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7, Dec, 22

These Dominaria Remastered Reprints May Crash 80% in Price!

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Dominaria Remastered, honestly, looks like a home run reprint set for Commander players. Between a reprint cycle of tutors, some of the most potent Commander cards in the game, and a bunch of powerful cards from the ancient Urza’s block, there are a ton of cards that EDH players have dreamed of coming out in this set. Because of their desirability, many of these cards have some decent secondary market value.

Older cards do not have a lot of supply, so the demand generally outweighs what is available on the secondary market. Well, these reprints will likely fix that for some cards, which is a great thing. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that the cards fixed are likely to drop in price immensely. Depending on whether you’re looking to buy or sell, this could be a good or a bad thing. Here, we cover some cards likely to drop (heavily) in price due to their reprint. These are all just guesses based on past patterns we’ve seen in the secondary market, so none of this is guaranteed to happen, but early price adjustments do suggest that this is where these cards are headed.

A Quick Case Study

thrumming stone

To put this phenomenon into perspective, the same thing happened with some of the Double Masters 2022 reprints. Most cards that see a reprint will drop in price for a time, but there are different degrees of how prices are affected. Dockside Extortionist, for example, was a major reprint that saw a significant price drop momentarily. Since then, however, that card has rebounded a good amount.

On the other hand, Thrumming Stone is a card affected by the phenomenon we are looking into for Dominaria Remastered reprints. Coming into the printing of Double Masters 2022, Thrumming Stone had a price point of $50 or more. Thrumming Stone only had one printing previous to Double Masters 2022 in Coldsnap, a set that has been out of print for a long time. Commander players, in particular, liked the card for decks that could run unlimited copies to their signature cards, like Dragon’s Approach or Shadowborn Apostle. For those interested, we wrote a similar article to this one anticipating Thrumming Stone’s drop.

Once Thrumming Stone was reprinted in Double Masters 2022, it eventually dropped to $5, only 10% of its initial worth. It turns out the main reason why Thrumming Stone was valuable was the limited supply of cards. Once this was rectified, there were more cards on the marketplace than there were people interested in buying them. The result is, as such, a considerable price drop with no signs of recovery. With this in mind, let’s look at some Dominaria Remastered reprints that may follow the same trajectories.

No Mercy

no mercy

No Mercy is one of those cards that looks absolutely broken to look at. Destroying any creatures that decide to deal damage to you gives your opponents a powerful incentive to point those creatures at other people at your table. Previous to this reprinting, No Mercy only has three printings. One is from the Urza block, an ancient, out-of-print series of sets. The other two printings are a Judge promotional card and an Amonkhet Invocation, two top-of-the-line premium reprints that do not have a lot of copies available worldwide.

Unlike the Dockside Extortionist category of reprints, No Mercy does not see a vast amount of Commander or constructed play. This suggests that No Mercy’s $40 price tag is primarily a result of scarcity. Don’t get me wrong, the card is impressive in Commander, but it’s not a card you would commonly expect to see when sitting down at a table. For these reasons, we would not be surprised if No Mercy loses at least 50% of its initial value after this reprint, making it a fantastic pickup for those who want to play it.

Last Chance

last chance

Warrior’s Oath was recently reprinted in Double Masters 2022. These two cards are basically clones of one another. While previous scarcity hugely differs between the two cards, Warrior’s Oath’s price history likely reflects the one of Last Gambit. Upon release, Warrior’s Oath, in its cheapest iteration, was priced at $60. This is mainly because this was the first printing of Warrior’s Oath since Portal Three Kingdoms, one of the scarcest MTG sets in history. Now, the card is worth less than $5.

While I don’t expect Last Chance to drop to less than 10% of its initial value, I do expect Last Chance’s cheapest iterations to get in line with Warrior’s Oath. This means that Last Chance will likely lose around 75% of its value, making it a fantastic pickup for players looking to try out decks that can get around Last Chance’s ‘lose the game’ clause.

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Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds may be one of the flashiest cards that I wasn’t aware existed before its Dominaria Remasteredreprint. Despite only being printed in Judgement, this card only has a $15(ish) value. There doesn’t really seem to be any demand for Hunting Grounds either, suggesting that this card will likely drop below $5 upon its reprinting.

Time Stretch

Time Stretch is another case of a scarce card having a secondary market value that likely outweighs its potential demand upon reprint. This card is a mighty one – one that is so powerful that some Commander players choose not to play with it. Ten mana is very expensive, but two extra turns are generally worth it.

Because Commander is primarily a social format, cards like this one that make the table watch you for extended periods aren’t always fun to play with. As a result, it’s hard to gauge just how much demand a card like Time Stretch will have. At a minimum, I think the card will hover around a $10 value for a while in its cheapest iteration, but the drop could be more intense. This, according to past prices, is about a 66% drop. That said, the power level of Time Stretch is definitely there. This is one of the Dominaria Remastered reprints that is pretty likely to drop but is a bit more difficult to assess as a result.

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Arboria is quite a bizarre pillow fort effect that only has one paper printing from Legends, an incredibly old MTG set featured as a part of Dominaria United’s Collector Booster packs. Despite this card’s unique ability and scarce printing, it only holds a $20(ish) price tag. Like No Mercy, there doesn’t seem to be much demand for this card, but it looks like it could be interesting in Commander. No Mercy doesn’t really have a symmetrical effect, and the floodgate-like one available here means it’s likely that only certain decks will want it.

I would not be surprised to see this card’s price drop by at least 50% in its cheapest iteration as a result (I am expecting the fall to be much closer to 75%, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t drop quite that much). For the few degenerates out there who want this card in their deck, this will likely be the best time in recent MTG history to pick one up.

Urza’s Incubator

Now, I’m not expecting Urza’s Incubator to drop quite as much percentage-wise as the other cards on this list. This has three previous printings, all of which are pretty scarce. Urza’s incubator originally hails from the Urza block (any reprints from this block are subject to substantial price drops) but have seen reprints in the Commander Anthology and in Commander 2015. These additional reprints are very scarce nowadays, causing Urza’s Incubator to sport a $50ish price.

Unlike many other cards on this list, Urza’s Incubator has some demand behind it. You generally won’t see this card in constructed 1V1 play, but tribal decks are prevalent in Commander. However, it doesn’t match the desirability of something like the tutor cycle, so we’ll have to see how this one performs. That said, I expect Urza’s Incubator to lose about 50% of its value ($25), but I would not be surprised if the price dip isn’t quite that harsh.

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Test of Endurance

Like Hunting Grounds, Test of Endurance only has one printing before this reprint from Judgement. This is not a difficult win condition to achieve in Commander, so it’s plausible that some demand will be behind this card.

The demand for Test of Endurance should be more evident before its reprint. Even though it only has one printing from a very scarce set, the card only has a $20 value. Since the card’s reprint has been announced, Test of Endurance’s sell price already seems to be falling towards $10. I would not at all be surprised if this falls further.

Other Dominaria Remastered Reprints Will Likely Recover

There are a lot of other chase cards in this set. Force of Will, the tutor cycle, Gemstone Caverns and Sylvan Library all have demand from multiple areas, suggesting that those cards are more likely to financially recover once new copies start to dry up on the secondary market. Honestly, there is a strong possibility that, like Double Masters 2022, there will be a small window where players can expect to find a ton of value in Dominaria Remastered sealed product. It’s also important to note that these reprints are precisely what Wizards of the Coast should be doing in a reprint set. Sure, it dramatically lowers the price of some cards, but it makes game pieces much more accessible to players who want to use them. The whole point of MTG is to, after all, play it.

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