7, Sep, 23

Wilds of Eldraine Cards Create Tons of Unique Infinite Combos!

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Wilds of Eldraine cards are now live on Magic Online, and players are already beginning to jam with some of the most powerful cards in the set. We recently reviewed what we believe to be the best cards in the set overall. There are plenty of individual cards, such as Beseech the Mirror, that players are hyped about brewing around. Sometimes, however, cards’ real strengths come from how well they synergize with other cards.

Today, we will focus on some interesting combos across various formats that have arisen thanks to certain Wilds of Eldraine cards. From infinite mana combos to infinitely large attacking Creatures, these are some of the coolest new combos involving Wilds of Eldraine. Whether you are looking to make some spicy Constructed brews or add some flourish to your Commander deck, look no further. To start, let’s go over some combos using Agatha’s Soul Cauldron.

Cauldron in Standard

While it does involve three specific cards, there is indeed a way to generate infinite mana in Standard. First, you need a copy of Agatha’s Soul Cauldron in play. Then, you need to get a copy of Sleep-Cursed Faerie into your graveyard and a copy of Kami of Whispered Hopes in play without summoning sickness. From there, you can exile the Faerie from your graveyard to put two plus-one plus-one counters on Kami. Thanks to Kami’s ability to add an additional counter onto itself from the activation of Cauldron, Kami is now a three-power Creature. Therefore, it can tap for three mana of any color.

Thanks to the Cauldron’s other abilities, Kami also gains Sleep-Cursed Faerie’s two-mana untap ability. This means you can use two of the three mana generated from Kami to untap it, generate three more mana, and continue this process, netting one mana each time. With access to infinite mana, there are a handful of ways to win the game in Standard, such as by casting Light up the Night to deal a ton of damage to the opponent. If you want to see a brew utilizing this combo in action, definitely go and check it out here.

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Cauldron in Pioneer

Grinning Ignus is a card that has a lot of combo potential. It’s popped up in Pioneer occasionally but has been a little too inconsistent to become a top-tier deck. This combo may not be able to change that, but it’s possible this combo helps make Grinning Ignus more competitively viable. Similar to the Standard combo above, you can generate infinite mana with Cauldron in play. This time, you need Grinning Ignus in your graveyard and Stonecoil Serpent in play.

By exiling Grinning Ignus, you can ensure Stonecoil Serpent gains Ignus’s ability. You can then spend a mana to return Serpent to your hand, gaining three mana. Use one of this mana to replay Serpent. Because Serpent enters with a counter, you can keep returning it and replaying it, netting mana each time. Given that Ignus’s ability does not require tapping to activate, you can execute the combo despite Stonecoil having summoning sickness. This allows you to hold Serpent until you are ready to combo and the coast is clear, making it a bit more reliable.

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Cauldron in Modern

For those unfamiliar, Yawgmoth combo is a well-established top-tier deck in Modern. Yawgmoth is excellent on its own, allowing you to sacrifice Creatures to draw cards and shrink opposing Creatures. By pairing Yawgmoth with two Undying Creatures and a way to drain the opponent when sacrificing Creatures, such as with Blood Artist, you can drain the opponent of all of their life all at once. While this may seem a bit confusing, you can look at the following steps:

  • First, sacrifice a Young Wolf with Yawgmoth’s activated ability. Do not target any of your creatures with the -1/-1 counter. The Young Wolf will come back with a +1/+1 counter thanks to Undying. This will trigger Blood Artist, draining your opponent for one.
  • Second, sacrifice your Young Wolf that does not have a counter, targeting the Young Wolf that does have a counter. Your counters will cancel out. Your other Young Wolf will come back with a +1/+1 counter thanks to Undying. This, once again, will trigger Blood Artist.
  • You can repeat step two over and over, sacrificing the Young Wolf without a counter, targeting the one that does have a counter, thanks to -1/-1 counters and +1/+1 counters canceling one another out.

Interestingly, this combo can also work with Yawgmoth in your graveyard, Cauldron on the battlefield, and the same two copies of Young Wolf and Blood Artist in play. By exiling Yawgmoth, you can put a +1/+1 counter on one copy of Young Wolf. This will give your bigger Young Wolf Yawgmoth’s abilities, letting you sacrifice the other Young Wolf to put a -1/-1 counter on the original Young Wolf. The other copy of Young Wolf will then enter with a counter, thanks to Undying. Repeat this process by sacrificing the smaller Young Wolf and removing a counter from the bigger Young Wolf, all while draining the opponent and drawing cards at the same time. It’s unclear if this combo will start getting implemented into Yawgmoth decklists or not, but it’s a nice option to have.

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Blossoming Tortoise and Lavaclaw Reaches

This combo is likely not competitively viable, but it is certainly cool and could come up in a Jund Commander deck. Blossoming Tortoise is a decent card, letting you mill cards and return Lands from your graveyard to play when it enters the battlefield or attacks. In addition, Land Creatures you control also get a buff, and abilities of Lands you control cost one less to activate.

When combined with an untapped Lavaclaw Reaches, you can pay two mana to animate Lavaclaw Reaches, thanks to the cost reduction from Tortoise. Lavaclaw Reaches then gains the ability where you can pay X to give it +X/+0. When combined with the reduction of activated abilities of Lands you control from Tortoise, you can actually pay zero mana instead of one mana to give Lavaclaw Reaches +1/+0. Keep doing this, and you will have an infinitely large Lavaclaw Reaches to attack with!

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Fae Dominion Combo?

Last but not least, we have an infinite combo that’s actually part of the Wilds of Eldraine “Fae Dominion” Commander precon! Here’s how it works. With Hullbreaker Horror and Archmage of Echoes in play, you can cast Cloud of Faeries and get a copy of it, bouncing an opponent’s non-Land permanent. Both Cloud of Faeries and the copy will enter, untapping four Lands you control. Then, you can play any non-Land permanent with mana value one or less, triggering Hullbreaker Horror, and allowing you to return Cloud of Faeries to your hand.

From there, you can float three mana with your remaining untapped Lands, spend two of it to recast Cloud of Faeries, and use Hullbreaker Horror to return the card you played with mana value one or less to your hand. You get to untap four Lands again thanks to the original Cloud of Faeries and the new token copy created. By repeatedly replaying Cloud of Faeries and the non-Land permanent with mana value one or less, you will generate both infinite mana and infinite token copies of Cloud of Faeries!

Archmage of Echoes is a great addition to any Faeries-centric Commander deck and using it in combos makes it even better. There are likely more combos that we didn’t mention here too, so keep your eyes out for additional combos players discover in the future.

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