21, Jun, 21

Don't Miss These HUGE Prime Day Savings on MTG Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes!

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We round up the best deal on Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes!
Article at a Glance

Although Zendikar Rising came out late last year, it remains a popular set for Standard players. With the release of Zendikar Rising, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) introduced a new kind of product line called the Set Booster. Set Boosters are tailored for MTG players who just want to crack some packs and have a good time.

Zendikar Rising harks back to the original Zendikar set, where the plane is free from Eldrazi and conflict. Zendikar is a dangerous world of lethal risks where brave adventurers delve into ancient ruins in search of priceless rewards. There has never been a better time to jump into the Standard format with some excellent deals from Amazon to celebrate Prime Day.

Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box | 30 Packs (360 Cards) + 1 Box Topper | Foil in Every Pack – Now $79.99 (was $86.50)

Set Boosters are different from Draft and Collector Boosters, as they are for players who simply want to crack packs. There is often a theme within these Set Boosters that allows you to build a deck from a few packs. With this, the breakdown of what you may get in a Set Booster is different compared to Draft Boosters. Which you can see below as provided by WoTC:

You also have the chance to open some of the gorgeous-looking Zendikar Rising Expeditions in foil or non-foil. Many of the Expeditions from the set are Modern and Legacy staples which encourage a high price with format enthusiasts.


If you want to grab a box to crack packs then this Zendikar Rising Set Booster box is for you. At best, you can always get mileage out of your purchase and make a couple of Standard decks to play with friends.

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