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6, Dec, 22

Multiple $40+ Chase Dominaria Remastered Reprints Revealed!

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Wizards of the Coast is taking a different tact with the spoiler season to its most recent set. There’s way too much product nowadays for things to go back to what many MTG players are used to, but many players are seeing the good side of this change. As a result, we are getting an absolutely massive reprint set spoiled to us over two days. Today, Wizards of the Coast revealed some of the great reprints that will hit shelves in January and will, maybe, even make their way to your EDH and constructed decks. On another note, if you’re considering selling some of these cards, do so ASAP! Here are the highlights from today’s Dominaria Remastered spoilers!

A Tutor Cycle?

Tutors are some of the most powerful cards in MTG’s most played format. Commander, as many know, is a singleton format. This means that, aside from Basic Lands, your deck can have no duplicates. Tutors kind of break that rule, so much so that there are Commander groups out there that believe tutors should be banned in the spirit of the format.

Because these tutors are so incredibly powerful in Commander, they all have substantial price tags. Vampiric Tutor is the only mythic rare of the three cards spoiled here, and it can search for any single card you may desire in your library. While all the Mythic Rare cards have been spoiled as of the writing of this article, the Rare cards have not. We could see a red and green tutor come our way still. Gamble and Wordly Tutor seem like the most obvious candidates.

The full-art tutor cards showcased here are all done by the same artist. Richard-Kane Fergason is an MTG artist with a lot of history who is also responsible for some of the beloved full-art cards found in Double Masters 2022.

Cheaper iterations of Vampiric Tutor currently have a $40 value, while Enlightened Tutor and Mystical Tutor have a $40 and $20ish dollar value, respectively.

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The True Hero/Villain Duo

These Dominaria Remastered spoilers feature some much-needed reprints from the Modern Horizons series. While Urza, Lord-High Artificer no longer sees a ton of competitive play, it still has a massive $50 price tag. You can still find the card kicking around tier 2-3 Modern decks, and it is one of the strongest and most oppressive Commander cards in all of MTG. I don’t think there’s as much demand for Urza as the other chase cards on this list, so this reprint may really help to drive the price down.

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician, while representing one of MTG’s supervillains, is also its own archetype in Modern. Focused around utilizing Undying combos, Yawgmoth is one of the best archetypes in the entire Modern metagame and one that you should expect to run into, or at least see at top tables, at any Modern tournament you may attend.

Yawgmoth only has two printings before this, and, at the moment, they are both $40 ones. Every Modern player will want four of these, and Commander players will also be interested in this card. All in all, these are some fantastic reprints in the Dominaria Remastered set.

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Dominaria Remastered Spoilers Highlights

Another EDH all-star, Sylvan Library, turns your draw step into a draw three. You need to pay a hefty amount of life for the extra cards, but in Commander, that is generally a non-issue. The amount of cards that Sylvan Library grants typically is enough to take over the game to the point that the loss of life doesn’t matter. This card has not gotten a reprint in a while, and its current $45ish price tag indicates a strong reprint.

This wasn’t spoiled as a part of the weekly MTG stream, but Mystic Remora is returning as a Rare! Shadowed only by Rhystic Study itself (and maybe Smothering Tithe), Mystic Remora is a part of the annoying tax cards in Commander that will have your opponents glaring at you for asking them too many questions. Like it or not, the card draw that Mystic Remora offers propels players heavily in the early game. The financial value isn’t as huge here, but it is still a great addition compared to a bulk rare reprint like Shivan Dragon (which is in this set at Rare).

If you’ve ever sat across from a Commander deck that runs out a turn one Exploration, you know why this card is worth money on the secondary market. The amount of acceleration that Exploration offers is absolutely ridiculous, as long as you have the lands to fuel it. A few Fetch Lands and effects like Crucible of Worlds should, however, have you ready to go!

The cheaper variants of Exploration go for about $20 at the time of writing, and I do not expect the card to drop much further in the long term. That said, there is likely to be a period of time when this does fall, and it’s a great card to pick up during that time.

A commonly overlooked card, Overmaster is fantastic in any deck that wants to cast Instants and Sorceries through countermagic, which is a lot of them. The card currently only has one printing that has passed $10 in price. This should help to reduce this price a fair bit.

A few of these Dominaria Remastered spoilers are also, awkwardly, being featured in Jumpstart 2022. Oversold Cemetary is one of those cards. Either way, this card’s price is hovering around $10 right now, and the full-art version looks absolutely incredible.

This card still has a surprising $5 value. It’s probably going to be annihilated by this reprint, but I can’t get over the face in the full-art variant of this card.

Marit Lage is making a return via Dark Depths in these Dominaria Remastered spoilers. Notably, both the token and the card are available in foil and non-foil treatments. Turbo Depths is a legacy archetype aimed at creating a Marit Lage as early as possible by copying Dark Depths and having it destroyed via the legendary rule. This can create an early indestructible 20/20 that is incredibly difficult to deal with. Currently, Dark Depths is floating around $17.50.

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Another card recently reprinted in Jumpstart 2022, Lyra Dawnbringer is going to look amazing in full-art foil. Don’t expect this card to be worth too much outside of its premium variants, as the Jumpstart 2022 printing tanked this card to $7.

Now that players have better ways to play around losing the game at the end of turn, the series of extra turns spells that kill you at the end of your turn have seen a massive spike in price on the secondary market. Last Chance is no exception to this rule and still holds a $20 price tag even though it was recently reprinted in a Secret Lair. The flavor texts are particularly charming with these cards.

The take on the full-art foil Gauntlet of Power from Ron Spears is a neat one. Technically, the Gauntlet can be associated with any color of mana. Last reprinted in Time Spiral: Remastered, this once-expensive Mythic has been reduced to a $5 bill. It’s still better than a bulk Rare, but, as demonstrated by these spoilers, there are much better things to open.

I expect this full-art Entomb to look incredible in its foil iteration. If you’re a reanimator fan in Commander or Legacy, this is an absolutely fantastic reprint. This card’s lack of recent reprints has made it surprisingly expensive, going for about $30.

This is the coolest reprint, in my opinion, that was spoiled in the weekly MTG stream today. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why No Mercy would be absurdly powerful in a format like Commander. It’s not powerful enough to see competitive play in the few legal formats it can see play in, but in a long grindy EDH game, where resources matter a lot, this is a great way to convince players to point their creatures elsewhere.

No Mercy has very few printings, with a majority of them being premium ones. Urza’s Legacy is No Mercy’s current cheapest printing, and the card goes for around $40. Because of this card’s extreme scarcity, I would not be surprised if No Mercy takes a nosedive once Dominaria Remastered hits the market.

Worldgorger Dragon has seen its fair share of reprints, but this full-art artwork is incredible. As many MTG players are aware, this card is part of a ton of degenerate two-card infinite combos that flicker your board repetitively. That said, Worldgorger Dragon’s most recent reprint is only worth about $4.

With homerun reprints come some whiffs. Serra’s Avatar is hilarious in Commander, but seven mana for this effect is something that is no longer relevant. Take this as a reminder that there are some stinkers in the set. We’re focusing on the highlights, however, because there are a ton of cards being spoiled in such a short timeframe.

What the heck is this card? Hunting Grounds only has one printing, which currently costs about $15. If you can turn on Threshold, each of your opponent’s spells allows you to put a creature from your hand onto the battlefield for free. In the right deck, this effect is absolutely ludicrous for two mana.

Sevinne’s Reclamation is absolutely incredible in Commander. While it’s a bit better in Canadian Highlander, players will appreciate the old-bordered treatment being seen for this card. The reprint may be exciting for some, but there is not a lot of financial value to be had here.

While these last two previews aren’t incredibly valuable, they look incredible. We’re simply putting them up to appreciate the full-art takes done by Paulo Parente and Jeff Miracola.

Dominaria Remastered Spoilers Quick Refresher

The first few cards we saw for this were previewed quite a while ago, and they were all slam dunks. Force of Will and Birds of Paradise are both fantastic additions to what already looks like a pretty strong reprint set. It’s important to remember that these are only the highlights of what’s coming to Dominaria Remastered. There are a ton of other cards out there and, yes, some stinkers. If this set has caught your interest, take a look around the internet. Some more great reprints are being spoiled even as this was written!

When everything is up and running in terms of spoiled cards, you should be able to find them here.

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