the reprints found in Hatsune Miku Secret Lairs have as much as a 6900% premium over the cheapest reprint of that card. Demand for anything Hatsune Miku in the world of Magic is at an all-time high.

Knowing this, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see that Hatsune Miku is returning for the next Secret Lair Superdrop. Announced very recently, a new 6-card Secret Lair will be going for sale shortly. The reprints being offered for this Hatsune Miku-themed Secret Lair drop seems even better than the previous ones.

Notably, like the last Hatsune Miku Secret Lair drop, four variants of this product will be available. There will be Rainbow foil and nonfoil variants in both Japanese and English languages. Nonfoil Secret Lairs will retail for $29.99, while Rainbow Foil ones will retail for $39.99. These will be going for sale on the official Secret Lair store June 24 at 9 a.m. PDT, and will be available until July 14, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, or while supplies last. Considering how quickly Hatsune Miku sold out recently, it’s likely going to be the ladder.

Let’s take a look at everything that’s being offered in the new Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Digital Sensation drop!

Chord of Calling

Chord of Calling is a fantastic reprint to see in Digital Sensation. This card sees ample play in both Pioneer and Modern thanks to Amalia Combo and Yawgmoth Combo respectively. The card is also somewhat popular in Commander.

Chord of Calling rewards players for amassing creature-based resources in the early game and turning that into a card that finds your win condition. Chord of Calling is getting even more attention than normal thanks to the rise of interest in Nadu, Winged Wisdom decks in Modern. In the early brewing stages for the strategy, this is one of the most common ways to consistently find the namesake card.

Chord of Calling has seen quite a few reprints recently, but still fetches a price tag of around $4-5 for its cheapest variants. That said, the demand for Hatsune Miku reprints have been so extreme recently that it is almost a certainty that this particular Chord of Calling will go for even more.

Sol Ring

The Commander super staple now has a Hatsune Miku variant! Sol Ring is one of the best cards in Commander, and basically comes in almost every Commander precon that has ever existed. In terms of price for power, you simply cannot beat Sol Ring. This card does the work of an $100 monster and only costs about a buck.

Since almost every Commander deck in existence runs this card, players who like to bling out their Commander decks do need to pay some premiums. There are an absurd amount of Sol Ring printings out there, but the rare ones are quite expensive. While you can find ways to spend $800 or more on the most luxurious pieces of Sol Ring cardboard, other Secret Lair variants of Sol Ring tend to cost in the neighborhood of $20-40. For example, the recent double-sided Sol Ring from the Raining Cats & Dogs Secret Lair, which also sold out quite quickly, sells for about $48. While we do not know exactly what this Hatsune Miku-themed Sol Ring would go for, we’re willing to bet that a premium of some sort is very likely.

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Miku, Child of Song

Any Child of Alara fans out there? This absolutely gorgeous rendition of the five-colored Commander will certainly entice some players to try out the Conflux Mythic. Thanks to wiping the board whenever Child of Alara dies, it can become very difficult to keep a board presence of relevant things against this Commander.

Notably, Miku, Child of Song gives players a five-colored Hatsune Miku-themed legend that they can use to pilot their Commander deck. You can now play any MTG card with Hatsune Miku at the helm, and that should be enough to get many MTG players excited.

Among the price spikes for the last Hatsune Miku Secret Lair drop, the price of Miku, the Renowned, a reskin of Feather, the Redeemed, was one of the most explosive increase between reprint variants. There appears to be a lot of interest for players to have Hatsune Miku at the helm of their Commander decks, and Miku, Child of Song delivers in spades.

As far as secondary market value goes for Child of Alara itself, it is not worth much.

Thespian’s Stage

In an extremely flavorful reprint, Thespian’s Stage is getting a Hatsune Miku adaptation. Seeing play in Pioneer, Legacy and Commander, Thespian’s Stage is really good at making ludicrous land combos happen. Whether you’re trying to copy your Lotus Field, or are trying to get a quick Marit Lage into play, Thespian’s Stage can seriously fast track your land-based plans.

Thespian’s Stage has seen quite a lot of reprints lately between Commander products and Ravnica Remastered. Even though the card does see some play, Thespian’s Stage only has a secondary market value of about a dollar. That likely won’t stop this particular variant from potentially being worth something, and players who want to use this card in their various competitive decks may bring some demand for it.

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Song of Creation

Song of Creation is an incredibly powerful card, but you need to set yourself up a bit in order to use it. Hopefully, the card’s common inclusion in Legacy Storm lists vouches for just how powerful this card can be when used properly.

As you may imagine, Song of Creation does some disgusting work alongside zero drops. You can easily draw your deck with this card and win the game in any number of ways from there. In the case of Legacy, dropping various mana rocks like Lotus Petal and Mox Diamond should give you more than enough mana and Storm to finish off your opponent with Tendrils of Agony.

Outside of Legacy Storm, Song of Creation does see some fringe Commander play, but the downside of having to discard your hand can make this Ikoria card tricky to use. Song of Creation has virtually no secondary market value, but this flavorful Hatsune Miku reprint will likely be worth something.

Diabolic Tutor

Diabolic Tutor is the last of the six cards seeing a reprint in the new Hatsune Miku: Digital Sensation Secret Lair drop. This is an odd reprint. While it will easily see some Commander play thanks to it being a budget tutor option, Diabolic Tutor is seriously overpriced mana-value wise compared to more financially expensive variants of the same effect like Demonic Tutor. True Hatsune Miku fans will likely be happy to include this in their Commander 99s, but this card falls into a really strange spot otherwise. Thanks to it being a premium variant, this budget tutor option is not likely to be a budget card at all.

Get on This Quick

The past precedent for Hatsune Miku MTG crossovers sets this particular Secret Lair product’s standards at an all-time high. Past Hatsune Miku Secret Lairs are now worth over $100 each, which attracts more than one kind of audience to this product. Some players will want to play with these cards. Others may simply want to add these Hatsune Miku MTG cards to their collection. There definitely will be a subset of players and Scalpers who are looking to flip this for a profit as well. As a result, we expect this Secret Lair to sell out in record time. Of course, Wizards of the Coast may also expect this, so there could be an increase in supply in comparison to the last sale.

As far as reprint value goes, this Secret Lair is a complete miss. Chord of Calling is the only card in this Secret Lair that has a relevant secondary market value. That said, these cards all do see play somewhere, which is an improvement over the last Hatsune Miku Secret Lair.

As we’ve seen from the past Hatsune Miku Secret Lair, reprint value likely hardly matters. These cards are likely to be worth something simply because of the crossover itself.

If you want this Secret Lair for yourself, make sure to set an alarm for June 24 at 9 a.m. PDT. You will likely need to wait in line, but the wait should be worth it.

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