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3, Apr, 23

Can you change your Name in MTG Arena?

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Many games allow you to change your name whenever you like but will MTG Arena allow this? When you create your account you’ll be prompted to choose a name and despite never planning to alter it, sometimes it is necessary.

So, what happens if you decide you want to change your username in MTG Arena? How do you go about it and is the process as simple as it should be? We’ve got all the details you need should you be planning a name change in the immediate future.

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How to change your Name in MTG Arena

Your unique identifier can be found in the profile tab, this is what other players can use to add you.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to manually change your username in MTG Arena. This is likely down to the game using a unique identifier at the end of each username as Battle.Net does.

Fear not, as this doesn’t mean that there is no way to change your username at all. In order to request this, you will have to contact Wizards Support for Arena. Going through this process will not guarantee a name change as they will only allow you to perform the action if you have a good reason.

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They do not define what a good reason is but it would likely include situations where a legal name change may have taken place or the current name is considered offensive. Again, it’s hard to determine exactly what they’ll deem as acceptable without making it clear in terms & conditions.

Should a change of name be granted, you will not lose access to any content your account has earned over time. The only inconvenience it may cause is possibly having to rebuild a friends list. Processing a name change is also unlikely to be instant once granted and may take a while to appear in-game.

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