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The 10 Best Vehicles In Magic: The Gathering

If you're in the mood for riding down town in something flashy, then you should do so in one of the best Vehicles in MTG>
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The best Vehicles in MTG can be put into nearly any deck they’re legal in and provide you with a few extra options when you’re planning your attack.

They’re one of the most interesting card types in MTG, and while they’re not always the competitive choice, they’re very regularly a fun one. So, we’ve put together a list of the best Vehicles in MTG. Hop in, and let’s go for a drive.

The 10 best Vehicles in Magic: The Gathering

As ever, we kick things off with a shoutout, and this time around, we wanted to mention Untethered Express. This is a four mana 4/4 that has a crew of one, making it very easy to get going.

Then whenever Untethered Express attacks, you get to put a +1/+1 counter on it. It’s the kind of thing that can really run away with a game if left unchecked, so definitely consider it in your +1/+1 counter decks. With that out of the way though, let’s get into the list of the best Vehicles in Magic: The Gathering.

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10 – Fleetwheel Cruiser

Have you gotta go fast? Well then, you should probably hop in the Fleetwheel Cruiser. This is a four mana 5/3 with trample and haste that has a crew of two.

Alongside that, when it enters the battlefield, it becomes a Creature until the end of the turn. That means you can attack with it straight away without having to crew it, and that’s a huge boon in those moments following a board wipe.

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9 – Cultivator’s Caravan

A good mana rock is so much more than just a mana rock these days, and that’s exactly what Cultivator’s Caravan is.

For three mana, you get a 5/5 that has a crew of three, but can also tap for one of any color of mana. This is actually a great card even if you aren’t focussing on vehicles as your main strategy, because mana rocks often end up feeling a little pointless as games go on for a long time.

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8 – Heart of Kiran

There was a time in Standard where you couldn’t move without seeing a Heart of Kiran moments away from smashing into your face. It’s probably because it’s a two-mana 4/4 with a crew of three.

Actually, it’s probably because you can actually choose to remove a loyalty counter from a Planeswalker to crew it rather than tapping your Creatures, which is a huge boon in control decks that love destroying every Creature on the board, but also need to have some early game defense.

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7 – Weatherlight

Weatherlight is a classic MTG Vehicle that appeared in text long before it became the card it was always meant to be. The basic stats are that it costs four mana, is a 4/5, and has a crew of three.

However, it also reads, “Whenever Weatherlight deals combat damage to a player, look at the top five cards of your library. You may reveal a historic card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.” Drawing cards is always a good thing, and having a bit of choice makes it even better.

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6 – The Omenkeel (Cosima, God of the Voyage)

On the back of Cosima is a vehicle called The Omenkeel. This is a two-mana Blue 3/3 that only has a crew of one, which makes it very easy to pilot.

It reads, “Whenever a Vehicle you control deals combat damage to a player, that player exiles that many cards from the top of their library. You may play lands from among those cards for as long as they remain exiled.” Even if you do nothing more than that, you’re messing with your opponent’s libraries, but if you can find other ways to use those exiled cards, then you’re going to be unstoppable.

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5 – Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

We have a special place in our hearts for Skysovereign, Consul Flagship, but it probably shouldn’t be any higher up on this list. For five mana, you get a 6/5 with flying and a crew of three.

Also, whenever it enters the battlefield or attacks, you get to deal three damage to a Creature or Planeswalker. Having a Lightning Bolt on a Vehicle you can protect is great, and if you can also flicker it you’ll be getting loads of value from this card.

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4 – Esika’s Chariot

Our second colored Vehicle is Esika’s Chariot, which is a four mana 4/4 that has a crew of four, but does bring two 2/2 Cat tokens, so crewing it actually isn’t as hard as you’d think.

It also lets you copy a token whenever it attacks. This doesn’t come in attacking or anything, but it does allow you to make some very powerful moves if you’re going all-in on a token strategy.

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3 – Mizziuim Tank

Spellslinger decks are great because you rarely have to use Creatures if you don’t want to. Better yet, you can use noncreature permanents that can become deadly threats when needed. Mizzium Tank is a three mana Red 3/2 with trample and a crew of one.

However, whenever you cast a noncreature spell it becomes a Creature and gains +1/+1 until end of turn. This combined with trample allows you to simply pop off in one turn and then crush your foes in one hit, which is always incredibly satisfying.

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2 – Parhelion II

This is by far the most expensive Vehicle around, but it’s also kind of obscene. For eight mana, Parhelion II is an eight mana 5/5 with first strife, vigilance, and flying that has a crew of four. Honestly, that’s all a lot, but it is worth it.

You see, whenever it attacks, you get to create two 4/4 Angel Creature tokens with flying and vigilance, and they come in attacking. That means you’re swinging in with 13 power every time you attack with this, so it’s very potent.

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1 – Smuggler’s Copter

There really couldn’t be any other top dog here, because Smuggler’s Copter dominated everything when it was first released. For two mana, it is a 3/3 with flying and a crew of one.

Also, whenever it attacks or blocks, you can draw a card, and if you do, you have to discard a card. This card basically singlehandedly broke Standard when it released, and while it’s not as popular now, it’s still a quiet powerhouse if you’re looking for some easy card draw.

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