18, Oct, 21

Want to Play Vampires in Standard? Buy These Cards Before Crimson Vow!

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Get ready for Innistrad: Crimson Vow by buying these MTG vampire cards now! There's a good chance they will go up in price soon.
Article at a Glance

Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers should be coming out soon. When they do, the hype for vampires will begin. Hype leads to demand, and demand to higher prices. That’s why now is the opportune time to get ahead of the curve and pick up vampire support while it’s still cheap!

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Immersturm Predator

If you’ve ever faced this vampire dragon in Standard, you know it can be hard to deal with. It can give itself indestructible at instant speed. And every time it becomes tapped, via attacking or to its own ability, it gets bigger and exiles a card from a graveyard.

Immerstrurm Predator is the only vampire we got from Kaldheim (discounting changeling creatures). This being a vampire is a little strange in my opinion, but so long as it is, it should make a great addition to vampire decks come Crimson Vow.

The regular art copy of Immersturm Predator is currently under $1.00, while the extended art is under $2.00 at the time of this article. Depending on the quality of vampire support we get the next set, this card could easily rise in price.

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Blightstep Pathway / Searstep Pathway

Standard Vampire decks are going to run a full four copies of this card. This is precisely why I’d pick up a playset of them now, as the regular art Blightstep Pathway is only $5.00 at the time of writing, and the borderless version is about $6.00. When Crimson Vow releases, I can easily see Blightstep Pathway surging ahead of Darkbore Pathway and becoming the most expensive pathway land out of Kaldheim.

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Bloodthirsty Adversary

People have compared Bloodthirsty Adversary to Goblin Darkdweller. This is a pretty apt comparison. But I actually think of Bloodthirsty Adversary as more of a Robber of the Rich, as they are both two-mana, 2/2 creatures with haste and upside.

Robber of the Rich was about a $5.00-$6.00 card throughout its lifetime in Standard, and this is what we’ve seen so far from Bloodthirsty Adversary. But unlike Robber, Bloodthirsty Adversary is getting an entire set dedicated to its creature type. This should boast well for the red adversary, both strategically and financially.

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Haunted Ridge

This is another land that vampire decks are going to run a full playset of. So far, there haven’t been many Rakdos decks putting up results in the Standard metagame and this has suppressed Haunted Ridge’s financial potential.

That will change when Crimson Vow releases. I’d pick up your Haunted Ridge’s now, while the regular art version is only $3.00-$4.00, and the extended art version is still about $6.00.

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