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Wilds of Eldraine's Final Story Chapter Delivers Jaw-Dropping Reveal!

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Regardless of how the spoiler season for Wilds of Eldraine goes, they definitely did one thing right with this set – the story. The praise from the community in regards to how Wizards delivered this masterpiece is endless, which is quite a change compared to how March of the Machines went.

Wizards has learned from their past mistakes. They delivered higher quality audio readings of the story that actually cover the entire chapter, unlike last time. The story itself also has a lot of moments that fans are freaking out over, which is awesome! The biggest moment, however, involves Kellan, the new protagonist who has a crazy secret.

This article will be discussing some of the final moments of the Wilds of Eldraine storyline. There are five chapters officially released by Wizards of the Coast that you can find on their site. Alternatively, if reading is not for you, some high quality audio reads of the story are also available on their YouTube channel. If you want to read this story for yourself, I would recommend doing so before you continue to read this article because there are major spoilers involved.

Kellan’s Secret

For those who are unaware, Kellan is the new protagonist who will play a larger role over the new Omenpath arc. Those who have read the beginning of the story may be a bit confused as to where the Omenpaths are popping up in Wilds of Eldraine. They are definitely here, but only appear at the end of the story.

One of the big mysteries that drive Kellan to accept a quest from an unlikely patron is to discover who his father is. He knows that he has Fae blood, and faces a good amount of discrimination for it. In the final chapter, the reveal of Kellan’s father figure resembles a MTG-version of Darth Vader confronting Luke. Kellan is Oko’s son.

An Infamous Father

Oko, Thief of Crowns is one of the most infamous characters in MTG history. While he wasn’t a good guy in the Throne of Eldraine Lore, his impact on constructed Magic is more to blame for his rep nowadays.

Oko is a three mana Planeswalker done wrong, simple as that. His absurd Loyalty combined with a mismanaged ability that even Wizards of the Coasts’ R&D team admitted was an oversight created one of the most toxic Standard environments ever. Eventually, Oko would be banned out of Standard, Legacy, Pioneer and Modern.

The big reason for the card’s power issues is his +1 ability. This effectively functions as removal, able to turn an opposing threat into a 3/3 vanilla (no abilities) elk. This is a nightmare in Commander since players cannot simply return their elk-ified Commanders to the Command Zone, they need to be killed somehow.

This ability applied to opposing creatures is the oversight that Wizards of the Coast had. Oko was designed to be able to turn the Food Tokens he creates into Elks to protect him. Instead, Oko could both do that and neuter any threats your opponents presented.

In the lore, Oko was the villain in the original Throne of Eldraine lore. Playing pranks on the old king, Oko turned Kenrith into an Elk which almost ruined the balance of the kingdom.

Thunder Junction?

Upon learning that Oko was Kellan’s father, Kellan’s first impression was one of frustration. Why didn’t Oko ever visit Kellan after all these years? We know its likely a result of the Despark that happened at the end of the Phyrexian Invasion but, admittedly, that doesn’t excuse all the years previous.

The story ends with Kellan finding an Omenpath and jumping through it. We have no way to identify where he lands besides that we know Kellan will return soon. Another hint, however, may suggest Kellan will reappear in the upcoming Outlaws at Thunder Junction set.

This wild-west themed set is one that we currently do not know much about. Besides it being a wild-west inspired plane that is, essentially, a gathering of villains thanks to the Omenpaths, we have only seen a few silhouettes of various characters.

One of the more pronounced character appearances we see appears to be Oko in a Cowboy getup. There is a ton of speculation to whom the other five characters are in these Cowboy-style silhouettes, but one them could be Jace, who mysteriously vanished during the final stages of the Phyrexian Invasion after being Compleated.

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Ashiok as a New Villain

While not really a new reveal, it does appear that Ashiok will be playing a more central role as a villain in this arc. Ashiok has always been a known threat, but always skirted around the edges of past stories, granting nightmares to the likes of even Elesh Norn.

After Will’s well-timed bolt causes Ashiok to take a surprisingly lethal hit, she is forced to Planeswalk away and retreat to recover. Following Will’s victory and the arrest of Eriette, Ashiok reappears after ‘making preparations’ to whisk Eriette away and set up for a larger plan. You should expect to see this Planeswalker reappear some time soon.

Rowan is Defeated, but Still Kicking

After taking Eriette’s que to flee the scene once their defeat was obvious, Rowan is far from dead, but she is no longer trying to unite Eldraine alongside Will. Many of Eldraine now treat Will as the high king, seeing that he will be the one to ultimately reunite the broken plane. Rowan still wants to save Eldraine, but by doing it her own way.

Eriette wants to take Rowan with her to whatever plane Ashiok is whisking her away to, but Ashiok claims that she is not ready to do what needs to be done, which suggests that there still may be some good in the tainted character.

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Community Opinion

As mentioned earlier, the community at-large is a big fan of the quality of the Wilds of Eldraine story. Sure, it was a bit short, but a lot of well-written lines that spoke to readers were taken away from the storytelling:

There is a real question whether Oko’s reveal as Kellan’s father would be so shocking if his character didn’t have such a massive impact on the gameplay of Magic. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised at all in regards to the reveal and, while there were a lot of community members who were shocked, many others likely saw this coming.

Regardless of whether Oko’s impact on the game of Magic has any bearing over his new placement as a bigger character in the story (assuming he has a big role in Thunder Junction), players appear more invested into the Magic Lore than they have been in quite some time.

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