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14, Sep, 23

Wilds of Eldraine Release Date, Leaks, Spoilers & More

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Following on from March of the Machine and the conclusion of the Phyrexian Arc, Wilds of Eldraine promised to be a breath of fresh air. Now the set has been released, we can certainly say that it achieved this goal. Set on the plane of the same name, Wilds of Eldraine mercifully didn’t have a Phyrexian in sight! 

Packed full of interesting cards, and the Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet, this set is certainly one to remember. In case you need a refresher on any details, however, we’ve got you covered! Between release dates, mechanics, the Bonus Sheet, and more, we’ve got it all covered! 

So, if you’re looking to learn, refresh, or reminisce about all things Wilds of Eldraine, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know!

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Wilds of Eldraine Release Dates

Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender | The Wilds of Eldraine
Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender | The Wilds of Eldraine

Following on from the oddity that was March of the Machine: The Aftermath, Magic returned to a traditional release schedule for Wilds of Eldraine. This means players received a steady stream of spoilers over the course of a week or so. Before this could happen, however, a few cards did get leaked ahead of schedule. For better or worse, however, this didn’t change Wizards’ plans.

Here are all the release dates you need to know for Wilds of Eldraine.

  • Wilds of Eldraine Debut and Previews Begin: August 15th 
  • Card Image Gallery Complete: August 25th
  • LoadingReadyRun’s Pre-Prerelease: August 26th
  • Streamer Event on MTG Arena: August 31st
  • Command Zone’s Game Knights Wilds of Eldraine Commander Gameplay: September 6th
  • Global Tabletop Launch (including Starter Kit 2023): September 8th
  • Alchemy: Wilds of Eldraine Release: October 10th

Wilds of Eldraine Story

Rowan, Scion of War | Wilds of Eldraine

As usual, prior to Wilds of Eldraine being released, MTG players got to enjoy the set’s story. This occurred across five story chapters, which is considerably less than what March of the Machine received. Thankfully, despite this point of difference, these chapters were still chock full of details and reveals. 

While we could definitely spoil everything here, thankfully, we don’t have to. As, instead, if you’re interested in the jaw-dropping reveals contained within the story, we’ve written about them here. If you’re curious about all the big reveals from the story, all you need to do is click that link!

If you’d rather not read our or Wizards’ recount of the story, however, there is an alternative. For Wilds of Eldraine, Wizards offered full audio readings for each chapter. If you’re a fan of audiobooks, these are undoubtedly a great way to digest the story. Hopefully, these audio readings will continue into the future for more sets, however, currently, this hasn’t been confirmed. 

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Wilds of Eldraine Leaks and Spoilers

Will, Scion of Peace | Wilds of Eldraine
Will, Scion of Peace | Wilds of Eldraine

Between all the leaks and the spoilers, Wilds of Eldraine has certainly had a lot going on. Following the set’s release, this trend continued, with many cards making major waves. Thanks to all this happening, it is rather hard to cover all the goings on in one place. Thankfully, however, we have a solution. 

Rather than just listing out every interesting and impactful spoiler, we can instead point toward our old coverage. Through this, we covered everything from new typal support to potentially game-breaking combos! If you just want the best bits, however, worry not, as we’ve got that too! 

Between the best of the best from Wilds of Eldraine and the best Commander cards, we’ve got you covered!

Enchantment Bonus Sheet

Much like March of the Machine and The Brothers’ War, The Wilds of Eldraine also has its own Bonus Sheet. Found within every pack, these cards are available in the format’s Limited environment but do not have their legalities affected by the reprint in various formats. For instance, Doubling Season, a popular Commander card that was reprinted in the Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet, is not Standard legal because of this reprint.

As the name and cards suggest, all of the cards in this reprinting are going to be enchantments. Redone in a fairy tale style. Alongside looking good, Bonus Sheets have traditionally brought a beloved extra layer to Limited formats. Thankfully, this has been no different this time around. 

While the pricier reprints seen in this Bonus Sheet are definitely needed, they have been met with a tad bit of controversy since the two most expensive cards in this reveal were also reprinted in Commander Masters. As you might expect, this has disappointed value enthusiasts quite a lot. For players looking to pick up cards on the cheap, however, the reprints are very welcome.

Wilds of Eldraine Mechanics

Tegwyll, Duke of Splendor | Wilds of Eldraine Commander

As usual for a premier MTG set release, Wilds of Eldarine features a number of new mechanics. These were all revealed during the set’s surprisingly forthcoming debut stream. Since this event, we’ve gone on to write about most of the new and old mechanics at length. If you’re interested in reading those, links to each article will be below. Alongside this, we’ve also got a quick rundown of each of the new mechanics in case that’s all you’re after.

Role Tokens

Syr Armont, the Redeemer | Wilds of Eldraine

Role Tokens are a brand new type of Enchantment Aura Token and the main new mechanic in Wilds of Eldriane. Brought into play by a variety of different spells, there are six different Role Tokens in the main set. There are also additional Role Tokens found on Commander cards.

In the main set, all but one of the Role Tokens provide +1/+1 and an added benefit to the attached creature. The only exception to this rule is the Cursed Role, which gives the enchanted creature base stats of 1/1. As a note, a creature can only have one role at a time. If you place a new role on a creature while it already has one, the old role will be replaced.


Decadent Dragon & Besotted Knight | Wilds of Eldraine

First seen in Throne of Eldraine, Adventures are unsurprisingly back for the return visit to the titular plane. This time around, however, there is a twist, as Advenutres can be off-color. While this can make casting these spells a touch more difficult, off-color Adventures offer increased versatility and hopefully more fun!


Beseech the Mirror | Wilds of Eldraine

Another new-ish mechanic for the set, Bargain, is essentially a fixed variant of Kicker. Similarly to Kicker, the Bargain cost can be paid when casting a spell to give it additional effects. Unlike Kicker, however, the Bargain mechanic always comes at the same cost of sacrificing an Artifact, Enchantment, or Token.


Ash, Party Crasher | Wilds of Eldraine

Last but not least for new mechanics, we have Celebration. Once again, this new mechanic is thankfully quite simple, as it has a fixed cost. Put simply, if two or more nonland permanents have entered the battlefield under your control this turn, you get a benefit. For Ash, Party Crasher, this bonus is simply putting a +1/+1 counter on the card.

Wilds of Eldraine Products

Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator | The Wilds of Eldraine
Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator | The Wilds of Eldraine

Unsurprisingly for a modern MTG release, there are a lot of Wilds of Eldraine products available to purchase. As a premier set, many of the available products aren’t a surprise. However, there are some fairly new additions. Subsequently, here’s a little bit about each of the products, courtesy of Wizards and the WPN store

Draft Boosters

  • 15 Magic: The Gathering cards per booster
  • 1 card of rarity Rare or higher in every pack
  • 3-4 Uncommon cards
  • 9 Common cards
  • 1 Land card (Full-Art Land in 33% of boosters)
  • At least 1 special Borderless card of rarity Uncommon or higher
  • 1 Traditional Foil card replaces a Common in 33% of boosters

Set Boosters

  • 12 Magic: The Gathering cards per booster
  • 1-5 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack
  • 1 Art Card 
  • 3-6 Common cards
  • 1 Land card 
  • At least 1 special Borderless card of rarity Uncommon or higher
  • 1 Traditional Foil card
  • 1 token/ad card, Helper card, or card from “The List” 

Collector Boosters

  • 15 Magic: The Gathering cards
  • 5 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack
  • 5 Uncommon cards
  • 4 Common cards
  • 1 Full-Art Land
  • 10-12 Traditional Foil cards in every pack
  • At least 3 special Borderless cards per booster
  • 1 Traditional Foil double-sided token

Commander Decks

  • Two Decks
  • 100-card ready-to-play Wilds of Eldraine Commander Deck; 2 Traditional Foil + 98 nonfoil cards
  • 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack 
  • 1 foil-etched Display Commander
  • 10 double-sided tokens
  • 1 life tracker
  • 1 strategy insert
  • 1 deck box


  • 8 Wilds of Eldraine Set Boosters; each Set Boosters
  • 1 Traditional Foil alt-art promo card
  • 40 basic lands (20 Traditional Foil + 20 nonfoil)
  • 1 Spindown life counter
  • 1 card storage box
  • 2 reference cards

Wilds of Eldraine Starter Kit

In a break from the briefly established norm, Wilds of Eldraine will not have an accompanying Jumpstart release. Instead, for this set, Wizards is releasing a Starter Kit. As Wizards explains, this product is “perfect for fans who are just beginning to explore Magic.”

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