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What are the MTG Arena Ranked Rewards?

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If you’re crazy enough to put yourself through the monthly MTG Arena grind then it’s only right that you expect to be rewarded for your efforts. Thankfully, this is the case but it all comes down to how well you perform. You will be awarded the appropriate ranked rewards which are determined by your final ranking placement each month.

What are these rewards and how are they earned? We’ve got all the answers you need to help you understand the system!

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MTG Arena Ranked Rewards

mtg arena ranked rewards

The MTG Arena ranked rewards are, in their simplest form, performance bonuses for how you do in each season. These seasons run from the beginning to the end of each month so they last around 30 days on average.

Rewards are tiered based on your final ranked position. It doesn’t matter which tier or where you sit within the rank, even if you simply just get promoted before the season ends, you’ll earn the rewards for that rank.

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The rewards are as follows;

  • Bronze – One Current Set Pack
  • Silver – One Current Set Pack / 500 Gold
  • Gold – Two Current Set Packs / 1000 Gold / One Card Style
  • Platinum – Three Current Set Packs / 1000 Gold / Two Card Styles
  • Diamond – Four Current Set Packs / 1000 Gold / Two Card Styles
  • Mythic – Five Current Set Packs / 1000 Gold / Two Card Styles

Each season’s ranked rewards are handed out on the first day of the brand new season. There is no delay in these rewards as they are the same each month and, as mentioned, are based on your final rank.

There is no indication that the rewards will change any time soon because we are still working off the same system from the 2021 season. Your constructed and limited rewards are separate meaning you can double your rewards by ranking high in both game modes.

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