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6, Dec, 22

Dominaria Remastered to Spoil Hundreds of Cards Over Two Days

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A recent update from MTG’s official Twitter page suggests that we might be going into the most incredibly fast-paced spoiler season that we have ever seen. We just finished up with Jumpstart 2022, and things seemed to be slowing down for a short time, at least until the massive December Super drop was spoiled. Well, starting on December 6, the Dominaria Remastered spoiler season will start, and hundreds of cards will be spoiled over the course of 48 hours.

A Shocking Statement

It didn’t take long for a series of tweets from the official MTG Twitter account to appear all over Reddit. The big takeaways with this are a few things:

  • Tomorrow (December 6) at 10AM Pacific time, Dominaria Remastered spoiler season starts
  • Dominaria Remastered spoiler season ends on December 7
  • Phyrexia: All Will be One first looks kick off on December 13

We’ve had incredibly quick spoiler seasons for other sets. The recent Jumpstart 2022, for instance, only had a spoiler season that lasted a couple of days. That said, Dominaria Remastered features 457 reprinted cards, some with new artwork, that will hit the MTG ecosystem over 48 hours.

Player Opinion

For some, the rate at which cards are being spoiled is simply something that they cannot keep up with. The Brothers’ War is still fresh enough, and many MTG players, judging from the amount this particular comment has been upvoted, are still trying to find cards from that set they are interested in:

“I’m not even done figuring out what I need from BRO…” – youarelookingatthis

Interestingly, however, this perspective is not shared by the majority of the MTG community. Players, instead, are happy with the deluge of spoilers over 48 hours:

“So I disagree with a lot of what WOTC has been doing lately but the complaining of “constant spoiler season” around this set is kind of insane? Like it’s a full reprint set, people on here will complain about them not reprinting cards and prices being high then come here and complain about a set meant to do exactly that. How else are they supposed to reprint powerful staples besides in this kind of supplemental product?

Also worth noting that this set is 100% completely ignorable – it’s not injecting any new power into any format, it’ll be fun to draft a couple of times if you’re into limited, but besides that all you should do as a player is wait a few weeks for prices on singles to settle then check the TCGplayer page for a minute! It’s that easy!” – toptierhealbot

“It’s a reprint set. Do we really need a “slow drip” of reveals?

Dump the entire gallery online and let the people who play eternal formats check it out while those of us who don’t can completely ignore it.” – therealflyingtoastr

MTG players may be a bit more annoyed with this spoiler season’s speed if new cards were being spoiled, but all 457 cards in Dominaria Remastered are reprinted ones. Those interested in what’s being reprinted can look at all the cards after a few days have passed, while those not interested in reprints can skip the whole product. If this spoiler season was handled over the course of a few weeks, those not interested in reprinted MTG cards would only have those to look at as they took over MTG news for that time. For those who simply want the highlights, you’ll be able to find those here.

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Is MTG’s Spoiler Season Solution Simply a Speed-Up?

racecourse fury
Racecourse Fury | Return to Ravnica

There has been a lot of outcry about spoiler-season burnout from the community. It’s no secret, at this point, that players have been asking for Wizards to take a break. Yet, interestingly, the reception to this recent development suggests that this sort of spoiler season could be the compromise that players end up with. Fast spoiler seasons like this one can both check off the heavier release schedule that MTG seems to be stuck with while giving players time to breathe between spoiler seasons. That said, players are still fatigued with the ‘constant spoiler season’ model, and a break may be the best thing the community can get:

“The pace of Magic releases is far too high right now, and constant spoiler season is just draining and uninteresting, it takes all the fun out of it when it’s constantly happening non-stop. Spoilers used to be something I looked forward to, now it’s something I dread.” – Daotar

Whether or not this spoiler season becomes the new norm, some time will be needed to see if the player base reacts well to it. This is something that players have wanted to be addressed for a long time now, and even if it’s in a way that they didn’t expect, it’s better than nothing changing at all.

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