12, Jan, 22

What is a Set Booster in Magic: The Gathering?

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Article at a Glance

Sometimes, Wizards of the Coast produce Magic: The Gathering products that don’t make a huge amount of sense when first revealed but work incredibly well. Enter, the Set Booster. These modified booster packs provide way more than your basic Draft Booster but not quite the in your face value that the Collector Booster offers. They’re also set up to take you on somewhat of a journey as you work your way through the pack.

It’s a perfect middle ground product and we’re here to tell you all about it.

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What is a Set Booster?

Set Booster Structure
The structure of a Set Booster

A Set Booster is a new type of pack that was introduced alongside Zendikar Rising. It offers you way more value per pack from both a monetary and collection aspect. Because of this, they are slightly more expensive than a Draft Boosters by about $/£1. The boxed product also only comes with 30 packs, compared to 36 for Draft.

Each pack is made up of twelve Magic cards. You also have an art card as well as a marketing card, token or a card from The List. This product is also structured so that each pack follows a theme. What this means is you should have an idea of what each pack is trying to accomplish within the first few cards.

It might follow a mana pattern, being predominantly one colour. There is a possibility it could have a keyword theme like Mill. There’s even a possibility it may follow a creature pattern. The combinations are endless but it’s a nice bit of consideration the WotC have shown when creating the product.

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What Are They Used For?


Set Boosters are brilliant for a few reasons. They’re great for deckbuilding as they follow a theme meaning the cards you receive typically have some kind of synergy with each other. They’re also fantastic for collectors who want big showpiece cards to build out their sets. While it may be a little trickier to fill out the commons and uncommons, the chances of showcase, borderless and Rares/Mythic cards in general really help their appeal.

This also means that the value in Set Boosters is pretty impressive. If you’re looking to turn a quick profit on a new set, they are the go-to product. Once again on the value front, holding on to these Boosters could turn a handy profit further down the line. As the sets are rotated the value naturally increases unless it’s considered an irrelevant or poor product.

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