Post Malone
29, Jul, 22

Post Malone Is Letting One Lucky Magic Player Win $100,000

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Article at a Glance

One of Magic: the Gathering’s biggest celebrities, Post Malone, has announced a new utterly wild promotion. Teaming up with live shopping platform Whatnot, Post Malone is giving one lucky fan a chance to win $100,000. With that kind of money, you could buy yourself a Vintage deck, a house, or one-eighth of a Black Lotus

The Magic Man

Post Malone
Post Malone during Game Knights #51

Previously, Post Malone made a name for themselves as one of the biggest stars and spenders in Magic: the Gathering. Malone hasn’t hidden their love for MTG throughout their career, often flaunting their collection and spending thousands on cards. Eventually, this led Malone to appear on an episode of Game Knights on The Command Zone.

Since then, Post Malone’s popularity in the Magic: the Gathering community has only grown and grown. At the tail end of last year, Malone even partnered with Wizards of the Coast themselves to celebrate the return of Friday Night Magic. As if that wasn’t enough to secure his spot in MTG stardom, recently, Post Malone purchased the most expensive card ever printed. Clocking in at an eye-watering $800,000, Post’s Black Lotus is a 9.5 graded artist proof signed by Christopher Rush. 

Despite spending the most money ever recorded on a Magic card, Malone isn’t stopping his big spending. In his latest venture, Post Malone announced they’ll give one lucky fan a chance to win $100,000. That is, so long as they can beat him in a game of Magic first. The game in question won’t just be a regular game of kitchen table Magic either. Instead, the lucky fan will play face-to-face with Malone in Los Angeles. All the action will also be streamed live on the Whatnot app on August 11th.

A Most Expensive Game

For those who want the chance to meet Post Malone and win $100,000, you must download the Whatnot App and be present during a Livestream on August 4th. This is where a winner will be randomly selected from the viewers of the Livestream. Upon being selected, that lucky viewer is in for the time of their lives. Not only will they get to play against Malone on the 11th of August, but they’ll also get training from Legendary MTG expert Ried Duke. 

Thanks to this training, Whatnot promotes this event as “no experience required.” This vaguely implies that you also won’t need your deck, so hopefully, one will be provided for you. We’re also hoping that since $100,000 is on the line, whoever gets selected gets to keep their deck as a consolation prize. It’s currently unclear exactly which format will be played for this showcase match. Thanks to the training from Ried Duke, you should be well prepared, whatever the format is. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

The Wandering Emperor
The Wandering Emperor | Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

With just under a week until the lucky fan is selected, there’s no better time than now to get practicing. Deciding what to practice may be difficult since the format hasn’t been announced just yet, but that’s no reason not to play Magic. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure you’re in peak fighting condition, check out our guides on the best decks in Standard right now. There’s a chance you could be playing one of them for $100,000. 

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